Happy birthday AQUANUTART ! I’m so LATE. Of course I had to draw Lucius! I’m sorry about the boring pose OTL but I had fun shading in those robes.

You are such an amazing artist and you never ever fail to impress me with your skills whenever you post something new. Your work is always so creative and I love your colours and wow the way you can set up an atmosphere is seriously incredible !! ;u;

aquanutart  asked:

I love your FE7 doodles!! The way you draw Lyn gives her so much spark and personality, and I love the chibi style of that picture where she's tickling Hector, love how Hector's so rounded and his legs are kicking and Lyn's expression! I also love your pokedexxy drawings, such vibrant and energetic colors and poses wow!!

Oh shoot thank you. ///.___.///

Also if I may say I think your colours are way more deliciously vibrant so I hope you don’t mind me creeping on you in the hopes that some of that colour’ll soak into my head. ‘cause hot damn. 

Watching them at their camps, it was somehow a lot easier for me to imagine the monsters in BotW having some type of society than in previous games. So I kept looking for other hints that they might have some type of culture.

Any sympathy I had for them ended, however, when I discovered two of them seeming to talk to each other… only to have one of them pick up and THROW his FRIEND at me causing him to EXPLODE on IMPACT.

“Come on… Say it. Tell her she is beautiful…”

My last drawing of the year! It had to be a sort of Zelink, of course. It has been a good year to me, regarding my personal life. I made a lot of progress in myself, and I’m looking to a brilliant future.

Thank you, all my followers, for being there and support my art and staying with me another year. Thanks to all the wonderful people I met here and I have fun with. Thanks to @greenieloveszelink, and @xx–ingie–xx, and I just wish @the-wolfess was still active here for her to know how grateful I’m to her. Thanks to @gustjar, @japaneesee, @honeygodiva, @thewhitegoddesshylia, @tokyorobin, @breadofthewild I love to see you around. Thanks to the lovelies @radsity, @dysah, @aquanutart, and all these artists I see here and makes me feel happy looking at their stuff, and sending me beautiful messages and comments.

OMG I can’t forget @chat-en-rose. She is supporting me so much with Lady Lioness! Oh, and thank you to those supporting Lady Lioness too! :D

You are a great part of my current happiness.

Love you all, and happy New Year!!

Maribelle: That ring... It's beautiful.

Libra: Will you do me the honor of accepting it?

djshfbsdf this is so late and I’ve no excuse, really. I started painting it and then I had a thing I had to work on for other people and I loST MY ABILITY TO MANAGE TIME. BUT HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO aquanutart I HOPE YOU LIKE CHEESY RENDITIONS OF S SUPPORT LINES

Process gif of this picture. Took about 10 hours.

It’s important to me to talk about how long I spend on art because I used to constantly feel like art “took me too long” and the things I did didn’t look like they should have taken the amount of time I spent on them, and while I’m not going to say there’s no way I could learn to get faster, I feel it’s too easy for new artists (and people in general) to get the impression that artists have a special power or “talent” that lets them create finished pictures almost with a wave of their hand.

I would look at other people’s work and think it looked so easy, so effortless that it must not have taken them very long, and I would want to quickly create the same effect and get frustrated when I found myself stuck on it for hours. While there are ways to speed up the process and some artists just seem to have a knack for churning work out quickly, I’ve now come to realize that in many cases and for many people there is a long grind from concept to color to refining that just plain takes a lot of time. It’s pretty normal for a single picture to take me 8-10 hours to complete.

I wish I had known when I was younger that it’s okay to take the amount of time you need. Your art will be worth it.