Happy birthday AQUANUTART ! I’m so LATE. Of course I had to draw Lucius! I’m sorry about the boring pose OTL but I had fun shading in those robes.

You are such an amazing artist and you never ever fail to impress me with your skills whenever you post something new. Your work is always so creative and I love your colours and wow the way you can set up an atmosphere is seriously incredible !! ;u;

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I love your FE7 doodles!! The way you draw Lyn gives her so much spark and personality, and I love the chibi style of that picture where she's tickling Hector, love how Hector's so rounded and his legs are kicking and Lyn's expression! I also love your pokedexxy drawings, such vibrant and energetic colors and poses wow!!

Oh shoot thank you. ///.___.///

Also if I may say I think your colours are way more deliciously vibrant so I hope you don’t mind me creeping on you in the hopes that some of that colour’ll soak into my head. ‘cause hot damn. 

Maribelle: That ring... It's beautiful.

Libra: Will you do me the honor of accepting it?

djshfbsdf this is so late and I’ve no excuse, really. I started painting it and then I had a thing I had to work on for other people and I loST MY ABILITY TO MANAGE TIME. BUT HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO aquanutart I HOPE YOU LIKE CHEESY RENDITIONS OF S SUPPORT LINES

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Brady! I like how he seems to be concentrating so intently, and how you got the way a bow bends in the middle, also really like the use of blacks here and how the violin strings are white against the solid purple neck, really clean and solid look

Thank you! I’m kind of lousy with colors but I do like to work in solid black and white. I used to play a bit in the strings section so I wanted to pay attention to getting the violin right (or at least believable) haha

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how cute lol, I love Gerome’s intensely uncomfortable expression and how enthusiastic the other two look—love how tightly they’re wrapping his arms around him and how trapped he looks in the middle, and the sense of texture from the sleeves’ folds

Thank you! I have way too much fun drawing gerome looking uncomfortable with human interaction on a regular basis XD