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Moon Tiara Magic

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[Disclaimer: This is more of an outline, less of a recipe. If you are unable to use something for any reason please feel free to remove or substitute as you see fit. Scented candles and incense can be substituted with LED candles and oil diffusers or wax melts. Don’t feel like you can’t do this spell if you don’t have every ingredient! Also if you have something else you think would be good, feel free to add it in!]

Psychic Awareness Enchant: Enchant an item to increase psychic awareness

Ingredients & Tools:
gemstone [moonstone or selenite ideally, milky quartz, aquamarine, pearl]
head accessory [hat, headband, hair tie, headphones, barrette, etc.]
moon water [from full or waxing moon ideally]
candle [white, silver or purple][can be scented or unscented, see next item]
something smelly [candle, incense, etc.][honeysuckle, jasmine, lemon, lotus]
container that fits your head accessory and any gemstones
optional boosters: watercress, willow

Moon Tiara Magic!
My lack of awareness is tragic
When I wear this item
I will have the perception I desire
Moon, lend your energy
No longer will my psychic ability tire

If you are using a gemstone, charge it however you please with psychic energy [my personal favorite is the charging board]
If you wish you may call upon the elements, spirits or god/desses of choice before starting
Light your candle and your incense
Anoint or sprinkle your head accessory with moon water and envision the moon lending its energy to you
Place the head accessory in the container along with your gemstone(s) [and optional booster] while saying the incantation
Put the container somewhere it can see the sky and leave overnight to charge with moon energy
Use the item when you desire to have additional psychic awareness

Special thank you to @paganmovedex for the inspiration, @cosmic-witch for the compilation of resources and @poppyandcandle for the charging board.

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