aquaman vs cyborg

Long-ass rant about BvS, from someone who is DC trash through and through.

I really don’t think we should ignore the critics. And this has nothing to do with the RT score, the Metacritic score, or any damn score for that matter.

Story and pacing issues were my main gripe with MoS, and it seems like this is just a repeat, but with even more plot-points and characters to juggle and introduce. I was seriously hoping Snyder would take the criticism he received in MoS and work on his characterization/storytelling issues. Instead, the whole premise of BvS implies the only criticism he took into account was regarding the destruction of Metropolis (which was the least of the problems with MoS) and made a reactionary film in response to those complaints. By reading some of his interviews, I came to realize that he is very defensive of his work, and that’s fine, except when you ignore constructive criticism and take things personally. He is very condescending towards people who don’t share his views, and when you are dealing with characters and properties that have been pop culture icons for years, that is a very toxic stance. And it’s the same stance some DC fans are taking.

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Some vector designs I made after I’ve seen the “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice”

I liked the new Batman and Jason Momoa’s Aquaman ^^

But I should say that I’m a big Superman fan. Henry Cavill for the win.


Now that everybody is sufficiently informed about the upcoming Wonder Woman Movie its time to get super excited about Racebent Aquaman and Disabled Superhero Cyborg who are getting their own solo films.  DC has messed up a lot in the past but this new line up shows that diversity is a top priority for them.