aqualad cosplay

aquaburst07  asked:

Alright, I must know, dude, what con are you cosplaying as Aqualad at? Or are you just doing it in general?

Just doing it general cause I lost a bet. I’d never go to a con in a cosplay tbh xD thats just not me


Finally posting my pictures of Aqualass from Sacanime! I’m pretty happy with how everything turned out all in all. These are just some of the shots that blazemcscience took for me. The last one was taken by T. Jackson Photos which I unfortunately do not have a link to. 

To explain the first few pictures, blazemcscience and I thought it would be a good idea to take pictures of our “water” based characters in the bathtub of our hotel. That’s what happened. Yes. We were literally laughing so hard the entire time we could hardly take any pictures!

Anyway, this is the first round. I have one more round of photos to share!