Frisk From Undertale

The next in the “you know who should be in smash brothers” series is: 

New Challenger Approaching!

SPECIAL MOVES—————————————-

*NOTE: Like Pichu, most of Frisk’s attacks have the potential to deal them DMG as well.

Neutral Special – DETERMINED SOUL - 
Frisk stands determined as their soul flashes a bright Red and a square area encloses it- suddenly a ghostly apparition of Toriel appears her soul shines brightly as she vanishes and a hand flies downward behind Frisk creating several white flames after a moment they fly towards Frisk’s Soul- if Frisk’s Soul is hit Frisk will receive DMG any flames that did not hit Frisk’s Soul will continue to fly forward. Holding “B” will allow the player to move Frisk’s Soul within the square area using the direction pad. Holding “B” will also continue to engage Frisk’s Soul in encounters causing a select few appearances from Undertale, these monsters will perform their own bullet patterns that travel in different directions. If Frisk is hit while using Determined Soul the square area will vanish and the Attack will end. 

Some Monsters who Appear:

* Toriel: Toriel will perform her Sweeping Hand Fireball Attack sending several white Flames racing at Frisk’s Soul- these will race at the Soul one after another before hitting the border of the box and flying outside of it.
DMG: 5% per fireball

* Snowdrake: Snowdrake will cause Boomerang-shaped projectiles to fly into the square area when the exit the area they continue to fly in a straight line until they hit a foe, a surface or fly off the screen.
DMG: 7% per boomerang

* Doggo: Doggo will cause a blue sword to appear and cause it to swipe across the square area- this sword will only deal DMG to players that are moving as it makes contact with it. this goes for Frisk as well.
DMG: 10%

* Woshua: Washua will cause a sporaling pattern of water-drop shaped bullets to fly outward- some are green- if anyone touches the green bullets they will be healed- the white bullets as always inflict DMG.
DMG: 4% per water-drop (6% heal per green water-drop)

There are a couple more- I wonder what kind of bullet patterns they use?

Side Special – SHOOTING SOUL - 
Frisk’s Soul flashes becoming Yellow- it spins around so that the pint of its heart shape is facing forward- Pressing “B” will cause Frisk to hold out their Cell Phone and press a yellow button- this will cause Frisk’s Soul to fire a yellow bullet of energy from the tip of their soul. This Special move is one of the few moves Frisk has that has 0% possibility of inflicting DMG onto them. a bullet will be fired every time “B” is pressed but deals no flinching. Frisk’s Soul will turn Red after the attack.
DMG: 3%

Down Special – SHIELDED SOUL - 
Frisk’s Soul flashes becoming Green- a circle of green energy circles Frisk and a Blue “wall” of energy emits from Frisk’s Soul suddenly a ghostly figure of Undyne appears- her soul shines brightly before fading away and several magical spears appear- they fly towards Frisk at different speeds- for a short amount of time Frisk can deflect these using the Blue wall Frisk’s Soul has created- using the control stick players can move the shield around- this shield also deflects other projectiles. after a short period of time the spears stop spawning and Frisk’s Shielded Soul vanishes returning their Soul to Red.  
DMG: 13% (per magical spear)

Up Special – LEAPING SOUL - 
Frisk’s Soul flashes becoming Blue- and Frisk leaps high into the air their Soul leading the way as a ghostly image of Papyrus appears- his soul shines brightly before fading away and a HUGE white bone slides under Frisk from teh Direction they are facing- this bone will not only deal DMG to foes it touches but will also be solid and push foes away with it.
DMG: 12%

Final Smash – FIGHT OR MERCY - 
Frisk’s Soul flies forward- if it connects with a foe it will send out a area effect that can possibly “grab” other foes to pull into the FS. The stage fades to white- when the white fades we find ourselves in a battle that resembles Undertale’s battle system- anyone hit by the FS will have black and white sprites of themselves shown - only two choices glow in rainbow- “FIGHT” or “MERCY” if Frisk chooses “FIGHT” the screen will prompt a slider where players must try to hit the center to deal the most DMG this will then deal all foes hit by the FS DMG and then send them flying ending the FS. If Frisk chooses “SPARE” all foes will be hit by knock back but receive no additional DMG but Frisk will be healed 50% ending the FS.
DMG: 44% (“FIGHT”) 

Kirby Hat - 
Kirby gains Frisk’s hair and the Determined Soul Ability.


Taunt 1 –
 Sans will pop out from behind Frisk with a Trombone and play that familiar fail SFX- Wah-wah-wah-Wah then vanish behind Frisk again.

Taunt 2 – 
Sans pokes Frisk on the shoulder causing them to look in one direction- while Frisk is distracted Sans places a Hot Dog…? on Frisk’s head- this can be done several times- each time Sans will stack another Hot Dog on Frisk’s head- foes can hit the Hot Dogs causing them to all fall off- or Frisk can cause them to fall by moving quickly. 

Taunt 3 – 
  Frisk hovers off the ground a bit as their soul swirls around them and then lets out a pulse of energy- Frisk looks mighty determined.


PIT: Who’s that?

PALUTENA: Hum? Oh is that Frisk?

VIRIDI: Frisk? isn’t that the Human that Killed all those poor Monsters?

PALUTENA: What? No! Frisk emancipated all the Monsters from the Underground!

PIT: Uh, so which is it?

VIRIDI: All I’m saying is you can never trust a Human.

PALUTENA: You’re a real broken record you know that?


PALUTENA: Frisk learned how to defend them-self using their Soul.

PIT: Woah!

PALUTENA: Through pure determination Frisk managed to break the barrier that trapped all the monsters underground and freed them.

VIRIDI: You mean through pure determination Frisk caused a Genocide!

PALUTENA: Oh hush- Frisk is a pacifist- actually it’s pretty strange to see them here- It looks like most of Frisk’s “Attacks” are Frisk trying to dodge other Monsters “Bullet Patterns”.

PIT: Bullet Patterns?

PALUTENA: Magic from a Monsters soul- these Bullet Patterns can hurt Frisk but you as well.

PIT: So maybe Frisk just wants to be friends?

VIRIDI: OR maybe Frisk wants to just erase us all from this timeline!

PIT: …



PALUTENA: I hate to say it but- Frisk is your opponent- in order to beat them- keep them on their toes, they won’t be able to evade you AND dodge those Bullet Patterns.

PIT: It’s too bad we didn’t meet somewhere else, maybe we could have been friends…


1 - Frisk
2 - Fight or Mercy (Final Smash)
3 - Toriel
4 - Sans
5 - Papyrus
6 - Undyne
7 - Muffet
8 - Alphys
9 - Mettaton ( Default & EX forms)
10 - Asgore Dreemurr
11 - Asriel Dreemurr (Child and Transformed Forms)
12 - Flowey
13 - Chara
14 - Annoying Dog
15 - Greater Dog
16 - Souls



The entrance to the Ruins- the old home for the Monsters who dwell under Mount Ebott. The stage is flat and can be walked off. stairs lead up on either side to another platform that can be stood on that rests in the middle of the stage. a large door stands tall in the BG. From time to time a monster may find its way to this area of The Ruins- these Monsters will attack players using their very own unique “Bullet Patterns” before fleeing back into the Ruins whence they came. From time to time a white Dog will appear- this dog will rush to items and then walk off the screen with them- the dog will walk “on top” of everything so it cannot be interacted with.


1 - Ruins - Undertale -
2 - Enemy Approaching - Undertale -
3 - Heartache - Undertale -
4 - Bonescuffle - Undertale -
5 - Spear of Justice - Undertale -
6 - Megalovania - Undertale -
7 - Save The World - Undertale -
8 - Undertale - Undertale -
9 - Battle Against a True Hero - Undertale -
10 - Asgore - Undertale -

SIDE NOTES——————————————

 Laying on a bed of Golden Flowers, Frisk sits up stretches and gets up- Frisk “blinks” in and out as Frisk’s soul appears before them Frisk become solid again- Frisk enters fighter stance as the Golden Flowers stretch upward before quickly recoiling back into the platform- vanishing.

Victory Music -
 His Theme - Undertale -


RED - Frisk’s Determination Red
GREY - Fallen Monster Grey
BLUE - Sans’ Integrity Blue
ORANGE - Papyrus’ Bravery Orange
AQUA - Toriel’s Patience Aqua
GREEN - Undyne’s Kidness Green
YELLOW - Alphys’ Justice Yellow
PURPLE - Mettaton’s Perseverance Purple

ALTERNATE COSTUMES———————————————–



WEIGHT: 78 lbs (Lightest:60 Heaviest:130lbs)
THROW: 5/10
SPEED: 5/10