casual: AIM (toothpaste)
difficult: colgate with the little mint specks
Big Boys Only: the aquafresh toothpaste with the orange in it. So Spice!


All the toddlers were starving, Ovni was nowhere to be seen, no one was going to bed, but Viktor gave in and went to sleep. 

Yuuri eventually got all the toddlers fed and tucked in at around midnight.

There’s also a hidden Lenny face good luck finding it

anonymous asked:

why are you only supposed to use a bit of toothpaste?

I mean, technically you can use as much as you want I guess? But you only really need a tiny glob of it (most brands suggest “a pea-sized amount”)! Most toothpastes have fluoride and other chemicals in them that are healthy for your teeth but are dangerous to consume, so using less decreases the chances of swallowing too much of it and making you sick! (Plus it’s less wasteful, since you only need like half of what they use in the commercials anyway!)

It sure does look nice when they glob it all out on the toothbrushes in the commercials though…Aquafresh really slays the game with those 3 color stripes 👌

I noted a while ago that I don’t smile in my photos anymore.
With time, I realized that was incorrect. Oddly enough, I realized I am always smiling, it’s just that I smile beyond the lips.

Smiling is about forming your features into a amiable expression, a way of reinforcing the self, or others, with positivity and comfort. But for people like me, parting our lips and showing a few teeth will never be enough to accomplish that goal. Every day society governs the features i’m allowed to be proud of and polices me such that I never dare to portray them freely. I am taught to hate my dark skin, wide nose, large lips, and everything else that makes me who I am. So every styling of my hair or painting of my face is a smile. It is a forming of my features into something I consider amiable. Something I consider comfortable. 

So when you think about it, I’m always smiling. I’m glowing. I’m burning like a goddamn supernova. And Embracing these things, sadly, is a militant attack on the norm. Every day, we are sent into war with smiles on our faces, grinning from ear to ear with anglo-saxon influence. So the next time you want to continue the angry black narrative, remember what a smile really is. Until then, you, colgate, crest, and aquafresh can all suck my dick.