@marinerevenge Today, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first genetically engineered food animal, AquaBounty’s #gmo #salmon, despite insufficient safety testing and widespread opposition. This unfortunate, historic decision disregards the vast majority of consumers, many independent #scientists, numerous members of Congress and salmon growers around the world, who have voiced strong opposition.

FDA’s decision also disregards #AquaBounty ’s disastrous environmental record, which greatly raises the stakes for an environmentally damaging escape of GMO salmon. In recent years, AquaBounty facilities outside the U.S. have dealt with an accidental #disease outbreak, an accident that lead to “lost” salmon, and a $9,500 fine from #Panamanianregulators who found the company in breach of that country’s environmental laws.

The #FDA is supposed to protect public safety, yet the agency’s #environmental review was done in the form of an environmental assessment instead of a more thorough environmental impact statement that would fully consider the threat this controversial new #fish could pose to wild fish populations and #ecosystems. Canadian researchers found that GMO salmon readily breed with a different species of fish, a potential risk that FDA never addressed in its risk assessment. +++ SOURCE:

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Sign the petition: Keep GMO salmon out of the U.S.

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I just signed a petition urging the FDA to keep GMO salmon out of the US. I think you should, too.

AquaBounty, the company creating the first-ever genetically modified salmon for human consumption, is playing fast and loose with environmental regulations, and we may end up paying the price.The FDA is still considering approval of the company’s dangerous GMO salmon. This could have huge ramifications if we don’t speak up to prevent it.
USDA-Approved GMO Salmon Called Into Question for Being Disease Prone
While the US approves GE salmon, the Canadian government released a concerning report saying that GE salmon is not safe since it is 'more prone to disease.'

As if the cow and chicken weren’t enough. It’s evident that amerikkka’s only concern is the amount of profit that can be made.

Hey guys, if you want to protest AquaBounty, can you do it based on pollution and permit violations, and not based on the fact that they’re GMO? Regular fish farming is typically inefficient and pretty bad for the environment, so engineering fish that eat less or grow faster is a really great idea. When you protest companies based on ‘violations’ and then try to make it sound like those violations are directly related to the GMO bit, and not the ~big companies are the scum of the earth~ bit, then you just sound like you hate science because you don’t understand it. Kay?