aquabats cosplay


hey homies! This is my CobraMan costume that i am making… xD

every few weeks or so il do an update on what i have done with making my costume. any feed back or tips would be totally rad!

please note that this is my first ever major costume thing that i have ever made and so i am still starting out.. so yeah, i hope you guys like it! :D

:Note: if you click the photo it’ll give a little explanation on what exactly is going on in the photo ^_^



This will be the first time in YEARS I’ve not sold at the Matsuricon artist alley so I’ll just be bumming around.

Saturday me and my friend are going to be Super Pochaco and Super Sonico in our matching Aquabats hoodies. One of us in blue…the other pink. (because budget).
I’ll be in my rashguard the remai0nder of the time.

If you see me say HEY!


Some awesome shots of ME. ON STAGE. WITH KEPI GHOULIE. WOW. WOWOWOWOW. I was brought up as the Easter Bunny’s helper, chased by the chupacabra and throwing eggs, and then Kepi kept us up there the rest of his set! He officially dubbed me Real Eaglebones, Jr., or REJ, and I got to throw balloons and streamers and christmas presents and clif bars and I shared a stage with Ricky Fitness for a few seconds??????? It was amazing and it’s probably going to top Warped Tour as Best Day Ever. Photos by bumblingb


Last cosplay spam I promise @___@ It takes every ounce of confidence I have to show my legs like this. Between the dimples and scars I’m far more comfortable wearing dark colored tights. Given I have short “Miss Piggy” legs I think I manage to make it work. To my knowledge I was the only cadet at Tekko though I had some good conversations brought up from my outfit :) I begin construction on a new mech suit to wear for Colosalcon here shortly (MS-07 GOUF). Pics to come!


Yowza! It’s the cosplay meetup of the century! Nutty as Eaglebones meets me as Eaglebones! It’s the showdown(?) that maybe some of you have possibly perhaps wanted to see???? I DUNNO MAN. I DUNNO WHAT YOU PEOPLE WANT OUT OF LIFE.

So here are some shots from SDCC! We had a mini photoshoot! Sadly it was a little rushed and I don’t think either of us had time/energy to go find a more secluded spot to take pics in. :S This was supposed to be shoot one of two, (the second one we were actually going to leave the convention area and go to a park) but when the day arrived we all found that the con had bested us and we were exhausted. Boo! I’m glad we got these photos at least!

If you full screen them you can see dumb little captions that I wrote.

THESE WERE REALLY FUN EVEN THOUGH WE HAD NO IDEA WHAT WE WERE DOING~ It was awesome so meet Nutty, Buff, Miles, and everyone else that hung around! I love you guys! Yaaaaay!

PS: Thank you to Ninjka for snapping these~ <3


I dunno if these got uploaded or not yet? So even though it’s almost a week after the fact (Whoa man where did the time go? Seriously?!) here are some photos I stole off of instagram from SDCC. I’m posting these up while I work on editing all of my own photos/posts. Then I shall dump them all upon ye like a torrential downpour. Woooooo.

So anyway, the first one was taken at the Shout Factory booth by the guy there (It’s from Shout Factory’s instagram) and the second was taken by Instagram user dripdripdrips. The sun was in my eyes in case you couldn’t tell lol

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Awesomeeeeee.