It’s such a strange feeling when something comes into your life like a movie or an artist or a band that just feels like it’s made from the same stuff you are, it immediately becomes part of how you define yourself and it’s everything you see yourself as at that point in your life and everything that you aspire to be and it’s such a bizarre sensation when you discover something and you immediately feel it fill a hole inside you that you didn’t know was there

Alfred: Bruce no.

Bruce: Bruce yes.

Clark: Bruce no.

Bruce: Bruce yes.

Arthur: Bruce no.

Bruce: Bruce yes.

Diana: Bruce no.


Bruce: Bruce maybe.

@aquabatsblog; the official tumblr blog of ska/punk band The Aquabats! has been inactive since 2014 and thus still has their likes public ever since Tumblr did that terrible conversion update thing

There’s exactly three of them and they’re all various imagesets of Revolver Ocelot from the Metal Gear Solid franchise

  • arthur: do you really want to know how i hurt my wrist?
  • hal: uh yeah
  • arthur: i was hula hooping. bruce and i go to classes to train and to have fun.
  • hal: oh, my god
  • arthur: i’ve mastered all the moves. the wonder woman. the boostle. the oopsie-doodle.
  • hal: why are you telling me this?!
  • arthur: because no one will ever believe you
  • hal: you sick son of a bitch.

anonymous asked:

i love the idea of like? bruce and arthur both being really buff and intimidating so sometimes when they hang out around other ppl they just stand against the wall with their arms crossed and pretend to glare at everyone but in actuality theyre just talking abt cute shit their kids did

i really like to think hal and barry talk about how those two are on their own world and hal talks about how those two are probably having a brood-off contest and like bruce is outright an asshole to hal but arthur is nicer but still he does that Smirk that means he knows something but he won’t tell you because he, too, is an asshole, but he’s a Friendly one. and that thing they won’t tell is whatever the hell they do. 

but that is that.. bruce just tells arthur about how robin and red hood have recently started working together again and it’s adorable and he’s showing arthur pictures of them pretending he’s talking to him about a strategy. 

bruce: i have to upkeep this silent persona, this vigilante of justice, a lone wolf ready to take on the world, a dark knight,

arthur, eating chips and still holding a picture of batgirl bruce handed him: a’ight