So I was thinking about the newest steven bomb and how steven got captured and how the gems are going to have to break the news to everyone. 

Greg will obviously freak out. Remember how he was in Full Disclosure?

He was terrified. 

Steven had told him how homeworld kidnapped him and now look what’s happened.

Homeworld kidnapped him.

But them I was thinking about Lapis. Remember how she freaked out when she thought Steven was trapped in the laptop?

Imagine how she’s gonna be when she finds out that Steven’s been taken. 

Homeworld beware

Aquamarine Theory

So in a previous post I mentioned how I think Aqua marine and topaz are derpy because they are new age gems made from a low resource homeworld as we know is happening in cannon. We also know gems are harvested now but that’s a whole other story.

I think pearls drawing might farther confirm they are “cheap knockoffs” of old versions of them because Pearl would have known aquamarines before they became cheapened, so her drawing might reflect that version of the gems.

Max sitting with the Milking Mothers and they teach him how to knit.  He starts knitting for relaxation and makes random things.  

Furiosa finds a brightly colored cozy on the stick shift of her new war rig.  It’s so weird but so precious she can’t remove it.  

War pups with misshapen knit hats on.  

Big, tough, War Boys with little black knitted baggies tied to their belts.  

Max makes new fingerless gloves for Dag, in a really garish bright green yarn since she works with the plants.  She doesn’t really like them but wears them anyways because a gift carries the giver’s warm spirit in it.

Max leaves a light yellow pouch for Toast…she is confused but oddly delighted.  No one has ever given her a gift before.  

Capable requests a shawl and Max tries to make something somewhat “pretty”, so he asks his knitting mentor how to make something different, but he ends up making something that looks like an old fish net.  Capable still loves it because it’s unique.

The next try he nails it, perfect shawl, in Cheedo’s favorite colors.

He makes a few more for the Vuvalini and some of the younger girls at the Citadel.

He makes one more, out of dark blue and aqua-marine colored yarn with flecks of light green and tan.  He’d been saving this yarn for a while.  It reminds him of the ocean where his home used to be, but it also reminds him of his new home, where he is now.  He puts it away and insists he just made it to keep his hands busy, but everyone else knows why he made it.  Capable snatches it when he’s not around and leaves it for Furiosa, with a note that simply says, “from Max”.