Injury Recovery - Another Story from the Pool

One thing I forgot in my post this morning was an experience while “aqua jogging” at the Green Hills YMCA yesterday afternoon. I had been going for about 40 minutes when this teenybopper lifeguard comes over to me and says….

“Sir…you’re more than welcome to keep doing whatever it is that you are doing, but I wanted to let you know that there will be a water aerobics class starting in this section in a few minutes. Feel free to join in with them if you like. I just wanted to give you a heads-up.”

At that moment I wanted jump-up and pull him into the pool. More fuel for the fire!

XC Aqua jogging

I forgot to post…
After work I drove to Manassas to aqua jog with the team.

15 minutes of jogging, then 6 laps of swimming, however we wanted (back and forth counts as 1) followed by 15 more aqua jogging and 4 laps of swimming.

Coach says I’m not an awful swimmer but I definitely don’t enjoy the water.

Tomorrow I need to get some school done, swing by the Sprint store and work in the afternoon.

Calories Burned in Swimming vs. Aqua Jogging

Swimming and aqua running are viable alternatives if you are trying to find workouts that are simple on the joints. Swimming, whether you are doing leisurely laps or training for a competition stroke such as backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly or freestyle, needs more expertise than aqua aerobics, like aqua jogging, and burns more calories per hour also.

Competitive Swimming

The four strokes made use of in competitive swimming– backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle– burn even more calories than noncompetition strokes like the sidestroke. Of the four competition strokes, butterfly burns the most calories. The average 135-pound swimmer burns 649 calories per hour doing this stroke, as compared to 413 calories an hour doing the backstroke. The more you weigh, the even more you’ll burn. A 205-pound swimmer burns 1,024 calories an hour doing the butterfly and 651 calories an hour with the backstroke.

Noncompetitive Swimming

Your body burns hundreds of calories an hour swimming even if you are not training for competitors, whether you are doing among the 4 competitors strokes, though at a slower speed, or carrying out another stroke like the sidestroke. A 135-pound specific swimming leisurely freestyle laps burns about 413 calories an hour. A person of the very same weight swimming casually, without doing a defined stroke, burns about 354 calories an hour. A 135-pound swimmer burns approximately 472 calories an hour doing the sidestroke.

Aqua Jogging

Aqua running is done by running in the water. Your body is vertical, with your chest, torso and lower body undersea and your shoulders, neck and head out of it. Some aqua joggers choose to use a flotation belt around the waist, but this isn’t required. The legs do a running movement under the surface. To stay clear of touching all-time low of the pool, which can disturb the jogging movement, it must be done in much deeper water. The arms either stay still or move in a running motion. A 135-pound individual burn 472 calories in an hour of aqua jogging and a 205-pound individual burns 745.

Treading Water

Treading water shares lots of similarities with aqua jogging. While you won’t use a flotation belt, your body will certainly be in the exact same vertical position with only your shoulders, neck and going of the water. Arms relocate a sculling activity, opening then closing at chest level along the water’s surface area, while the legs can do breaststroke kick, dolphin kick, flutter kick, eggbeater kick or a scissors kick. The average 135-pound swimmer burns 236 calories an hour treading water at a leisurely rate, while increasing the intensity to a fast pace burns about 590 calories an hour.

Back in business

I got back in the pool!!!! Lemme break it down for you.

  • 10 mins swimming with pull buoy
  • 15 mins aqua running/drowning
  • 5 mins swimming w/o pull buoy
  • 3 ½ mins of kick boarding/ truly drowning
  • 7 ½ mins of aqua running/ wishing I was drowning

:) Yay for kinda working out! I also did my PT, some strengthening and abs today.  When I went on the bike for twenty mins for range of motion I was actually able to make a lot of revolutions and almost turned the bike on ;)

My knee is sore, but I’m gonna have to guess it’s a good sore.

Workout of the Day

1 hour of pool running

I was really sore today from doing legs yesterday so I just did an easy pool run! I’m hoping to do some stretching tonight since I didn’t get much done yesterday. 

Hope you all have had wonderful workouts today :)

PS. Sorry for the lack of pictures yesterday, but when most of my workouts are at the pool it’s tough to take any!

Injury Update: Stress Fracture or Bone Bruise?

Injury Update: Stress Fracture or Bone Bruise? #running #runninginjury

I miss running Central Park. (Photo: Phil Hospod)

I saw my doctor on Monday after taking two full weeks off from running and all weight bearing exercise, wearing a foot pad and wrap, and avoiding heels like I avoid broccoli.

Last I saw the doc, he had my MRI results in hand. “Findings suggestive of a stress fracture of the tibial sesamoid,” read the radiology report. When doc pressed on the…

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Baby Bike

Made it back onto the bike today after a week in the boot. It was just an hour on the trainer, but the shin doesn’t seem any worse for wear. I also managed 1:30 water running without doing any further damage. Although it’s not healed and I don’t envision doing any running for the next week or two, being able to get back on the bike is a relief. I’m hoping the trainer sessions will get longer and next weekend I can get something close to a long ride done. I won’t be racing my planned half iron which is disappointing, but given my injury I’m thankful just to be back on the bike. I hope tomorrow goes just as well!


I spent the afternoon at the beach today, which was lovely except it really made me want to run along the edge of the ocean for miles and miles. Epic panorama shot below.In addition, even though I put sunscreen on most parts of my body, the entire anterior coronal plane (do u see what I did there, I used anatomy terms) of my body is burned. Which is awkward, because I’m going to the beach again tomorrow, and it’s gonna be even hottor. It gives me an excuse to wear my super cute maxi skirt, though. But I digress. But first…

Lemme take a selfie.

jk, this is a horseshoe crab. Jk^2,, I am really a marine anthropod with access to the internet.

After returning home, I traded my bikini for a speedo and hit the pool. First I swam laps for 15 minutes. Which wasn’t all that taxing, except when I finished my vision was unfocused and I had a mild headache… I’m pretty sure I’m messing up the whole “breathing between strokes” thing somehow. When I was on a swim team in middle school, I used to have a similar problem, but my coach always yelled at me when I tried to breathe every 2nd stroke instead of every 4th. I was never much of a swimmer, but every Monday will be a team pool workout this fall so I’d best not embarrass myself in front of the entire team by swimming like a sea slug. Then I used a kickboard for 10 laps (my pool is roughly 45 ft. long, like 14 meters) and then I aquajogged around the deep end for 45 minutes. That’s right. Dathan Ritzenhein may have an antigravity treadmill to help him recover from injury, but my familly possesses a giant antigravity pit! Beat that. I don’t have an aquajogger (maybe… I should just wear a life vest. There’s an idea! Or get crafty and make one of my own), so it was more difficult to keep proper form (back straight, knees up, don’t lean forward!) but I definitely felt the burn. Although I never really felt out of breath, which I def should have at some point. I'l try again with flotation support and let you know how it goes.

After the pool, the gym! I do the lifts my coach gave me every other day and my own lift circuit that I made up (basically 2 sets of 12 of every arm excercise I can think of, calf raises, shin lifts, squats to mix it up) and 10 minutes of abs. All in all a pretty tough day, but it was fine. Tomorrow I’ll bike. 

All in all I don’t really feel like a success right now, mostly because I’m not working out as consistenly or as early as I want to, and I’m not eating quite as well as I want to. But The summer is only just beginning, and I’ve already made a lot more progress and shown more dedication early in the summer then I ever have, so I’m proud of myself, I guess. I also haven’t seen any changes in my weight or appearance since the end of May, but magic doesn’t happen in a couple of weeks! Also, my shin barely twinged today, which I’m happy about. I can’t get excited yet, though.

I did it again, I’m up too late in Tumblr! Darn this blog. (jk I love it)

This morning I hit up the pool and did a little workout:

  • 30 minutes of pool running (intervals for the most part)
  • 30 minutes of swimming laps 
  • 10 minute pool running cool-down

And now I’m very tired. And very content with spending my afternoon in bed. I’ve been watching Friends and doing school readings and just bundling up with blankets. But now it’s time to get some more work done before my night class. Then hopefully stretching and early to bed. Life is good.
The latest research on aqua jogging and deep water running : Runners Connect

When I was out with my SFX and first was out of the boot I started aqua jogging.  As I had to start back to running slowly and with measured increments of advancement I found myself doing a lot of aqua jogging.  Even right but before running Boston I was aqua jogging two times a week.

As I mentioned last week I cannot say enough about how this has helped me.  While in the past on my cross-training days I would usually ride the indoor bike for an hour plus like a mad woman, aqua jogging has now become the norm.  I found it so beneficial that I’ve now carried it over and am doing this at least once a week.

So this morning was no different.  Got a lane at the Y.  Not my favorite lane, but it will do.  Blasted out an hour thanks to some good tunes.  Felt good.  Ready for the weekend’s hot and humid runs.

So if you ever find yourself injured or coming back from an injury or just want a different type of cross-training, consider aqua jogging.

I’ve been released from the boot except for when I’m walking around for an extended period of time. Yeah! Now I am sporting this cool Kinesio tape over my stressy shin and I only get half as many stares as I did with the boot. Doctor says I will be wearing the tape through IMFL, so it’s a good thing I think it looks sporty. 

Today I just had an hour and a half in the pool spent water running, so I’m only mildly pruney. Tomorrow will be a long day. I have 3,500 yards to swim followed by 1:15 aqua jogging. If everything continues to go well, I’ll get to spin on my trainer on Saturday. I hope the magic tape works! 

Since I’m going to be spending even more time in the pool, it’s time to get serious about what’s loaded on my Swimp3. I’ve always listened to music while I swim laps, but added hours of aqua jogging over the next few weeks is sure to bring new levels of boredom. I’ve loaded several hours of NPR’s “Wait… Wait… Don’t Tell Me” podcasts to my headphones to try and hold my interest. Good thing I don’t mind the smell of chlorine.