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I'm a runner in high school and I was wondering how you prevent injuries while running? Is it better to weigh less or more? how do you cross train and do you ever take long breaks from running? Do you do weightlifting or anything like that and do you have any tips in general about running?

Great questions! I have been injured far too many times in my running career than I would like to admit, but I have had some long bursts of injury free seasons in college!

-first.. do the little things that ever one forgets about!! Weight lifting is cool and all but strengthening the little muscles you can target with just body exercises are more beneficial. I’m a big fan of body weight exercises and maybe medicine balls, bands, and dumbbells.

-core is so so important. Not just for abs but for the back and sides. It saves your form during races and can really make a difference.

-your race weight is probably whatever what your body is happy at while feeling fueled and energized. Eat the veggies but also eat the cookies! Balance is so important and as runners we truly don’t need to be second guessing calories in food as long as we are eat REAL foods full of nutrients that will fuel our bodies.

-STRETCH. Sitting on the couch? Stretch. Brushing your teeth? Stretch. Invest in a rope and do some rope stretching. stretch before runs AND after. The more flexible and limber your body is the less likely you will be injured.

-Roll out religiously. Yes it is painful but make your foam roller your new bff.

-Rest days are important. If you feel a pain coming on please FOR THE LOVE OF GOD don’t think running through it is a good idea until it goes away. Take a day or two off and baby it. Something that is very minor could turn into something major if you don’t pamper it. One or two days off WILL NOT RUIN YOUR TRAINING. Being sidelined for the whole season with a torn muscle or stress fracture will. Don’t try to be invincible, we get banged up and you are not a weak runner if you need to take a day off.

-cross training is important. I make sure to hit the pool after my night workouts during xc. I aqua jog for around 20-30 mins immediately after a workout to help recovery. I bike a lot on my campus so I count that too haha.

-complete rest days or cross train? I think you need to know your body and what it’s asking for. If you need a complete rest day of sitting on the couch unactive DO IT.


Hope this helped, best wishes to injury free runnin’!!!

10 Tips For The IB: Non Academic

1. You are what you eat. 

Weight gain is an all too familiar battle for not only me, but many more students around the world. I’m sure there are periods of your time where you tend to eat more. Be it the time of the month, during a time of high stress or when you’re bored, either way - your hand is reaching for that bag of sweets and those sweets are soon in your mouth. Well, doing the IB is quite like being on a perpetual period, it’s painful, can be bloody and seems to last forever. To counteract the almost inevitable weight gain, make sure you know what you’re eating. Your body image is the last thing you want plaguing your mind. 

2. Fitness? Ain’t nobody got time for that. 

After a hard day of slogging off at school, fitness is right at the back of your mind. Working out at the gym sounds absolutely ridiculous after 7 hours of non-stop brain activity, and going on a run? Um, please. However, this tip really goes hand in hand with the one above. Working out actually leaves most people feeling more energised after the work out, than they were to start out with. Exercising is not limited to lifting weights and going on five mile runs. Find what works for you. Pilates, yoga, aqua jogging, spinning, whatever, just do it (pun intended.) You may be thinking “I hardly have enough time to sleep let alone work out.” 30 minutes out of 24 hours is just 2% of your day. TWO PERCENT. Think about it. 

3. Be selfish.

There are going to be many times when you will have to sacrifice socialising for schoolwork. You may feel as if you are letting your friends down but listen, you have the right to put your own self and your own future over others. These two years hold a significant amount of potential to shape the next few years of your life (maybe even the rest of your life) give them the importance that they require and deserve. Give yourself the importance that you require and deserve. 

4. Read outside of your English curriculum. 

Reading is good for the soul. As we grow older, we seemingly have less time to sit down and read a novel that we want to. Too often I find myself falling asleep with a book I’m assigned to read in my hands. Studying really does take the joy out of reading. I’m sure your childhood was filled with a love or appreciation for books. Reading engages your mind, broadens your understanding of the complexity of humans (not to mention your vocabulary) and can transport you to another world. Read whatever you want - cliche romance novels, your favourite childhood book, classic literature, a horror story that’ll make you shit your pants. Just read. 

5. Never deny yourself the joy of listening to music. 

If you’re in need of new songs go on They have tonnes of playlists made by very cool people (really, as cool as you could possibly get i suppose) who have insanely good music tastes. 

6. Your peers don’t care. 

Regardless of what pre-university curriculum you may be doing, high school seems like a fighting pit. As if you’re the losing gladiator in the colosseum filled by your onlooking peers. You may feel as if everyone is looking at you, just waiting for you to mess up so that they can laugh in your face. In all honesty, they are all just worrying about themselves. Your peers don’t care what you dress like, what kind of music you listen to, the pitch of your voice, the colour of your hair. They don’t care what you do. It is so hard internalising this but you must. 

7. Take ‘mental health’ days 

There will  times when things just get a bit too much. Take a day of school and just spend it on yourself. You will not miss out much in one day - you can always ask your friends what you missed anyways. Take this day to watch the movies you want to, eat the food you want to, paint your nails the colour you’ve been wanting to but have had no time for. Take your dog on a walk. Eat ice cream from a cone. Take this day to focus on you. It can get a bit draining otherwise. 

8. Respect your parents.

As a teenager, we often forget to respect our parents. We’re just far too busy to reply when they call, or answer their questions or give them a proper sentence that consists of more than just “fine” when they ask us how our days went. Your parents are your biggest supporters. They will stand by you when others wont. Respect them. 

9.  Make time for the little things. 

In two years, you will be at university, bogged down with even more work than you have now. Take time to see the beauty in your current surroundings. Savour your last few years of childhood. You will look back on this time and regret that you didn’t otherwise. 

10. Have faith in the process. 

You may loose motivation. You may feel it is too hard. You may want to quit and call it a night. Don’t give up. You must not. Have faith in the process, have faith in whatever you believe in: Jesus, Allah, Vishnu, Buddha, the universe, science, the law of attraction - whatever it is, have faith and trust the process. 

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What kind of mileage did you do per week as a college senior for both cross country and for track seasons? How often did you take rest days? Did you cross train much? Sorry lots of ?'s but I'm curious!

Hi anon! 

So I peaked out at like 65-70 miles a week in xc and track (I was racing all three major distance events; steeple, 5k, 10k, so I needed higher mileage).

 In cross I took a rest day once a week or once every 2 weeks because I was injury prone. Then during indoor and outdoor I rarely took them.

I cross trained, especially during cross. Aqua jogging (3x a week), biking/elliptical (3-4x a week). And when I had lower mileage it was like almost every day! 

Have a great morning!!!

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Do you have any tips for people trying to survive a long-term injury? Love you 💝

I can tell you how I survived all of mine: i would let myself grieve and rest and heal for a couple of weeks. and then I got to work. keeping yourself busy and moving in any way that your injury allows you is essential. I kept all of my goals written on my walls to look at everyday, even when it hurt. i prayed. I spent hours collecting motivational quotes and reading stories about comebacks. I bought an under water iPod for 3 hour Aqua jogging sessions. I let myself cry. I let myself eat. sometimes I was so hopeless I’d spend the night screaming into my pillow. I cross trained when I felt like it and didn’t try to force long sessions everyday. I kept myself strong. I kept my brain strong. I talked about my feelings with someone I trusted. I went to a therapist. I made a plan with my coach and with my parents. I spent my time scheming. and yeah it sucked. there were moments that I was so motivated to come back that I would do the hardest workout of my life on the bike or in the pool. there were also days where I drove to the pool, stood at the edge for thirty minutes crying, and then drove home.

That’s the reality of it, it’s gonna be hard. But you persevere. your belief in yourself and your love for the sport has to be stronger than your doubts and that itchy sickly feeling you may get when you don’t run. And I had fun! I let myself enjoy my life even when I didn’t feel like I deserved it.

When I think of my long months spent out with injury, year after year, I think of how my heart and brain seemed to rot within me. I get the feeling like I want to claw out of my skin. But looking at where I’m at now, and how strong i feel, and happy i held on, those feelings passed. They will pass.

Just keep moving forward always.

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Hey any tips on running faster & longer distances? (Currently training for the marine corps)

Cross training on top of runs helped me sooooo much! I would add in some swimming, biking, aqua jogging, or ellipticalling! Strength training too!!

Good luck! :)!

Second to last Aqua Jog class this morning.  They took a group photo of everyone that was there today.

Once again the instructor had more new moves and things we were doing - some of which were far more challenging than others.  This class is just as much core work as it is arms or legs.  I really have enjoyed it!

Now after all of the things that took place last week in my life (aunt’s services, gala, decorating my parents house, etc) I am able to get things back to normal and there will be a lot of illustrating taking place here as I have a whole bunch to get done for some deadlines this month!

Late night thoughts

All I want to do right now is to go on an 8 mile run in the woods. To feel the cold air burning my lungs. To feel my feet pushing off the ground. To feel my arms pumping. To feel my nose and cheeks going numb. To feel my legs carrying me forward. To feel alive.

Rump Rehab

My butt is still broken. Better, but not ready for prime time. I tried riding my bike on the indoor trainer but it took less than 10 minutes to figure out that it wasn’t going to warm up and feel better and that continuing wasn’t going to help the situation.

I ended up meeting a friend at the pool and I water ran for 1:15. That went well, giving me a pretty good workout and not aggravating my bum. More water running tomorrow!

Tried some pool running today

I’ve come to the realization that whatever my injury is, it’s not going to be resolved anytime soon. Instead of using that as an excuse to let myself get out of shape, I know that I need to find an alternative to running. So today I finally tried pool running.

The pool in my building is shallow – about shoulder height – so the only kind of running I can do is low-impact, rather than no impact. I ran up and down the lane for 40 minutes. It was boring as hell.

It’s hard to tell how strenuous my workout was because being in the water keeps your heart rate down, so I didn’t feel like I was working out that hard. But maybe I was? I really don’t know.

I also don’t know if this will avoid aggravating my injury, because, well, I don’t actually know what my injury is and I won’t know until I get an MRI in a few weeks. If it’s still a stress fracture, it should prevent injury, but if it’s a muscle issue, it might not help. I’ll need to try a few more runs and see how it feels.

The workout felt good overall, but I cut the soles of my feet up. I didn’t expect that because the pool has a plastic liner. I guess I’ll have to invest in some kind of water shoe.

I’m not sure if this is going to work out as an alternative to running on land, but I’ve got to try something to avoid sliding further out of shape.

Injury Recovery - Another Story from the Pool

One thing I forgot in my post this morning was an experience while “aqua jogging” at the Green Hills YMCA yesterday afternoon. I had been going for about 40 minutes when this teenybopper lifeguard comes over to me and says….

“Sir…you’re more than welcome to keep doing whatever it is that you are doing, but I wanted to let you know that there will be a water aerobics class starting in this section in a few minutes. Feel free to join in with them if you like. I just wanted to give you a heads-up.”

At that moment I wanted jump-up and pull him into the pool. More fuel for the fire!


Busy but GREAT start to my day today!

Had aqua jog to start - and about 1/3 of the way through the workout the instructor gave us the option to remove the flotation device we strap around our back to help keep you a bit more buoyant. 

I decided why not challenge myself a bit more and took my off and wow does that increase the intensity of using your core to help steady yourself and the power you need to be jogging to keep yourself afloat.  it felt great and the instructor told me a I did really good today!

Afterwards I swung by the grocery store to pick up some supplies I was in need of for my meals.  And then after I dropped the groceries off at home I hit the trail and got C25k w2d2 knocked out as well! 

I came in when I was done and was about to start putting this post together when I received a series of emails from the gentleman I am doing the most recent book illustrations for - and he had some big news about an event that will be taking place in November for the Chicago Lighthouse where my illustrations will be on display at the opening of their new school.  So much more about this I can not share just yet but as you might imagine the event could attract a high profile crowd from the city of Chicago so this is really exciting!!!

XC Aqua jogging

I forgot to post…
After work I drove to Manassas to aqua jog with the team.

15 minutes of jogging, then 6 laps of swimming, however we wanted (back and forth counts as 1) followed by 15 more aqua jogging and 4 laps of swimming.

Coach says I’m not an awful swimmer but I definitely don’t enjoy the water.

Tomorrow I need to get some school done, swing by the Sprint store and work in the afternoon.


I was up before my alarm today and made it to the Aqua Jog class as planned. Today we were told to take a set of these foam pull dumb bells an we had to hold them in our hands underwater as we jogged or cross country ski motioned with both are arms and our legs.  The resistance you get from these things in your hands doing 2 minute sprints in the water with them was incredible.  My arms are going to be like jello later today or tomorrow.  Wow did I enjoy that workout though!  Plus we did things like putting our legs up on the pool deck and keeping our upper body in the water - to do crunches and all other cool stuff!

After I went to the grocery store and picked up the much needed supplies and the entire time I was making up song lyrics in my mind and then trying to remember them.

My friend Mary who was at the class was already having a rough morning she banged up her hand at the gym before the class, her dog is sick and she said she may have cried a bit in her goggles.  It all struck me like the start of a sad country song.  And so my creative brain could not let that go and I came up with this little ditty I made up about a swim relationship that was treading water and sent it to her to make her laugh.

I give you my ode to Mary…..Tears In My Goggles

(be sure to read this with a little country twang in your voice)

Oh I cried in my goggles this morning
Which is the last thing I wanted to do

You left me, in the gutter
For a girl with a better flutter
I don’t know what I’m going to do

I tried to get faster
But just could not get past her
Oh I cried in my goggles for you

I found a swim cap of Carol’s
Tucked in your swimming apparels
I thought to myself
This can’t be true

And then a speedo of Larry’s?
That seemed kinda, hairy
I won’t judge, I loved you for you

So you can breast stroke with Mary
Or freestyle with Carrie
You can do
Whatever you want to do

Just leave me with my beer
I’m trying not to tear
Cause I’ve already cried in my goggles for you

So give me a shot of tequila
And you can swim off with Shelia
You can do whatever you want to do

But make no mistake
I won’t cry in your wake
There’ll be no more tears in my goggles, we’re through

I’ve been released from the boot except for when I’m walking around for an extended period of time. Yeah! Now I am sporting this cool Kinesio tape over my stressy shin and I only get half as many stares as I did with the boot. Doctor says I will be wearing the tape through IMFL, so it’s a good thing I think it looks sporty. 

Today I just had an hour and a half in the pool spent water running, so I’m only mildly pruney. Tomorrow will be a long day. I have 3,500 yards to swim followed by 1:15 aqua jogging. If everything continues to go well, I’ll get to spin on my trainer on Saturday. I hope the magic tape works! 

Back in business

I got back in the pool!!!! Lemme break it down for you.

  • 10 mins swimming with pull buoy
  • 15 mins aqua running/drowning
  • 5 mins swimming w/o pull buoy
  • 3 ½ mins of kick boarding/ truly drowning
  • 7 ½ mins of aqua running/ wishing I was drowning

:) Yay for kinda working out! I also did my PT, some strengthening and abs today.  When I went on the bike for twenty mins for range of motion I was actually able to make a lot of revolutions and almost turned the bike on ;)

My knee is sore, but I’m gonna have to guess it’s a good sore.

Baby Bike

Made it back onto the bike today after a week in the boot. It was just an hour on the trainer, but the shin doesn’t seem any worse for wear. I also managed 1:30 water running without doing any further damage. Although it’s not healed and I don’t envision doing any running for the next week or two, being able to get back on the bike is a relief. I’m hoping the trainer sessions will get longer and next weekend I can get something close to a long ride done. I won’t be racing my planned half iron which is disappointing, but given my injury I’m thankful just to be back on the bike. I hope tomorrow goes just as well!


After being told I’d never run again, not being able to walk for over a month, undergoing a painful foot procedure, being crutches for 6 weeks and doing insane amount of core, swimming, aqua jogging and biking….On Monday I’m going to FINALLY be able to run once again.