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Leader of Team Aqua, Archie Aogiri, still has nightmares about the night Sootopolis fell. The night he succeeded in his plan to awaken the ancient beast Kyogre. The beast proved to be too much, too much for him, too much for the Champion, and too much for the two children that were tasked with stopping it.
Now Archie must travel through the ruins of Hoenn, all while being reminded each day that all of the destruction is his fault. How will he cope when he finds himself alone, not even with a certain Rival by his side? How will anyone survive if Kyogre cannot be stopped?

I can now finally say that this fic is completely finished! Posted the link from chapter one because it has been quite a long time and many might want to read from the beginning again. 


the KH2 secret endings are still fucking amazing okay