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Unconventional (Asa x reader)

Summary: you go to a convention in your hometown, where there just happens to be a Miss Peregrine’s panel.

Warning (s): I guess it’s slightly sexual near the end, but nothing super explicit. Not like smut or anything. Just mention of it, that’s all. There shouldn’t be that much swearing either.

Enjoy! x

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“Lee, get these ties here. I can’t do this with my left.”

Robyn held out her right arm for Leandra and passed over the heavily jeweled connected wrist and hand ornamental band for her to handle. With her free hand, she put in her left oversize diamond hoop earring and stared down at her soon to be one year old son as he zipped past her yet again in his walker. The sound of the wheels gliding across the marble floors and the pattering of his feet were a mixture that she nor anyone else could get enough of. His obsessed grandmother had the Finding Nemo themed contraption on wheels awaiting their arrival to the island and he’d spend just about the entire day in it if you let him. Whether he was crashing into walls or knocking things over with it, his giggling and the clapping of his hands never ceased.

“I can’t wait until your husband returns and sees you in this. I need the laugh that I’m going to get from how aggravated he’s going to be at the sight of it. You promised him that it wouldn’t be too sexy and bitch ya lied.” Her obnoxious laugh caused Robyn to slip out a giggle and she lightly shrugged her shoulders.

“This isn’t that bad. Lauren sent over a couple of sketches and there was one with pasties. I was close to choosing that but I really liked this design out of all of them. This is tame as far as I’m concerned. He’ll be okay.”

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New Aqua wig (and meh kitteh!)

I used a Magnum XL in Denim Blue AR036 from Arda Wigs. :)

My first Aqua wig was a long ebay wig. I used the excess hair cut from it to make home-made wefts that I sewed back into the wig for more thickness. It had some quirks though because long wigs are not always wefted the same way short wigs are, and the wig itself was pretty small (and I actually have a small head, so it was really surprising!), and the fibers were also super shiny. It was a hassle but the reason I had done it was because I was super picky about the color.

When I started working for Arda I bugged my boss several times to carry Aqua’s color because I really wanted an Arda wig replacement but Royal Blue and Slate Blue just didn’t cut it for me. XD So when we decided to get a bunch of new colors last year I begged again and she said yes. <3

I thought I would need extra wefts for more thickness, but the Magnum Long ended up being plenty thick on its own! It was like it was made for Aqua <3 


A few selfies of my Vivi cosplay I did back in July for a con.

I plan to try and cosplay her again, but I’ll need some adjustments on the glasses and possibly the wig. Aqua wigs are not easy to find, but hey glad I could still pull it off.

/also the rest of the scarf is dangling behind me, it’s pretty long so I had to kind of tuck it away during these photos.