aqua turquoise color

anonymous asked:

What would the color scheme of Rei and Marti be? Or maybe just there face colour?

I feel like Rei’s color scheme would be green and yellow with some small orange accents, but not like, really bright–more sort of natural, soft tones, like leaves, you know? She’d definitely have a darker, more tactical outfit, but she’d have a soft spot for those colors.

Marti I see having a turquoise/aqua and lavender color scheme, but again, more natural than really intense? Think like, “gulf coast at twilight” kind of turquoise/aqua and lavender. 

As far as their face colors go…  I assume this is about skin tone and eye/hair color aside from clothing color scheme? Marti’s got medium goldish-brown skin, black hair that’s curlier than Sombra’s and brown eyes with kind of greenish undertones. Rei’s more pale like her parents, with dark gray eyes and dark hair with brown undertones.