aqua tie

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Name: Mary

Nickname: Lynnie (which I prefer to be called by)

Zodiac sign: I asked the stars, but they don’t care about my future at all. 

Height: 5′1.5″

Ethnicity: Arabic/Middle-Eastern

Favorite fruit: tomatoes and peppers count, right?

favorite season: all of them except winter. I hate winter.

Favorite book: no idea…

favorite flower: bluebonnets are neat

Favorite color: spring green, rose, aqua (tie)

Favorite animals: fishies!

coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: tea

Average sleep hours: 6

Cats or dogs: definitely dogs

Favorite fictional characters: the ones I myself made

Number of blankets: 1

Dream trip: the Big Island of Hawaii…that or going on a tour of the San Andreas Fault. Heck, just a nice dark sky site is good enough.

Blog created: over a year ago

Number of followers:  72

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