aqua tie

“Give me one last dance.”

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requested: yes, part of Drabble #11 (you can find it here

Author: Katie

Paring: IsaacxReader

Warnings: Very Very Adorable Isaac

You stepped out of the car to meet your date at the school. It was homecoming and you had been asked by Isaac (your boyfriend) to attend. It was ind of late notice but it was something to get you at of the house.

You had decided to wear an aqua blue dress that reached your knees and some high heels that were quite small 

As you walked up the steps you were greeted by Isaac who was wearing a tuxedo with an aqua blue tie to go with it. You thought it brought out his eyes and of course you let him know that.

“You look handsome.”

“So do you babe.” He beamed as he reached down and cupped your face while putting his lips against yours.

A couple of hours later you were both sitting down at a table after having danced for hours. You were currently looking at Stiles who seemed happy to be dancing with Lydia. You then shifted your gaze to Scott who was dancing happily with Allison.

“Let’s go to my place for some pizza.” You spoke out turning to Isaac who smirked.

“Sure just give me one last dance.” He told you before taking hold of your hand and bringing you up to meet his chest. He led you to the middle of the dance floor and when you reached there a new song came on that was quite slow. Isaac put his hands on your waist as you placed your head on his chest with your arms round his neck. As the song sped up you swayed side to side quicker until the end when Isaac unexpectedly dipped you. He brought you back up to meet his lips,

“I love you”

“I love you too. Now let’s go get some pizza.”