aqua ranting

You know what I really want in kingdom hearts 3?

I want the girls looking out for each other. 

I want the first words on a restored Namine’s lips to be of Xion. Of the girl who had been forced into a terribly unfair decision, and faced it with such strength and goodness. I don’t want her shy and thankful, and docile as always. I want her determined and unwavering, as she restores the memories of the girl who didn’t deserve to be forgotten.

I want her to be there, when the raven hair girl is restored, tears pouring down her face and an apology on her tongue, because she just didn’t deserve it

And I want a friendship. 

I want quiet conversations. Whispers of pain at the hands of the organization, and firm reassurance, because though their situations were different, they understand. They understand being the lesser thing. The tool.

I want an unspoken vow to look out for the other, so it never happens again.

I want Aqua, limping out of her years in the realm of darkness, to look at these tiny, bright eyed girls, and have a fire come to life within her, because having such large hearts is a danger at the best of times, and in days like this, it may as well be a death sentence. 

I want Master Aqua, to have her chance to be a master, as she takes on these three girls, because three just seems to be this universes number, and teach them everything she can.

I want keyblade lessons, and magic lessons, and deep, quiet lessons, taught in quiet tones at the end of the day, once their bodies ache, and they can train no longer, because growing into a woman is a hard and long road, and someone needs to be there to guide them down it.

I want Aqua, hardened and wise, to teach these girls as if their lives depended on in, because she knows that it does. Because staying behind doesn’t make you safe. It makes you a helpless target, and she refuses to leave them to be victims. 

I want bright, courageous, Xion to find a piece of the place that she belongs- such as she had wanted the organization to be- within this little makeshift family. 

I want her to wipe away Namine’s fears, as well as tears and apologies, because the witch had done one thing no one else had been willing to. She’d been honest. 

I want her to walk the Islands sandy shore with Kairi, collecting sea shells as they go, and trading stories about the friends that they both love and fear for. 

I want her to be the one to push in training. To push for one more round, one more hour, one more try. To push herself, and the others beyond their limits, but also be the first to cast a cure, or toss a potion, because she just wants them to be safe. 

And I want Kairi, the precious princess of light, to look at the girls that have only ever been seen as cheap knockoffs of her, and see them. I want the light who took her nobody’s hand, and followed her through the corridor of darkness, for nothing but loyalty, to not even blink at the familiar features, and instead, invest herself in getting to know these new friends. 

I want her to thank Namine for opening the corridor both the first, and second time, and I want Namine to confess what she’d done, without it falling to a shallow fight of jealousy, because if Kairi is anything, she is kind, and she is loved, and she can’t imagine living such a lonely life. She won’t imagine it, and she’ll fight tooth and nail to make sure the other girl never has to either. 

I want her to spar with Xion until they’re both panting and bruised, and as her fingers ache around her keyblade handle I want her to think how nice it is to fight and train with someone who won’t hold back, and maybe, just maybe, she can understand how her boys lost so many evenings doing just this.

I want them sitting on the beach, cold ocean water licking their feet as the tide comes and goes, while Kairi teaches her to weave string and shell together to make jewelry and lucky charms, and because everyone could use a little luck in a time as dark as this, I want them to make four special ones together. Four lucky charms, in the pattern Kairi had learned so long ago, and when they hand them out the next day, I want them chose not to say anything about the way Master’s eyes dampen. 

I want there to be a loyalty and care between these characters that have been treated so unfairly by everyone. I want the ones that have been given the short stick by their writers, their fandom, and their universe to stand together, as an unapologetic, unshakable force. 


Just going to ramble a bit on this thought because it’s kind of nagging at me, but think of this. Think of an Azura who is… well, not amoral, but pragmatic.

Think of an Azura who lost everything when she was a child, from her father to her home, because of Anankos. 

Think of an Azura who gained a new father, a father who by all accounts was kind and loving, and gained the hatred of petty jealous women.

Think of an Azura who was bullied and broken by children, so much so that she bears the scars years later on both her body and mind.

Think of an Azura whose mother died for a kingdom. Her mother, last thing of ‘hers’, last thing of ‘home’, gone forever, with nothing but a deadly pendant and deadlier song.

Think of an Azura who grows to hate Nohr, because it isn’t ‘home’ and it gives her pain and scars and it took her mother away. 

Think of an Azura who was kidnapped by peace-loving Hoshido, constantly under attack from their slurs and assassins. 

Think of an Azura who loves the royal family, but hears the slurs even they say against Nohr day in and day out, and always the outsider.

Think of an Azura who sees the ‘peaceful’ barrier that invades people’s heads, made by Mikoto, whose magic is too much like her mother’s song. 

Think of an Azura who grows disillusioned with Hoshido, because it is peaceful and kind, and she is jealous because it is like ‘home’ yet not.

Think of an Azura who decides to go home, to see how it is, and discovers it is broken and empty. A dead and dying land that no one knows. That no one will help. 

Think of an Azura who sees how focused Ryoma, the heir, the child of a king, on protecting his kingdom, and deciding that she needs to do the same, because who else will save her ‘home’. Who else will stop Anankos.

Think of an Azura who keeps her distance as she grows older, not because she doesn’t WANT to be close, but because she needs to think of her ‘duty’ and that means ending the war by whatever means.

Think of an Azura who starts thinking in ‘use’ in regards to people, and puts herself in the same category. Who thinks of herself only in how useful she is in ending the war. 

Think of an Azura who recognizes she cannot be a leader, so she needs someone else. Someone else to be the ‘king’ of the board, on her side, opposite of Anankos. 

Think of an Azura who meets that ‘king’, the child of Mikoto, who is as lost as she is. Who is a dragon, just like Anankos, and the perfect mirror.

Think of an Azura who sacrifices herself in Birthright, because that is what needs to be done to stop Anankos. Who does not give the truth to anyone because something needs to break, and this time, it’s Nohr that is broken into pieces to unify the land and prevent Anankos from wiggling in.

Think of an Azura who dies at the end, knowing that Anankos is finally beaten, but she had to destroy the country her mother died to protect to do so. The guilt overwhelms and makes her cry as she breaks apart.

Think of an Azura who sacrifices Hoshido in Conquest, using the truth when her ‘king’ is emotionally compromised to get them to agree. Nothing can be gained without sacrifice, so she kills her heart.

Think of an Azura who runs away to die, knowing that Anankos is finally beaten, but she had to destroy the country that was so like home. The guilt overwhelms and eats her alive just as the curse does.

Think of an Azura who stands still in shock when her ‘king’ does not choose a side to back and a side to break, to sacrifice. Who picks the third option she did not see, because everything is black and white in Hoshido.

Think of an Azura who can finally tell the truth, show the real threat, and realizes that the sacrifices can be minimal, and that victory does not have to be bitter-bittersweet.

Think of an Azura who survives to live in a world without Anankos, to live in her ‘home’ reborn, led by her ‘king’. A time of peace and prosperity, of revelation and revolution.

Think of an Azura who plays the chessmaster, moving her ‘king’ carefully in each path, only to be blindsided when the ‘king’ steps onto a board she never thought of.

Think of an Azura… who silences her heart in Birthright and Conquest to be pragmatic, but lets her heart sing again in Revelations, when her ‘king’ creates a ‘perfect’ ending.

I really want Terra to come back to his body in Aqua’s arms, but I want him to be disoriented cause you know he was basically just a lingering will for several years. And I want him to be shirtless and flirting with Aqua while around them is like a sea of heartless battles. And Ven’s just fighting off Heartless like apologizing to everyone else who is fighitng like ‘Terra’s not usually like this. I swear my role model isn’t some drunk touchy feely guy’. Yes… this is what I want from kh 3.

Olympic Rant

This may offend some people but, sometimes Canadians feel bad about how we’re doing in the Olympics compared to other nations and maybe other nations think we suck. I don’t know. But Canada’s doing really good considering our population, I mean there are more people in California than there are in all of Canada. And we don’t have full time athletes like China, our athletes don’t get most of their expenses paid for by the government, they have jobs, they go out and look for sponsors and train on top of that. (I’m not trying to insult another country or offend people, I’m just pointing out the differences.) I think we’re getting pretty good results taking in these factors. Besides, summer Olympics, we all know Canada’s stereotype of having snow all year round. (Which is false, where I’m from we do get a few months without snow.) Finishing off this rant, I apologize if I have offended anyone with my nationalism/patriotism. Also, I’m sorry if some of my facts aren’t totally accurate.

I’m gonna go hide under a rock now…