aqua pheonix


Plain text is Frozen

Italics is Aqua

Bold is Flora

Crossed out is Pheonix

The snow glows white on the mountain tonight
Not a footprint to be seen
A kingdom of isolation,
And it looks like I’m the Queen.

The rain is pouring like this swirling storm inside
Couldn’t keep it in, heaven knows I tried

Don’t let sun in, cant let them see
Be the good girl you always have to be
Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know
Well, now they know

Let it glow, let it glow
Can’t hold it back anymore
Let it glow, let it glow
Turn away and slam the door

I don’t care
What they’re going to say
Let the storm rage on,
The cold never bothered me anyway

It’s funny how in the ocean
Nothing seems to matter at all
And the fears that once controlled me
Can’t get to me at all

It’s time to see what I can do
weaken the concrete and break through
No right, no wrong, no rules for me
I’m free

Let it glow, let it glow
I am one with the ash and flames
Let it glow, let it glow
They wont hurt me with the names

Here I stand
And here I’ll stay
Let the storm rage on

The water flows through my fingers to the ground
My soul is spiraling in mist and raindrops all around
And one thought liquifies like a chilly blast
I’m never going back,
The past is in the past

Let it grow, let it grow
My plants rise at the break of dawn
Let it grow, let it grow
That perfect girl is gone

Here I stand
In the burning flames
Let the heat blaze on,
The sun never bothered me anyway. Here  we  stand Together  we’ll  stayLet the forces fight onNature never bothered us anyway.