aqua pants

Day One- Firsts

It had been a long time since the two had set eyes on each other. Both now top coordinators and well respected trainers in their own right, they had little time to spend with each other. Not that that mattered of course. That was a couple thing, and if there was any word to define May and Drew’s relationship it was certainly not ‘couple’.

It was cold that year in December, and May waited at the harbour of Lilycove City, watching the waves crash against the concrete. Drew was coming home to Hoenn, and bringing Solidad along with him. May pretended she was more interested in seeing the older woman during her phone calls with Drew, but he could see right through her obviously bad acting.

The sun was setting, casting orange and pink hues across the sky. The boat appeared just when May looked up from her PokeNav to appreciate it, a speck of dust, black against the harsh early evening sunlight. The coordinator drew in a sharp breath- only a matter of minutes until he came back. She stood on her own foot at that thought- they weren’t even a couple, so why was she thinking such things?

Of course, she knew, but she didn’t want to admit it.

Eventually the ferry moored, and May waited with bated breath to see the familiar crop of green hair heading her way. Countless people got off before she caught sight of him, and she waved above the crowd to grab his attention. The first thing she noticed was his obvious growth spurt. Part of her dreaded standing beside him now- he was going to use their height difference to be even more insufferable. The second thing she noticed was that Solidad wasn’t with him.

“Hey, May,” he said casually, once he got close enough for her to hear. He stopped a few feet in front of her.

“Where’s Solidad?” She blurted out, curiosity getting the better of her.

“I haven’t seen you in months, and that’s the first thing you ask?” He laughed, flicking his hair. “You’d think you care about Solidad more than you do about me.”

“Maybe I do?” She countered defensively, trying her best to hide the redness her face had taken on due to her embarrassment.

He paused for a moment, staring at her, deep in thought. The rest of the ship’s passengers continued to walk around them, getting on with their journeys, but Drew was transfixed in the brunette that stood in front of him, her face a mixture of anger and awe.

“You know, this is the first time I’ve ever seen you without any headgear. I’m glad you’ve ditched that bandanna. It really wasn’t a good look.”

“Oh yeah? Well, this is the first time I’ve seen you without aqua pants or something equally as embarrassing! Don’t talk to me about good looks when you were a fashion disaster for years, Andrew Hayden!” She huffed, taking great pleasure in emphasising each syllable of his name.

“Touché. Now, I think we’re holding up the harbour, so why don’t we go somewhere else and you can roast me some more? We both know that’s your favourite activity, after all.”

“That is not true. You just make it so easy, I can’t miss the opportunity.”

“Coffee?” He asked, pulling one of the signature roses out of his inner jacket pocket. “I’d say it’s for Beautifly, but this time it’s definitely for the trainer.”

Mays gloved fingers wrapped around the stem of the flower hesitantly. She glanced up Drew (something she was really going to have to get used to doing) to check he wasn’t making fun of her, and saw only sincerity. She smiled then, turning sharply on her heel to make her way through the rapidly thinning crowd.

“Coffee sounds good. You can tell me all about your first time in Unova.”

“Good choice.”

“Oh yeah,” she added, almost as an afterthought, “where is Solidad?”


Namesake: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Appearance: Sergeant Pepper appears as a robotic humanoid with rivets along the jaw and metallic wires appearing as muscles along the inner arms, side of the ribs and neck. It is dressed in a fusion of military and band style clothing. On its head is a Vietnam era army helmet with some wrappings around it. As well as two halves of a broken heart shaped pins attached to the side of the helmet. Its jacket has two pauldrons on the shoulders and lined with other pockets and buttons. Its color scheme consist of a dark purple jacket and helmet, grey metallic skin and dark grey pants and aqua accents for the wires and glasses along with the other accessories.

Power - C

Speed - C

Range - C

Durability - C

Precision - C

Potential - A

Stand Ability: [Music Manipulation] 

Sergeant Pepper has the ability to shift and change the scale of its stats and even the way it performs in combat at times all depending on what music the user happens to hearing. Whether is be a recording or a live playing, any music will activates its ability.

lmao just some stuff from me and suludemora for fe14 modern au where kamui and aqua aren’t fuckin stolen away from their birth families and have giant crushes on each other’s older brothers but since they’re bffs they try to hook a homie up

  • ryouma usually lounges around home in kendo pants and a t-shirt with like a flannel over it. if he has to be presentable he puts on loose fitting jeans but. he hates regular pants. hate them. sometimes he goes out/lounges around in those pj pants that look pretty nice. like. the red plaid ones that guy in your 8 am shows up to class in that can be mistaken for weird hipster pants but no. he slept in those. kamui thinks its so gross bc they’re still pj pants meaning thin af and you can clearly see dick imprint if you look too close
  • the first couple times aqua goes over to kamui’s house, ryouma gets himself together and actually wears jeans
  • after a month tho ryouma stops giving a fuck and starts lounging around in his kendo pants. aqua is like “weird????? but cute???? wtf?”
  • but one day. one day aqua walks in and ryouma is lounging on the couch in his fucking pj pants and aqua is just. INTERNALLY SCREAMING. “I NEED TO LOOK A W A Y FROM THE DICK BUT ITS LIKE A BLACK HOLE ITS GRAVITATIONAL PULL IS TOO STRONG IT IS PULLING ALL OF MY ATTENTION”
  • kamui is like “ew put on pants” and ryouma is like “ew no jeans are gross”. aqua doesnt know if she’s pleased or not
  • marx on the other hand is perpetually in slacks. like. sometimes he’s in a full 3 piece, sometimes it’s a nice button down, sometimes (if he’s feeling reaaaaally casual) he puts on one of those nice v-neck sweaters, but lord smite him where he stands if he puts on anything less classy than slacks.
  • kamui comes over to aqua’s like at random hours of he day trying to catch him in anything less than a fucking suit. bc on one hand damn he dresses well but on the other she has to put up with her bro’s dick print all day and the lord cannot grant her a glimpse of her bff’s hot big bro’s? where is the justice.
  • until after a sleepover it turns out marx doesnt have to go to work bc it’s like ceasar chavez day or some other semi-obscure holiday. and he’s just. at the breakfast table in boxers.
  • kamui is just internally screaming but keeps it togther pretty well until marx gets up to make breakfast for them. turns to kamui. looks her straight in the eye. asks her if she wants sausages.
  • rip in pieces kamui