aqua nails!

Super 90′s Space Glitter Wand Nails GO!

(Or, UV Gel Aquarium Nails) 

I’ll tell you the truth, I’ve finished one hand and formed + attached the aqua nail to the one finger on the other hand… and haven’t yet touched the last 4 fingers xD  I got too excited about sharing these :D  When I was little I woulda killed to have a glitter wand of my own–now I’ve made my own on my nails :D WEEEEEEE!!!!

<3 Lady K


Mermaid Nails!! I wanted something light and shiny and subtle so I’ve used only light and flaky nailspolishes!

I wish the photos were better because you can’t really see how pretty these looks in reality. One day I’ll buy a proper camera! :)

I’ve used, in that specific order: Models Own “Indian Ocean”, Essie “As gold as it gets”, Models Own “Mermaid Tears” and “Aqua Splash” and finally Kiko n°270. That’s A LOT of polishes! :D