aqua leader


Chibi art with the villains, some other characters and pokemon! Art by Straw -he says it’s for an upcoming charm giveaway. (Archie, Maxie and Kukui might be double-sided; he’s still trying to figure it out)

Sorry Golisopod but you can’t fly and don’t have wings so that’s why you didn’t make the cut (what) (that makes no sense)

pokemon sm au where hau’s dad isn’t missing, hau’s dad is archie from oras, who has become a marine conservationist. they don’t see each other a lot but they talk a lot over video chat and archie visits whenever he can.

  • “hau, kid, listen. when your granddad gives you your first pokemon… make sure you pick popplio. water types will never let you down.”
  • archie is the best sharpedo rider in alola and don’t you forget it. just imagine him zooming around on his mega sharpedo. nyoooom.
  • part of why archie loves the water so much is because he grew up on melemele island and was just surrounded by it. 
  • half-hoennian, half-alolan archie. (hau would be three-quarters alolan, one-quarter hoennian.)
  • “your. your dad is the leader of team aqua.” “yeah, but he’s a really nice guy, i swear!” “this explains SO. MUCH.”
  • shelly as the cool aunt. matt as the cool uncle. shelly bought hau his hairclips.
  • “don’t go near legendary pokemon. just trust me.” “hey makuakane, this is my friend lillie and her cosmog nebby!” “[ANGUISHED ARCHIE SCREAMING]”
  • family debates over what’s nicer, lava cookies or malasadas. it can get pretty heated.
  • archie comes back to alola and ends up battling hau. “trainer hau sent out raichu!” “…oh, come on…”
  • affectionate noogies. you can tell when archie’s in alola because hau’s hair is a disaster.
  • archie attempted the island challenge but it wasn’t really his thing in the end. he prefers mega evolution to z-moves.
  • weird family bonding activities ft. hala and archie racing. hala’s on land on a tauros, archie’s in the water on his sharpedo. hau roots for whoever’s losing at any given moment.
  • archie meets moon, and is suddenly reminded of another little champion girl who smiles in the face of the apocalypse…
  • bonus hardenshipping: stepdad maxie. or as hau calls him, “land dad”. he is not used to this level of familial affection. but hau introduced him to mudbray and alola diglett, so that worked out pretty well.