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Hogwarts Houses
  • Gryffindor:
  • Hobbys: basketball,grilling,bowling,comics,videogames,watch Tv,cosmetics,bargain,celebrity,wellness,friends
  • Characteristics: Bravery,Nerve,Chivalry,Courage,Daring,Strength of Will,Just,Honour,Courteous
  • Historic people: Elvis Presley,John F. Kennedy,Frank Sinatra,Walt Disney,Charlie Chaplin,Winston Churchill,Mark Twain,Alexandrina Victoria (United Kingdom),Abraham Lincoln
  • Colours: red,gold,alizarin crimson,barn red,burnt orange,deep maroon
  • Clothe: long striking dress,pullover,sweatpants,sneaker,short jeans,cappy,long necklace,fanshirts
  • Slytherin:
  • Hobbys: cars,electronics,fashion,music,royals, dance,tattoo,technology,partys,history,battle
  • Characteristics: Resourcefulness,Cunning,Ambition,Leadership, qualities,SelfPreservation,Determination,Cleverness,Fraternity,Power
  • Historic people: Che Guevara,Marilyn Monroe,Louis Armstrong,Friedrich Nietzsche,Queen of austria Elisabeth,Heinrich Heine,Wilhelm I.,Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Colours: green,silver,black,amazon,android green,antique bronze,apple green,army green,avocado
  • Clothe: dark short dress,high heels,expensive jewelry,watches,Suits,leather shoes,skinny jeans,black pants and colorful top
  • Hufflepuff:
  • Hobbys: bake,tinker,camping,decorate, photography,garden,cook,collect,shopping,nature,diary,hike
  • Characteristics: Dedication,HardWork,Fairplay,Patience,Kindness,Tolerance,Unafraid of Toil,Loyalty
  • Historic people: Anne Frank,Martin Luther King,Mother Teresa,Giuseppe Verdi,Wilhelm Grimm
  • Colours: yellow,black,bronze,amber,arylide yellow,deep lemon
  • Clothe: short colorful dress,flowers in hairs,short pants,knotted tshirt,sneakers,knee socks
  • Ravenclaw:
  • Hobbys: antiques,astrology,astronomy,Castles and Palaces,esoteric,culture,art,literature,lyrik,theater,animals
  • Characteristics: Intelligence,Wit,Wisdom,Creativity,Originality,Individuality,Acceptance
  • Historic people: Bob Marley,Nelson Mandela,Astrid Lindgren,Ernest Hemingway,Pablo Picasso,Albert Einstein,Mahatma Gandhi,Marie Curie,Vincent van Gogh,Ludwig van Beethoven,Leonardo da Vinci
  • Colours: aero,blue,silver,air blue,white,aqua,arsenic,azure
  • Clothe: jeans shirt, long slight dress,shirts,elegant trousers,leather shoes,school uniform
Percico Ficlets

Just a few, mostly unrelated. (The first one was inspired by a Viria drawing and the third one was inspired by a text post that talked about how children of Iris could change color of things when they touched them BUT I CANT FIND EITHER ONE OF THOSE THINGS AGAIN so if someone finds them can you message me so I can link to them okay thank you)

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