aqua chairs

We adore this upcycled dining table! The top is a door painted in a brilliant shade of turquoise from our new spring/summer palette. Complete the whimsical look by mixing and matching chair styles and colors. These old chairs got a new life with a fresh coat of paint. Home Decorators Collection by Behr paint is available at The Home Depot®!  

Here are some tutorials and inspiration to get you started creating your own upcycled design:
1. How to Build a Dining Table from an Old Door via HGTV here
2. Whitewashed Dining Table via Martha Stewart Living™ here
3. Endless inspiration via Houzz here

Paint: Larkspur Blue / Pistachio Shortbread / Lemon Curd / Isabella’s Aqua / Chiffon
Furniture: Garden Side Chair / Samantha Side Chair / Vienna Chairs / Caleb Dining Chairs / Hyde Chairs / Catarina Side Chair 

Now or Never

Luhan groaned as he rolled around in his bed. It was early enough in the morning that the sky was still dark and the Moon was still travelling across the starry sky. This night, like every other night since he met you, Luhan had had troubles sleeping. Sure he was able to get a minimum of eight hours of sleep each night, but he never felt truly rested because you were not by his side. But what could Luhan expect? You had only known each other for four months and to top it all off, you were human. It was extremely rare for the mate of a werewolf to be human and Luhan had never imagined that you, a human, would be his mate. Things would have been much easier if you were a werewolf like Luhan, but you weren’t.

Before he could attempt to try to gain some more sleep, Luhan heard someone softly knocking on the door of his bedroom.

“Come in,” Luhan mumbled quietly as he slowly sat up. Xiumin, Luhan’s best friend and confidant, walked into the dark room and stood in front of Luhan’s king sized bed.

“Hey man, I’m feeling restless. Do you wanna go on an early morning run with me?” Xiumin asked.

Luhan nodded his head and replied, “Sure, sounds good. It’ll be good to go out for a run to help us relieve stress for the full moon coming up next week.”

Luhan’s movements were lethargic as he slowly pulled off the comforter that once covered his bare and muscular chest and got out of bed. He stumbled towards his drawer filled with neatly folded clothes, thanks to Xiumin and Kyungsoo, and pulled out a red polo and skinny jeans. Luhan did not bother to put on the clothes since he was going to be in his wolf form in a few minutes, so he grabbed a rubber band from the top of this drawer so that he could wrap his clothes around his leg. It would be slightly annoying to run with clothes attached to his leg, but he did this in case he had to shift back into his human form (which did not include clothes).

As his bare feet came into contact with the cool and moist dirt outside, a gust of cool and fresh air filled his airways. The weather conditions were good for running and for a few moments Luhan forgot that next week was the full moon and that he had yet to confess his feelings to you.

“You ready?” Xiumin asked as he walked out of the pack house. Like Luhan, he only wore his underwear and and his clothes tied around this right leg. Luhan nodded his head and shifted into his wolf form.

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