aqua aura point

Angel aura quartz necklaces 🌙💗🌹💎

A little sneak preview for all my mermaids, wood nymps and faery children out there. Stay tuned untill the next shop update, magickal babes ^_~



💎 Aqua Aura quartz has not been created naturally, however this combination of quartz with gold produces intense energy of awareness, both intuitive and conscious.

💎 It’s a fabulous crystal to be used during struggle or a disagreement with someone, as its linked to the throat chakra it can greatly enhance the ability to express emotions positively without negative emotions and panic clouding them (wear on throat, i.e. as a necklace, for best result).

💎 As well as this, Aqua Aura also safeguards its wearer against psychological attacks. Good for those who are experiencing psychological bullying or emotionally abusive relationships🔹 as it safeguards the emotions and blocks negativity from permeating.

💎 Aqua Aura works out the psychic ability. Like exercise makes the body stronger, so does Aqua Aura by stimulating the mind and intuition. This can result in a stronger perception of the world, and more control over ones mental state and though process. Good for people who suffer with panic attacks, worries or unexplained sadness.

🔹if you are subjected to bullying or emotional abuse of any form, please seek help immediately. It is not your fault and not something you should be ashamed of admitting. If you just need someone to speak to, drop me a message. You’re always welcome.

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Crystals for Sale! NEGOTIABLE PRICES! Trying to find all of these new homes!

All prices include tracked US shipping, I will ship internationally if the cost is covered. Crystals are on a first come first serve basis. Payments will be through PayPal. Orders will be shipped out every three days. Items crossed out are no longer available. Please message me on the instant messaging, I prefer to have a transcript of the conversation to ensure that I send you the right items!!!  If you have any questions please feel free to message me! :)

Picture One
1 small angel aura quartz point cluster  - $25
1 large angel aura quartz cluster - $40
3 large angel aura quartz points - $20 each all 3 for $40
5 medium aqua aura quartz points - $15 each or all 5 for $50

Picture Two
1 amethyst stalactite slice - $35
1 aventurine wand - $20
3 pyrite wands - $20 each or all 3 for $45
1 large clear freestanding quartz point - $25

Picture Three
1 large aqua aura cluster - $40
1 large clear freestanding quartz point - $25
1 large clear freestanding quartz point (long one) - $20
1 small polished freestanding citrine point - $20

Picture Four
1 large freestanding smokey quartz point - $40
1 medium clear freestanding quartz point - $25
1 medium clear freestanding quartz point - $25
1 set of 3 clear quartz points - $15

Picture Five
2 medium angel aura quartz points - $15 each or $25 for both
1 medium fluorite wand - $15
3 large fluorite wands - $20 each or $45 for all 3
1 large polished free formed polished malachite with flat top - $40

1 set of 3 polished clear quartz - $15

Very willing to negotiate pricing, I’m trying to find all of these new homes asap!

Just had to show off the newest addition to Luminary Outpost South’s crystal collection 💖💜💙 this is an aqua aura/rose aura hybrid quartz point.

Aura quartz is clear quartz that has been chemically treated with precious metals to create the stunning colors and sheens you see on them.

Draco the black cat makes a guest appearance in the background 😻

latest work

labradorite, gem silica chrysocolla , aqua aura quartz point and blue topaz adjustable choker necklace

for available pieces visit

An amazing aqua aura quartz custom piece.

Currently not for sale - as these aqua aura points go very quickly - HOWEVER I will be getting more in stock very soon!

Aqua Aura quartz have a calming effect on emotions and are excellent at activating chakras. It’s especially good at helping with communication abilities and helps you stay truthful to yourself and others.These crystals are made by bonding gold to quartz crystals and in doing so makes them incredibly powerful.

My babies.

Outside: moonstone, Aqua aura Quartz, malachite, fluorite point, amethyst, clear Quartz point, raw fluorite, and some river rocks I collected on my Cali visit.

Inside: selenite wand, labradorite, Tigers eye, bloodstone, obsidian, hematite, chrysoprase, chevron amethyst, orange calcite, green aventurine, and some other little hidden treasures. And a shark tooth.


Crystals for Sale!

All prices include US shipping and tracking info. If you’re interested in purchasing, please message me using the tumblr chat system so I have a transcript of the conversation. All payments are through Paypal. 15% off discount when you purchase 3 or more! I’m more than happy to answer any questions!

Picture one:

(2) small clear quartz obelisks ($12 each)

(2) polished fluorite wands ($15 each)

(2) large clear quartz obelisks ($25 each)

(1) large freeform polished malachite ($30)
Picture two:

(1) large angel aura cluster ($40)

(1) large angel aura cluster ($45)

(7) aqua aura points ($20 each)

(2) angel aura points ($20 each)
Picture three:

(4) silver dreamcatcher pendants w/ clear quartz ($15 each)

(1) aqua aura quartz cluster ($45)

(1) aqua aura quartz cluster ($35)

(2) sterling silver pendants in lapis lazuli and malachite ($20 each)
Picture four:

(2) amethyst points ($20 each)

(3) pyrite wands ($20 each)

(3) aventurine wands ($20 each)


Huge Spring Cleaning Crystal Sale!
All prices include US shipping - will ship internationally if cost is covered.
Have your eye on three or more? Get 15% when you purchase three or more.
Items crossed out are no longer available. Please message me if you are interested or want additional pictures/measurements! Each crystal will come with a card describing its healing properties and uses. Payments are through PayPal.

First Picture:
(1) large clear quartz cluster ($20)
(1) large AAA clear standing quartz the wider one ($40)
(1) large AAA clear standing quartz the longer one ($35)
(1) large angel/opal aura quartz cluster ($40)

Second Picture:
(2) angel aura quartz points ($20/each)
(4) aqua aura quartz points ($20/each)
(1) large double terminated rose quartz wand ($30)
(1) aqua aura spirit quartz ($15)
(2) high quality standing citrine points ($25/each)
(2) high quality AAA clear quartz standing points ($15/each)

Third Picture:
(1) large angel/opal aura quartz cluster ($40)
(1) huge polished freeform malachite ($28)
(1) large high quality standing rose quartz point ($35)
(1) large polished freestanding lapis lazuli ($40)

Fourth Picture:
(1) large AAA clear quartz standing point ($35)
(1) large clear quartz cluster ($15)
(1) polished fluorite wand ($15)
(1) polished amethyst wand ($20)