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Storboarded a scene from Marble Hornets Entry 66!
If you have the time and are a horror fan, PLEASE check out Marble Hornets, their work is amazing and the story is so intriguing and fun to watch unfold. I’ll leave a link below to the channel if you’d like to check it out.
No, I will not be fully animating this

Marble Hornets Channel | Also on Youtube

roommate headcanons (part 1)

post-series au thing in which all the key kids live happily ever after together, bc why not :)

- Kairi is (unintentionally?) the loudest roommate. It’s not that she means to be– she’s just, well, kind of a mess sometimes. Be it dropping things, slamming doors/cabinets by accident, tripping over some poorly-placed object, or swearing up a storm after smashing the ish out of her funnybone, she has a tendency to be on the noisy side. Sora gets second place in this category, followed closely by Lea.

- Roxas loathes this aspect of living with other people because he’s a light sleeper and is easily disturbed by the noise factor. What makes it even worse is that he’s a night owl, so he’ll be trying to sleep in while most of the others are already up & about for the day (which usually doesn’t work out very well). Poor boy is continuously sleep deprived– until he gets himself some heavy duty earplugs– but even that only sort of helps.

- Ven is an awesome interior designer! He has an innate sense of which shapes & colors pair well together. Riku does, too, but he doesn’t care enough to partake in the home furnishing process beyond what’s functionally necessary. He will, however, give his honest opinion about how something looks if you ask him– and this extends to outfits, hairstyles, etc. Actually, Riku will give you his honest opinion on almost anything, so ask at your own risk.

- Aqua & Namine also have a penchant for decorating. Aqua’s style is more traditional/home-y while Namine’s is an eclectic blend of minimalist & bohemian. With Aqua’s eye for detail and Namine’s artistic flair, the two of them are responsible for most of the ‘finishing touches’ around their shared living space.

- They have a big u-shape sectional sofa, and Lea will (try to) monopolize the chaise part of it every time. If anyone complains, he just says it’s only fair he gets that seat because he’s the tallest; sitting in one of the regular seats is uncomfortable for him, his legs being so long and all. And he’ll swear up & down he’s taller than Terra by like a fraction of an inch, hair not included, so.

- Terra might wrestle him for it, though, on occasion. And win. Unless Lea goes for an underhanded cheap shot– which, no, he’s absolutely not above using– because Terra putting you in a headlock qualifies as a life or death situation, man. ANYTHING goes

- Kairi isn’t afraid to wrestle Lea for it, either, but most of the time she prefers to employ a more strategic type of warfare. One highly effective tactic is to occupy the seat closest to Lea, then inch closer & closer to him until she’s pretty much sprawled out on top of him, at which point he either falls off the couch or gets uncomfortable/claustrophobic enough to move. Honestly, it isn’t even about getting the good spot; she just enjoys pushing Lea’s buttons sometimes. And, unfortunately for him, she’s really good at it.

- SORA. IS. THE MESSIEST. ROOMMATE. They all love him to death, but it’s true. o.o 

- Riku & Aqua are hands down the best chefs (but Xion’s getting there, too!). Riku enjoys creating elaborate gourmet dinners while Aqua prefers baking & desserts. Xion likes to hang out in the kitchen while one or both of them are at work to watch & learn… Annnnddd she gets to be their unofficial taste-tester, which is always a plus. :) 

- They have a family cat and three dogs, thanks to Terra, who seems to be a magnet for stray animals. Aqua & he have a routine of taking the dogs out for a run in the evenings. Terra got tangled up in the leashes so bad one time and fell, hard– gracelessly pulling two squirmy, tail-wagging, face-licking dogs on top of him. Aqua, of course, rushed to help unravel their mess of a pile– but, try as she might, she couldn’t stop laughing, which greatly detracted from her wide-eyed, alarm-ridden “ARE YOU OKAY?!”

- The cat has adopted Riku as its favorite human.

- Namine loves to create personalized ‘have a great day!’ notes (complete with motivational messages & cute doodles) for her roomies, and leave them taped to their bedroom doors or the fridge or wherever else they might easily find them. Roxas saves each and every one of his Nami-notes in a shoebox he has stashed away in his closet. 

- Ven & Sora have an ongoing, elaborate prank war with one another. Eventually, after one too many stalemates, they both decide to call it a truce– and come to the realization that, if they join forces, they can get their other housemates so, so good. And thus, a second prank war begins. Terra’s probably their most frequent (unsuspecting) victim, but poor Roxas gets it pretty bad, too.

- family game night –> Aqua & Roxas are total agents of subterfuge & are very skilled at outsmarting the others– when they team up they’re pretty much unstoppable, much to the dismay of everyone else; Namine gets lucky a lot (and subsequently feels bad for the person she ends up schooling); Riku is infamous for playing lowkey most of the game– and then unleashing an ultimate deathblow that almost nobody saw coming; Xion has the best poker face; Terra has the worst poker face; Lea definitely probably maybe cheats from time to time; Ven’s a distract-them-until-they-can’t-think-straight-and-mess-up-royally type of player; Sora’s the one most likely to ‘forget’ the rules (or make up his own halfway through the game); Kairi somehow always ends up as the unofficial moderator who has to keep everyone else in line. ◔_◔


Aqua!Kisaragi: You see, Animals gather and relax around me when I sing.

Aqua: …Animals gather around you when you sing?

Aqua!Kisaragi: Yup! That’s why it becomes handy when I hunt. I lure them with my song and then I shoot them with my bow!

Kisaragi goes #notyourtypicaldisneyprincess