aqua and lace dress


Visiting new places was always fun..

They was only stopping on this planet to pick up some quick supplies but everyone seem to had split up to do their own sightseeing. Amongst the crowd of people in the town, one blond woman stood out to Aqua.She was wearing all white and her dress had lots of lace and ribbons. She seemed much more fancy compared to everyone else around them. She walked  up behind the woman before genitally tugging on the back of her dress to get her attention.

{ ❧ }” Excuse me miss.”

{ ❧ }”  I just wanted to say that your outfit is very lovely!”

coffee-clothes-love  asked:

hey girl! i need a white lace cocktail dress for recruitment that is nice enough to wear for pref round! could you help me find some preferably under $75 but i'll spend more if i have to :)

Hey girl!

Here are some nice, white lace cocktail dresses under $75:

  1. BB Dakota lace vneck dress
  2. Nordstrom Dee Elly lace skater dress
  3. Nordstrom scallop strapless lace dress

I apologize those were the only ones I was able to find :( I checked so many different sites. There are also several options on Red Dress Boutique in your price range- but I did not link them because the majority are only left in one size/on backorder :(

Here are a few other suggestions from $75-100:

  1. BB Dakota Renley lace fit flare
  2. Aqua halter fit flare
  3. ASTR off shoulder dress
  4. Aqua lace high neck dress

Hopefully there will be more white lace dresses in the next few weeks with summer around the corner!

the headpieces look flawless her models are doing such cute things with their skirt twirls and their blown kisses and the aqua skirt and the purple lace dress and HOOLY SHIT THE LAST PIECE WITH THE SILK SKIRT WITH THE FLOWERS AND THE PONCHO/CAPELET I’M CRYING