well, playing dress-up with xion was so fun i decided to do the same with aqua here

sadly, khux doesn’t have any birth by sleep-inspired outfits whatsoever, so i had to hand-draw (well, mouse draw but w/e) aqua’s outfit all by my lonesome. and because i like making my life hard i also made the terra dress in the second pic. i wanted to continue khux’s trend of female versions of the male protags’ outfits. all the other outfits, and the sprite i used as a base, come from the khux moblie game, feedback on how i did is always appreciated, and please like/reblog/credit me if you want to use any of these avatars!

lots rambling/headcanons about aqua under the cut because i have a Lot of Thoughts about her

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lesbianrain  asked:

Is Aqua your favorite? Mine too

Well she’s definitely my favorite female and I like her outfit but if you’re going hands down favorite character that would be Zexion. 

Also side note, I am one of two admins. I’m just throwing that out there for people who haven’t been following this blog for over a year. Though admittedly I’m usually the talkative admin. The other admin stays more behind the scenes and does an amazing job of keeping the queue full. She’s definitely the backbone of this blog. 

Also I’m Dragon Admin she’s Slyph Admin.