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so to elaborate on my latina!annabeth ask... i'm from costa rica so i would 100% write her as a tica, and i'm white as hell, so i still feel like she could look the same. idk. just some thoughts :)

And your thoughts are perfect !! As I told you, if I had to write about her, I would do her as an Argentina unfortunately because I couldn’t write her as Tica and not because she couldn’t be from Costa Rica, but because I don’t know anything about your country to develop something .

Plus Annabeth being Latina and white… You imagine with the shit she would have to deal all the time with people telling her: ’but how you are Latina if you’re white?’ And Annabeth would only be exasperated! And she would explain over and over again that it has nothing to do with her being white to be Latina, but people would not understand her, except for Leo and Reyna who defend and understand her.

I heard that today(or yesterday) is .. best friends’s day??? or something like that??? anyway so I thought I would draw the secret Saturdays’s kids in those squad meme( and yes again with the sinning)

these r just some old designs that I apply into the pic(all black and white yes) they need 3 in dresses and 3 in  suits tho(accept Ulraj cuz I forgot that he can wears a suit after all silly me)


im sinning again hope u guys don’t mind


The next few days are going to be exciting as we watch their colours change! The “pink” boy who has spots, a dark head and tail and the pink girls with a dipstick bottom and French mustache! I’m in loooove 😻 #shaisphynx #tiaosiris #tiashaisphynx #qkittens
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Tokyo ghoul live dubbing at TICA.
This is from a Taiwan online news YouTube channel.

Some selfies for #blackout.
Pouty face bc I’m still not finished with finals & im currently working on a complex ass final paper. After I post this I’m putting my phone on silent & im not gonna procrastinate till this paper is done! Wish me luck ! 🌟✨💪🏾📖📚📒

& don’t worry my beautiful black brothers & sisters, i’ll reblog all ur beautiful #blackout posts and selfies tmrw. Luv u ❤️✊🏾

Latinos can be as white as a sheet of paper or be very dark skinned. They can have blonde hair or black hair. Blue eyes or brown eyes. We come in many different shapes and colors, and let’s celebrate how diverse we can be as Latinos.