Omfg I needed to write this down because I’m still freaking out and it’s been like 30 minutes.

So today a guy from PG&E came to fix our heaters. I was so excited about this all weekend because our house is colder than antarctica that I thought about this various times yesterday. And I randomly had the thought “hey, what if he’s portuguese?” And I promptly ignored that thought because, well, it seemed very unlikely. So then the guy comes over today, fixes the heaters and two seconds before he leaves he asks my mom what our ethnicity is and she tells him that we’re Portuguese and he goes “Oh I thought I recognized your last name. I’m Portuguese too.” When I heard that I just sat in my room and like hyperventilated. The freakin’ guy ends up being from the same exact island that my mom’s from, he has the most Portuguese name I have ever heard (Jose Leal) and he even speaks it really well. 

I swear to God I am psychic. Like how would this even happen? It was the randomest thought I have ever had. And it isn’t even the first time this has happened. Half of what I think and say ends up coming true the next day or a few days later. It mostly happens when I lie though, my lies end up becoming truths. And it’s not even like I’m trying to predict the future or whatever, it’s just random, little thoughts I have and then BAMMM they become reality. I probably sound like a lunatic, but whatever. It took my best friend like 9 years to finally believe me and now she does LOL because I’m usually right about everything, especially when it comes to people. 

It might be because I’m an aquarius and we’re apparently “very intuitive and often scary psychic” (mindofataurus).

I don’t know, man. I just don’t know….