• Aries:People who tell them what to do
  • Taurus:Stupid people
  • Gemini:Not knowing when to stop talking
  • Cancer:Holding in a snarky comment
  • Leo:Having more hair than they know what to do with
  • Virgo:Sneeze attacks
  • Libra:Not being able to fit into their jeans bc the booty too big
  • Scorpio:Refraining from cutting a bitch
  • Sagittarius:Wearing a seatbelt
  • Capricorn:Bandaids that DONT STICK
  • Aquarius:Forgetting to blink
  • Pisces:People thinking that they're high
The Signs: “I am not”

Aries: I am not evil

Taurus: I am not an idiot

Gemini: I am not fake

Cancer: I am not afraid

Leo: I am not self centered

Virgo: I am not boring

Libra: I am not helpless

Scorpio: I am not shallow

Sagittarius: I am not a brat

Capricorn: I am not my past

Aquarius: I am not less than you

Pisces: I am not weak

the signs and ideal dates
  • aries:bundle of excited and nervous energy on the drive to the amusement park, a lot of bouncing around and jumping, endless chatter, holding hands and touching, playing little games while waiting in line for the rides, zooming around everywhere, taking cute pictures at all the main attractions, getting soaked on all the wet rides, applying sunblock on each other, trying to find time to ride everything, trying to win all the little toys and stuffed animals, eating dippin' dots and overpriced lunch and dinner, kissing on the ferris wheel, watching the fireworks while holding each other close, long kisses goodnight
  • taurus:playing hide and seek around the house, chasing and hugging and kissing, popping popcorn in the microwave, searching for little snacks and chips all over the kitchen, creating a huge mess, finding the perfect movie, taking out a warm blanket, snuggling close, period of silence while watching with occasional commentary, laughs and giggles at some parts, tears and touches of comfort in others, a lot of kissing and cuddling, ordering take-out afterwards, having little eating competitions, talking about everything and nothing, enjoying being in each other's company
  • gemini:excitement bubbling everywhere, a lot of packing, making sure the tent, flashlights, water, food and everything is in place, blasting the radio a little too loudly, singing (more like shouting) along, admiring the scenery during the drive, making the tent and failing, cooking instant noodles, being surprised when it tastes really good, playing in the ocean, splashing water at each other, building sand castles, going to sand war, watching the sunset, admiring the stars and taking note of the constellations, sharing silly stories, sleeping close together to keep warm, watching the sunrise while holding hands and hugging
  • cancer:decorating the backyard with candles and fairy lights, cooking the perfect meal, setting up the table, finding flowers and creating a small table-piece, eating together, admiring how the stars and the lights go well together, feeling the soft breeze against rosy cheeks, drinking bubbly champagne, one hand cupping the other over the table, afterwards taking a long walk in the park holding hands, talking to each other, making up stories for the other people seen at the park, noting how different and beautiful everything looks in the dark, kissing under the light of a full moon
  • leo:feelings of awe while running around trying to take everything in, watching the fish and rays and turtles swimming, teasing each other about looking like some of the featured sea creatures, holding hands, feeling like you are exploring the great unknown, making silly faces at each other and the little kids there with their families, secretly kissing in dark corners, being under the sea with all these unique animals, grabbing a bite to eat at the food court area, watching each other's faces and falling more in love as they get lost in thought, admiring the view
  • virgo:kissing at all the red lights, ticking off things from the grocery list, picking up laundry with a bit of finesse, stopping by for ice cream on the way, piggy-back rides while walking, talking and laughing while in the car, singing along to the radio, awkwardly saying hello as an acquaintance walks by, riding in shopping carts and fooling around, coming home and preparing food together, back-hugging while the other is cooking, lots of little kisses and hugs, wiping food on the each other's faces, making jokes about how un-romantic the date is, but still enjoying every minute of it
  • libra:holding hands to keep each other close, waiting in line and conversing with the people around you, struggling to find your seats, flipping through the program reading about the show, making jokes with each other, explaining to each other what the show is about, making bets as to what the ending is going to be, thumb-wrestling and playing little word games waiting for the musical to start, holding hands, tapping feet to the musical numbers, laughing together, crying together, afterwards scavenging for food places that are still open, walking around eating and talking, holding hands, piggy-back rides in the dark, taking in the peace and quiet of night, falling more in love with each gaze and laugh
  • scorpio:packing little sandwiches and cutting fruit and other little lunch foods that very morning, putting everything in a little basket, bringing blankets and books along as well, walking up the hill together, holding hands, balancing everything as best as possible, setting up the blankets, sitting down comfortably, taking in the sun, unpacking the food, eating together, feeding each other, preventing little ants from taking over, laying down together, reading books, playing music and singing little songs, talking to one another, napping underneath the sunlight, enjoying the comfortable silence
  • sagittarius:talking excitedly while driving to a mountain, gearing up and making sure everything is in place, watching the leaves twirl and dance and trying to dance along, taking pictures of the foliage and of each other, following the trail as best as possible, watching the sun filter through the branches of the trees, saying hello to other hikers, taking breaks and sitting down in the cool shade, carving tiny initials in the bark of a tall tree, feeling the cool breeze against skin, making it all the way to the top, sitting down and just admiring the view, trying to see who can count the trees below the fastest, holding each other close, feeling like anything is possible
  • capricorn:watching the snow gently falling from the window, still feeling the cold despite being all bundled up, blowing on each other's hands to keep warm, making snow angels on the ground and adding little halos, trying to create the largest snowman possible, finding a tall hill to sled down together, building snow forts and holding intense snowball fights, coming inside and settling down by the couch, putting in logs and starting a fire in the fireplace, dancing to the sound of crackling fire, making hot chocolate and singing christmas carols, kissing with the taste of marshmallows and chocolate on each other's lips
  • aquarius:saying hello to all the little animals, holding the little furry creatures close, speaking to the animals in ridiculous baby voices, laughing at each other's attempts to try to communicate, going outside and playing around with the larger animals, watching them go about their daily routine, filling awkward silences with conversations about animals, discussing the past and talking about childhood, making gross faces while picking up poo and cleaning up pee, helping to take fur and hairs off of each other's clothes, car-ride home filled with endless chatter, holding hands at each red light, soft, tender kiss on the forehead good-bye
  • pisces:strolling around a large museum taking in all the art, discussing the colors, the figures, the mediums, trying to figure out what each piece of artwork could mean, seeing who could guess the artist or title of artwork correctly, holding hands, sweet, short kisses in exhibits without many people, comparing each other to the portraits, sitting down to take a break, combing through the entire museum, filling silences with loving gazes and gentle squeezes, afterwards walking down the boulevard, admiring the lights and people walking by, window-shopping, dancing along to the street-acts, simply happy to spend time together and not wanting it to end

Aries: Sadness has slept in your ribcage since winter and although you like the cold I think it’s time to wake it up.

Taurus: I’ve seen wildfires more tame than your soul. It’s okay to take a break sometimes, just because you’re burning out doesn’t mean you’ll fade away.

Gemini: You keep insisting that you’re fine but you fumble over your words like a fawn walking for the first time. It’s not your fault that despair haunts you like a ghost. It never will be your fault.

Cancer: Love is blind and your heart as always had a bad habit of leading you to dark hallways with chained doors. If they don’t love you by now they never will. Guard your heart.

Leo: You are the wolf crying at the moon for something unattainable. Sometimes loving yourself is far greater than loving anyone else. The beauty in something else doesn’t mean the lack of beauty in you.

Virgo: Everything you’ve ever felt gathers like dust inside your chest; why do you hold onto things you can dwell on? It’s time to clean them out and let your resentment go.

Libra: You always seem to be walking through other people’s problems like a maze that has no exit; it’s time to climb over the hedges and take care of yourself.

Scorpio: When it rains I always think of you. Like a storm consistency will never be your forte. It’s okay to be lonely; the Earth will still cry for you even when no one else will.

Sagittarius: You are a masterpiece and the ones who hurt you are just rough sketches. Please don’t let them tarnish your beauty with their words.

Capricorn: Harboring a sea of anger is never healthy, just don’t get so caught up in the waves of pride that you drown. Apologizing for wrongdoings does not make you weak.

Aquarius: Sadness has always been a syrupy thing for you, but I promise it will never be as sweet as the voices in your head make it seem.

Pisces: With a heart as soft as yours I think angels could fall asleep in your chest, but sometimes wolves find it amusing to dress like sheep and pray on lambs like you. Keep your eyes open for these people.

—  Horoscopes; 5.23.15
The Signs: Being cute af.

Aries: When they try hard to lead and take control of something but fail and get frustrated and their brows furrow and they get flustered. And shift their weight from one foot from the other.

Taurus: When they play with their hair and sit quiet and patient and give you little and caring smiles to you from across the room and their eyes spark up because you smiled back.

Gemini: When they are trying to talk and they go too fast and their words tangle up into bunches and start to blush a bright crimson and giggle trying to untangle their words but stumble them up more.

Cancer; When they try to explain something but they don’t know how to, and they start to look at the floor and hide their face. And they start to get shy and they apologize over and over for no reason.

Leo: When they try to cheer you up but they cant and they start to feel bad and play with their hands and pace back and forth to figure it out. And they start to try to distract you by cute little pointless questions.

Virgo: When they get upset and fuss about it and pout their lip and cross their arms and give you big wide-eyed puppy dog eyes. And bit their lip while gazing at you still with those eyes.

Libra; When they start to laugh silently at something you said then it get louder and their eyes spark up and they cover their mouth with their hand and tries to stop their uncontrollable laughter.

Scorpio: When they start to look at you with these utterly bright eyes and look away quickly when you notice, and after a while they come over and talk about their day with and how amazing it was because they got the solo or something like that.

Sagittarius: When they get so excited about something they start to sway back and forth and go around in circles and jump up and down and ramble on how excited they are.

Capricorn: When they are working so hard on something and they spin around on their rolling chair and lay on the floor trying to think and when they are writing they slightly stick out their tongue out of their mouth. 

Aquarius: When they get so tired after a very long day and rest their head on your shoulder and play with the bracelets you’re wearing. And tells you little childhood stories and asks you for random advice.

Pieces: When they start to draw on their hand with a pen while carrying a steady conversation and not noticing they are drawing on their hand until you point it out and they smile and whisper, “oh.”

things the signs tend to do a lot
  • aries:using lots of hand motions while talking
  • taurus:wiggling eyebrows
  • gemini:taking deep breaths
  • cancer:playing with their mouth/lips
  • leo:winking
  • virgo:smirking
  • libra:blushing
  • scorpio:laughing uncontrollably
  • sagittarius:picking at their nails
  • capricorn:absentmindedly tapping their foot
  • aquarius:looking deep in thought
Commitment of the Zodiac Signs!

Aries: These people are big flirts when they’re single, but once they find that special someone, they’re committed to that person and that person only. If you’re looking to keep them around, keep the relationship fun and exciting. Don’t develop too many routines.

Taurus: A Taurus is nothing but dedicated. They are sometimes a little too dedicated to someone. They look for a close, honest, and loyal relationship. But because they are so committed to you, they expect you to return the loyalty!

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Best Things About the Signs
Aries: How, despite popular belief, calm they are and how easy it is to talk to them. 

Taurus: How much fun you have with them…they are honestly so down to earth.


Gemini: They live everyday with a positive and enthusiastic attitude. They also don’t mind speaking their mind when the time comes.


Cancer: They might be crazy and intense but they are always there for you.


Leo: Under their cool and collected shell they are extremely adorable and awkward….sometimes annoying but in a cute way.


Virgo: Very passionate and direct. They will inspire you to be a better person, being around them fills you with joy. 


Libra: They always stay balanced even during bad times. They also romantics and will hardcore charm you. 


Scorpio: Once you get past their scary bitch face they are the biggest goofballs. They also give the best advice and are willing to help at all hours of the day…they don’t bite.


Sagittarius: You will always go on an adventure when you’re with them. They always stay positive and care for any and everything. 


Capricorn: They always do what is best for them and their friends. They might seem bad but really they are the sweetest and love the ones that love them back…sometimes more. 


Aquarius: They always have your back, they are very loyal people. They also very intelligent people that, because of their friendly personality, will help out with anything. 


Pisces: Always willing to help out and they will do it with a smile on their face. Also they have the biggest imaginations.