Final Haikyuu Quest AU where Oikawa starts out as a good demon who wants to cohabit with humans, but then slowly becomes corrupted. Before he turns into the current demon king, he creates Hinata in hopes of stopping himself from destroying the world and his beloved Iwa-chan

I need more Fenders involving Anders with long hair.

Anders tying all of his hair back into a loose bun as he works, with strands that will always drift away and slip in front of his face, and Fenris allowing himself a soft smile as he pushes them back behind the Mage’s ear only for them to fall forward again two minutes later.

Anders hair coming loose during battles, and sometimes Fenris is hard-pressed to concentrate because he’s spinning and casting, looking so ferocious, so deadly and so damned beautiful that he wants to drop his sword there and then and take him on the bloody battlefield, golden hair spattered with bright red that contrasts too well.

Anders sighing, taking his hair out of its tie and falling messily all over his shoulders, closing his eyes and pushing it back over his head with one hand, fingers tangling in the messy locks whilst Fenris isn’t totally sure he’s still breathing.

Anders resting on Fenris’ chest, lazing happily, looking up at him through the curtain of hair whilst the elf twists it in his fingers, stroking the Mages hair and massaging his scalp until he falls asleep.

Anders lying on the bed next to Fenris, hair spread out over his pillows, face so much more relaxed and less worn in sleep, until the nightmares come at least, making him seem so much younger. 

Anders lying on the floor in front of the fire, head on one hand and turning the pages of his book, the flames flickering behind him and reflecting around his head like a halo, a comparison Fenris will never speak out loud because Anders will laugh himself sick, so he gets out of his chair instead, taking the book away and rolling the Mage over, hair fanned out beneath him and Anders looking so carefree and happy as he smiles up at Fenris that he has to bury his hands in that hair to pull Anders too him, closing his eyes as they kiss because it’s just too much. 

Just lots of Anders with long hair and Fenris absolutely adoring it.