APZ media recommends: Algorithmic Menagerie

Proprio nel limite tra architettura, programazione e videomaking troviamo questo pezzo chiamato Algorithmic Menagerie.

Programmato in Processing, Algorithmic ?Menagerie è un ambiente virtuale interattivo abitato da creature algoritmiche. L'audience può interagire con i personaggi dal vivo.

Creato per Raven Kwok and Kelly Michael Fox

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APZ media recommends: ‘YEKPARE’ (monolithic)

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APZ media recommends: NOISIA VISION Teaser

A Film dedicated to wakeskating dedicated to filming. Featuring Reed Hansen, Grant Roberts, Matt Manzari, Chris Kallas, Dieter Humpsch, Brian Grubb, Nick Taylor, Danny Hampson and more

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The legendary  Ibiza club Amnesia goes an extra mile with its advertising. 

Watch the best and the worst cliches of the 80s in a single, powerful video with a fantastic art direction, but specially a great sense of humor.

IBIZIOUS ! Matinée @ Amnesia Ibiza 2013

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Back to basics: A story well told.

It’s hard to find music videos in which is more important the concept of the video than its complexity.

In that context, it is a pleasure to find one of those gems, in Trentemøller: Gravity Directed by Tue Walin Storm and Elvira Lind, it is elegant and minimal in their direction, but with such a precision and subtlety that pleases the eye.

A great camera job by Vasco Nunes and Mike Parry, who portrait those unique drivers with a lot of grace, thanks to the precise editing of Mathias Nyholm Schmidt, Mette Ohlendorff and Tue Walin Storm.

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Youtube has a lot of junk, but sometimes you find (thanks to Julian Landerreche in this case) some true gems on it. 

In this case we have 30 minutes of a pure knowledge and passion. A true masterclass about #music, #math and #creativity with a very sarcastic and acute point of view about copyright.

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