Queria que a distância entre agente fosse quando você estivesse no banheiro escovando os dentes e eu deitada na cama assistindo tv.

Title: Astral Projection


Pairing: Dean/Castiel

Rating: eventual NC-17

Word Count: WIP

Summary: Castiel is in a boyband with his twin brother, Jimmy, and Dean is a closet fanboy with a sexuality crisis.

For inquiring minds, I have not given up on APV! I have some other writing projects I need to work on in the coming weeks, but I’m hoping to pick it back up with weekly updates sometime in August (date to be announced).

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Array Networks will move into the new location pleasantly in May of 2009

The Boyd pool of spring, everything grows glory. May 1 of 2009, Array Networks (Beijing) The company moves into the new location pleasantly. So far, sales-forces and Beijing research and development centres of markets of Array Networks Beijing general headquarters, China district move into the mansion in the 21st century of Beijing located in Yansha commercial circles formally, work in unison in the same place, raise Array Networks grow up new page of development.

Array Networks has entered China over the past five years, has held the pulse of the times, led the technological trend, have the courage to bring forth new ideas, bent on making progress, the business increases steadily, the group is strengthening constantly. It is passing to review, make people filled with exultation; Look forward to the future, our confidence has one’s heart filled with. We move into the new location pleasantly today, have happiness developed, it is the expression of a kind of confidence even more. Array Networks will continue the cooperative partner hand in hand, will plant the Chinese market of root, with remarkable technology and products, and support that the localized close service wins the confidence of customer, help the customer to promote productivity, create greater value for the customer.

Swan’s Judas’ exhibition, the fine horse industry starts and revitalizes. Hope every friend continues caring about and supporting Array Networks, letting us create brighter future together! Happiness of tomorrow of Array Networks!

Array Networks (Beijing) The new address of the company:

Address: Bright horse’s room of 10 floors 1001-1017 of the mansion of the 21st century of A No. 40 of bridge circuit of Chaoyang District of Beijing

Postcode: 100016

Tel.: 84446688

Fax: 84447566

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