Beyond the veil

So, this is an idea I’ve been kicking around for awhile. It’s probably the start of something larger, so I thought I’d kick it out and see if it has any legs.

The old woman sat low before the flickering flames, her heavy robes hid her thin frame. Bright eyes wreathed in wrinkled flesh lined by long days of sun. Her voice was low and strong as she spoke, young eager ears open and listening close.

“In the days of old, the ancient times, the source of myth and wonder, it is said that magic came upon the primordial world and filled the life it found there. Magic reshaped it, sustained it, and nurtured it. Magic gave rise to the races, the elves and fey, the giants and the dwarves. All things lived in harmony and peace… Except for one. Isn’t there always one? This race, Magic did not affect in the same way it did the other creatures. No one knows why, but magic became twisted within mankind. They became dark and corrupt with power. Using magic to fight with not only their own kind, but seemingly with nature itself. The blasted lands, and great deserts, are still the scarred legacy mankind left behind. Yes, left behind. It took the united front of all the races to drive them away, sending them into exile beyond the veil. They were left to die, starved of life giving magic. To the magical realm, mankind was long dead. Mythical monsters used to scare their young into obedience.”

The fire popped at a dramatically appropriate time, sending a flurry of sparks into the air. She lowered her voice adding a serious knowing tone. “Mankind was not so easily disposed.”

“With magic drained from humanity, many did indeed wither and die. Some learned to feed upon the residual magic within their brethren and survive for a time, remembered as creatures and villans of human lore. A few, the ones considered weak or unskilled in the use of magical arts, outcasts that had once been shunned, did not find the loss of magic so tragic. They adapted. They survived. It was not as quick, nor was it as effortless, but the meek did indeed inherit the earth. They were not the largest, strongest, or the fastest creature in this world, but they were the most vicious and tenacious. First they found stones they could work through effort into honed edges. Fire could be called forth by chemical reactions instead of beseeching a spirt of flame. Countless generations passed, building upon the grimoire of learned ability. Science bloomed. They slowly picked apart the fabric of their new world, finding the reactions and interactions that held it together, creating their own form of magic available freely for all to wield.”

She stood, charms jingling loosely, “Neither world was ready for the day the barrier fell, and both realms were reunited.”

Clanking, roaring beasts of cold iron pushed their way through the forest. Heavy tracks crushing flora into the soft ground as it passed. A curious fairy, mere inches tall, flitted down close. She reached out a tiny hand, foolishly pressing it against the surface. A quick snapping hiss sounded, her desiccated body dropping to the ground. Every mote of magic that had once animated her had been drawn away instantly. Reaching a clearing, the transport stopped, and shut down the engine. The plume of dark exhaust ceased fouling the pure air. The soldiers disembarked from their vessel, and began making a camp there in the forest.

Wide terrified eyes watched them work. These creatures filled them with dread, and seemed to exude a miasma of death from every pore of their bodies.

“Wireless communications are practically useless here. There is something interfering.” He shook the small box in his hand. “We’ll probably have to set up repeaters every few hundred feet, or just lay a hardline.” He looked back at the path the APV had pressed through the woods. “Hardline might be faster…” He thought a moment, “Maybe bounce a laser around if the weather stays, and line of sight isn’t an issue. The canopy doesn’t look too tall.”

“Talking to yourself again Eiffel?” The larger man was carrying a heavy crate from their conveyance.

“The drones will have to be preprogrammed, there’s no way R.O. Is going to work.” Eiffel said, looking up from his handheld equipment. He continued to poke at its surface, making notes.

“So it’s going to be a bitch to work here is what you are saying?”

“Until we figure out how to compensate for the interference, there will be some issues Roberts. Maybe we can find a clearer bandwidth to use, or some active distortion filters… there’s some kind of pervasive radiation.”

“Did I hear the ‘R’ word?” Came the higher pitched feminine voice of their biologist, her arms filled with sample boxes and a portable microscope.

“Yes you did.” Eiffel responded, “But I don’t think it’s the cancer kind. So far its seems to only be interacting with our devices.”

“I’ll be the one that decides if its dangerous.” She said, considering if they needed dosimeter badges. She’d check with her equipment first, then decide. “The oxygen content here is high. 28%. So watch your flammables, it will take less to set them off. There’s no sign of any industrial contaminants, CO2 levels are also pre-industrial. I’ll need to take samples back to check for isotope levels.”

“So you’re sayin we have a clean new world here Roche?” Roberts said, stacking the last crate.

“Its at least not as fucked up as ours.” She said, approaching a tree.

“We’re probably not going to run into a big city, or catch anything on TV for sure.” Eiffel said.

“And try not to put anything in your mouth. The air near the gate was pathogen free, but we don’t know anything about the soil, or vegetation.” Roche said.

“Or the locals.” Roberts intoned, raising a weapon to the willowy figure which had emerged from the woods.

Her hands were open and empty, in what she hoped would be seen as a gesture of non threat. These beings were unlike any she had ever encountered. They were so like many races she did know, but were wrong somehow. Heavy like the dwarves, but almost as tall as her own elves. What frightened her the most however, was not their appearance. They were the only creatures she’d ever seen which had absolutely no light within them at all. She couldn’t even say they were filled with darkness, darkness would at least be something. They were like shells of living nothingness. There was only one thing she could think of they might have been.. She prayed to her Goddess that she was wrong, even as she uttered the words in common tongue.

“Tuatha dé AAdomm?”

Part 2


Array Networks will move into the new location pleasantly in May of 2009

The Boyd pool of spring, everything grows glory. May 1 of 2009, Array Networks (Beijing) The company moves into the new location pleasantly. So far, sales-forces and Beijing research and development centres of markets of Array Networks Beijing general headquarters, China district move into the mansion in the 21st century of Beijing located in Yansha commercial circles formally, work in unison in the same place, raise Array Networks grow up new page of development.

Array Networks has entered China over the past five years, has held the pulse of the times, led the technological trend, have the courage to bring forth new ideas, bent on making progress, the business increases steadily, the group is strengthening constantly. It is passing to review, make people filled with exultation; Look forward to the future, our confidence has one’s heart filled with. We move into the new location pleasantly today, have happiness developed, it is the expression of a kind of confidence even more. Array Networks will continue the cooperative partner hand in hand, will plant the Chinese market of root, with remarkable technology and products, and support that the localized close service wins the confidence of customer, help the customer to promote productivity, create greater value for the customer.

Swan’s Judas’ exhibition, the fine horse industry starts and revitalizes. Hope every friend continues caring about and supporting Array Networks, letting us create brighter future together! Happiness of tomorrow of Array Networks!

Array Networks (Beijing) The new address of the company:

Address: Bright horse’s room of 10 floors 1001-1017 of the mansion of the 21st century of A No. 40 of bridge circuit of Chaoyang District of Beijing

Postcode: 100016

Tel.: 84446688

Fax: 84447566

Eu quero um pouco de coragem, sem precisar me afogar em qualquer coisa que me tire da realidade, eu quero esquecer que nas ruas se distribui medos, eu quero mais sorrisos, eu quero poder gritar o que for preciso, e sussurrar o que for ilícito, eu quero menos mascaras e escassez, quero sinceridade, menos penalidade, mais confiança em mim e em você, mais cumplicidade, mais intimidade, mais cuidado, mais carinho, mais prazer, mais amor, menos roupa e mais querer.
—  Por isso eu quero você! 

Since this is my FIRST OFFICAL POST on tumblr I decided to start a little thing that I will do every week or so on Saturday called … “The Minivan of the Week!” Yeah I know, who really gives a crap about minivans, but hopefully *fingers crossed!* that this could be fun. And maybe even semi-hilarious to see all the ugly interesting looking minivans that the WORLD has to offer. (Why just do the United States? I’m sure that other countries have some nightmares on wheels as well.) And maybe someday when you are sitting around the table with your family over the holidays playing a trivia game, this random minivan information will help you. So you really should be thanking me. But you can do it later.:)

Minivan of the Week: **The Infamous Chevrolet Lumina APV!!**

Classification: Ugly

Production: 1989-1996

Made in: Tarrytown, New York, USA

Body Style: A 3-door van

Layout: FF layout (front engine and front wheel drive)

Engine/Transmission: a V6 engine, with either 3 or 4 speed automatic transmission

Weighing in at: 3599 to 3899 lbs, which is 1632 to 1769 kg

Random/Useless Information:

*APV stood for ‘All Purpose Vehicle’

*related to the Oldsmobile Silhouette and the Pontiac Trans Sport

*Was one of the first 'stylish’ and 'sporty’ minivans, (I know, that minivan is really ugly in my opinion, but remember, this was the late 80’s/early 90’s, all kinds of crazy crap went on then) and was even considered 'avantgarde’

*Made to compete with popular minivans such as the Dodge Caravan, Plymouth Voyager (one of my personal favorites,) Chevrolet Astro, and even Chrysler, who at the time completley dominated the minivan market

*Was the most powerful minivan on the market until the Ford Windstar

*Eventually replaced by the Chevrolet Venture 

Next Week’s Minivan: **Plymouth Voyager!**

I will try and do a minivan that is somewhat related to the one that I just did, BUT feel free to request a minivan! :)

like in Lisbon

oh Lisbon, from the APV til the youth exchange you never stopped surprising me.

pre-meeting for the youth exchange you took care of me and never let me pay for the transportation. when i arrived at midnight to your knees you gave me a whole band who took me to the hostel in exchange for my sleep. i didn’t mind.

you made me nervous by not knowing a thing about my agenda but i all went away when i finally met Filipa and everybody els from the APV for the meeting.

you mesmerized me by showing your beauty when we walked on your stone streets and looked at the tiled, ornamented buildings. the sun gently warmed us when we looked at you from above from the castle while drinking beer and  enjoying the company of each other. the maltese guy Charlie lost his tram virginity on the line 28.

i never had a good sleep in Lisbon because the parties were too good and people are friendly not to mention caring. you always threw great people at me and i thank you for that as i thank you for my lack of sleep during the 2 days in november.


oh Lisbon, you knew i was coming back for the youth exchange and stored the best for the last. thus the week of wine began.

you put us in the quite but amazing Oriente, the area of ‘98 Expo, were we had a chance to enjoy wine by the river and during the day learn about our colorful group. you are skill in gathering the best people around you. and i have to thank you for that again. i could not have imagined that people can get along so quickly while being SO different - just amazing. 

your weather was unbelievable for us - it was January and i could walk around just in a long sleeved jacket and not worry about freezing. the only thing that i was worried about was the absence of sunglasses. i even got a slight tan on my white skin.

you are not scared of showing every part of you because that is what you are made of. spending a day in Damaia was i think the best day of them all. the stories that i have heard became reality to me and the experience was eye opening for me. your best parts are amazing but your weak parts are even better.

i have to talk about your people. they are always there to help and apparently they even like problems then they have something to do. they know how to have fun with or without a reason, that you can make up as you go. they like to share good things that is later hard to forget. they want you to have a good time no matter what. they are my kind of people.

there is so many things that i want to tell you but can’t. you have left one of the best feelings in me and will never forget it.

oh Lisbon, believe me and i’m a person of my words - i will be back. i just can’t get enough of you!