Roman Holiday

A/N: My first song fic! It was so much fun to write - thank you @jamiemac26 for the advice and inspiration! This is my take on the song Roman Holiday by Halsey which involves a young, rebellious Spencer and Reader! Enjoy!!


You had just got off a long shift from your job – as much as you loved being a wedding planner, it was very stressful when you had to deal with crazy “bridezillas” all day. You sank into the couch and turned on the television. As you were flipping through the channels, you sat up as you saw something on the news.

Your heart almost stopped. It was the FBI giving a press conference – that wasn’t the thing that got you. It was Spencer. He looked exactly how you remembered him, just a little older. He was an FBI agent?

It had been so long since you had seen him… 10 years? 11 years? You had lost count. You sank back into the couch as you remembered a life-changing memory from when you were a teenager.

Do you remember the taste of my lips that night
I stole a bit of my mother’s perfume?
Cause I remember when my father put his fist through the wall
that separated the dining room

It had been a rough night at your house – your parents had come back from the bar and in a very bad mood. You were in your room, but you could hear crashes and yelling coming from various other places in the house. You were sick of it and wanted to get away, so you climbed out your window like you had so many times before and ran to your neighbor, Spencer’s house.

You knocked on his window in a pattern he knew was you, and he opened the door.

“Y/N, what are you doing here? It’s like 2 o’clock in the morning” he rubbed his eyes sleepily. He saw your red puffy eyes and tear streaked cheeks and his brows furrowed into a worried shape. “What’s wrong? Is everything okay?” He asked as he helped you into his window.

You began to explain what had happened that night – you always went to Spencer when you were upset. He understood; he also had problems at home.

“Sometimes, I just want to run away, yanno?” you sniffled and wiped a tear from your eye.

“So why don’t we?” He looked up at you. You almost laughed, until you saw the serious look on his face. “I mean, I don’t know about you, but… there is no one I would want to do this with than you. You’re my best friend, Y/N”

You surprised him and kissed him on the lips – something you’d always wanted to do but never had the courage to until now.

“Okay Spence. Let’s do it” your 16 year-old, rebellious self said.

And I remember the fear in your eyes
The very first time we snuck into the city pool
Late December with my heart in my chest and the clouds of my breath
Didn’t know where we were running to
But don’t look back

You both snuck over to your house and hopped in your car as you drove away. You were barreling down the road to your place of employment at the time – a city pool. You both hopped the fence and snuck into your locker where you kept all of your cash. You didn’t feel safe enough keeping it at home. You quickly grabbed everything you had in there and were on your way again.

Oh, we’ll be looking for sunlight
Or the headlights
Till our wide eyes burn blind

You insisted on driving through the night – all you did was follow the highway with no sense of where you were going to go or what you were going to do. All you knew is that you wanted to start this new life with the boy you had been best friends with since you could remember.

Spencer sat up and rubbed his eyes. “Where are we?”

“We’re almost to Los Angeles” You said as you sipped your fifth cup of coffee.

“Maybe we should stop soon; you look exhausted and we both need food soon” he said. You stopped at the nearest breakfast joint. After you ate, you hopped back in the car and reclined your seat back all the way ready for a much needed snooze.

We’ll be lacing the same shoes
That we’ve worn through
To the bottom of the line

“Y/N, Y/N” Spencer said softly as he touched your shoulder. You sat up in a sleepy haze and rubbed your eyes. “We’re here – We’re in L.A.!” Spencre exclaimed excitedly.

Your eyes lit up as you looked out the window and saw that Spencer had taken you to the ocean. You gave him a hug and said “I can’t believe we made it!” He smiled and took your hand “Well, are you ready to get in the water?”

You both stripped down to your undergarments, not caring that you didn’t have any swimsuits and waded into the salty water.

The rest of your day was perfect – you strolled on the beach all day as Spencer spewed off facts regarding the ocean, walked on the Santa Monica pier, and ate some of the best seafood at a little shop right next to the beach. There was lots of hand holding and kissing in the sand – it was truly the happiest you had ever been.

The day was getting late and you were both tired, so you were driving around to find a reasonable hotel, when you got pulled over by the police.

“License and registration, please?”

“Yes officer, but may I ask what this is regarding?” you inquired.

He looked at your name and picture on your driver’s license and got a surprised look on his face. “Miss, your parents called the police this morning looking for you and there has been an APV out for this car all day. This little vacation is over, kids. We need to take you home”

And we know that we’re headstrong
And our heart’s gone
And the timing’s never right
But for now let’s get away
On a Roman holiday

When you arrived home, you got the ass-chewing of a life-time. Your parents forbid you of ever seeing Spencer again and after a few weeks, you and your family moved to the opposite side of the country. You were heartbroken - you left, thinking you would never see Spencer again.

Until now.

Spencer was the only man you had ever loved. You knew you were only 16 at the time, but when you know, you know. He was your best friend and the person that kept you sane during the tough times you were at home.

There was a number at the bottom of the screen to call if you had any information for the crime they were trying to solve. You wanted to talk to him so badly – had he changed a lot since you had last seen him? Would he even remember who you were?

You typed the number in your phone, then tried to decide if you wanted to press send or not.

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Eu quero um pouco de coragem, sem precisar me afogar em qualquer coisa que me tire da realidade, eu quero esquecer que nas ruas se distribui medos, eu quero mais sorrisos, eu quero poder gritar o que for preciso, e sussurrar o que for ilícito, eu quero menos mascaras e escassez, quero sinceridade, menos penalidade, mais confiança em mim e em você, mais cumplicidade, mais intimidade, mais cuidado, mais carinho, mais prazer, mais amor, menos roupa e mais querer.
—  Por isso eu quero você! 

Since this is my FIRST OFFICAL POST on tumblr I decided to start a little thing that I will do every week or so on Saturday called … “The Minivan of the Week!” Yeah I know, who really gives a crap about minivans, but hopefully *fingers crossed!* that this could be fun. And maybe even semi-hilarious to see all the ugly interesting looking minivans that the WORLD has to offer. (Why just do the United States? I’m sure that other countries have some nightmares on wheels as well.) And maybe someday when you are sitting around the table with your family over the holidays playing a trivia game, this random minivan information will help you. So you really should be thanking me. But you can do it later.:)

Minivan of the Week: **The Infamous Chevrolet Lumina APV!!**

Classification: Ugly

Production: 1989-1996

Made in: Tarrytown, New York, USA

Body Style: A 3-door van

Layout: FF layout (front engine and front wheel drive)

Engine/Transmission: a V6 engine, with either 3 or 4 speed automatic transmission

Weighing in at: 3599 to 3899 lbs, which is 1632 to 1769 kg

Random/Useless Information:

*APV stood for ‘All Purpose Vehicle’

*related to the Oldsmobile Silhouette and the Pontiac Trans Sport

*Was one of the first 'stylish’ and 'sporty’ minivans, (I know, that minivan is really ugly in my opinion, but remember, this was the late 80’s/early 90’s, all kinds of crazy crap went on then) and was even considered 'avantgarde’

*Made to compete with popular minivans such as the Dodge Caravan, Plymouth Voyager (one of my personal favorites,) Chevrolet Astro, and even Chrysler, who at the time completley dominated the minivan market

*Was the most powerful minivan on the market until the Ford Windstar

*Eventually replaced by the Chevrolet Venture 

Next Week’s Minivan: **Plymouth Voyager!**

I will try and do a minivan that is somewhat related to the one that I just did, BUT feel free to request a minivan! :)

like in Lisbon

oh Lisbon, from the APV til the youth exchange you never stopped surprising me.

pre-meeting for the youth exchange you took care of me and never let me pay for the transportation. when i arrived at midnight to your knees you gave me a whole band who took me to the hostel in exchange for my sleep. i didn’t mind.

you made me nervous by not knowing a thing about my agenda but i all went away when i finally met Filipa and everybody els from the APV for the meeting.

you mesmerized me by showing your beauty when we walked on your stone streets and looked at the tiled, ornamented buildings. the sun gently warmed us when we looked at you from above from the castle while drinking beer and  enjoying the company of each other. the maltese guy Charlie lost his tram virginity on the line 28.

i never had a good sleep in Lisbon because the parties were too good and people are friendly not to mention caring. you always threw great people at me and i thank you for that as i thank you for my lack of sleep during the 2 days in november.


oh Lisbon, you knew i was coming back for the youth exchange and stored the best for the last. thus the week of wine began.

you put us in the quite but amazing Oriente, the area of ‘98 Expo, were we had a chance to enjoy wine by the river and during the day learn about our colorful group. you are skill in gathering the best people around you. and i have to thank you for that again. i could not have imagined that people can get along so quickly while being SO different - just amazing. 

your weather was unbelievable for us - it was January and i could walk around just in a long sleeved jacket and not worry about freezing. the only thing that i was worried about was the absence of sunglasses. i even got a slight tan on my white skin.

you are not scared of showing every part of you because that is what you are made of. spending a day in Damaia was i think the best day of them all. the stories that i have heard became reality to me and the experience was eye opening for me. your best parts are amazing but your weak parts are even better.

i have to talk about your people. they are always there to help and apparently they even like problems then they have something to do. they know how to have fun with or without a reason, that you can make up as you go. they like to share good things that is later hard to forget. they want you to have a good time no matter what. they are my kind of people.

there is so many things that i want to tell you but can’t. you have left one of the best feelings in me and will never forget it.

oh Lisbon, believe me and i’m a person of my words - i will be back. i just can’t get enough of you!

apparently according to a cat scan yesterday (yep spent all day yesterday in le hospital for appendicitis symptoms - false alarm on that one) I have a mass of arteriopulmonaryveins that didn’t fuse together right (born with it) in the bottom of my right lung, that they can do nothing about, that’s definitely going to burst one day.

doctor’s words “Soo if you start to feel shortness of breath and start coughing up blood, you’ll know why!”

cheery thoughts for the day…