Rereading Vol. 25 & 26, Chap. 243-263, Growth Spurt

Vol. 25 and 26 are a true goldmine for people who like angst, especially because Conan is being shot, operated on, and he also suffers through two and a half painful transformations.

In the past, I was too preoccupied with the relationship drama between Shinichi and Ran to actually pay attention to the small, yet remarkable developments on the side. Aoyama is steadily building up towards the climax of the arc, however, I am only able to see this AFTER having experienced the resolution. It is a clever ploy, indeed.

For instance, I always thought Vermouth called Ran “her princess” because the girl attempted to help her in New York. However, the “princess” refers to the “Black Knight Play”, in which an Ran starred as the princess, and Araide was supposed to be the Black Knight. Apparently, Vermouth was already in disguise at that point, and that is why Ran is “her princess.” When Vermouth uses that expression, she is taunting Conan! She is basically saying “I’ve been there THAT long and you didn’t notice, great detective.”

The second aspect that demonstrates the care put into Detective Conan is Ai’s comment when she is staring at the computer screen:

Maybe… I am running away from it…!?

I always thought her words related to her decision to ignore Ran who attempted to converse with her - however, next to the screen, there are two floppy disks as if Aoyama wanted us to see that Ai is in fact immersed in working on the antidote. She probably already developed the prototype, but she is reluctant to tell Conan. Maybe because she is afraid of being left behind. It would explain her forlorn stares during the camping trip on which Conan is being shot.

Ai is struggling to offer Conan this way out of their shared situation. It is selfish, it is human. And she overcomes the temptation to remain quiet. In the end, she does offer Conan the prototype in the hospital.

That’s it when it comes to the “hard information” segment. On another note, there’s a funny Magic Kaitou reference. When Conan ponders on how to trick Ran, he asks the professor:

“Can you make a robot that looks like me?!

In Magic Kaitou, a mad scientist actually creates a robot that looks like Kaito and is set on destroying his reputation!

Finally, I feel like I have to honor Kogorou. For all of his transgressions, he does care. When Conan wakes up after the surgery, Kogorou is also in the room. He must have been around the entire time, because his shirt is untidy. He could have stayed in the lobby, or gone home to sleep… instead, he stayed in the room.


been talking with @nebulousneko all evening about the theory of conan being pandora, based on the miyanos’ original work on the silver bullet drug and ‘rejuvenated youth’ being very similar to ‘eternal life’; aka APTX-4869 contains pandora’s essence and shinichi ate it 

he can’t follow through with his plan to destroy the stone any more, so thus begins kaito’s long-suffering babysitting career until haibara can develop an antidote to flush the APTX out of shinichi’s system. haibara is part of pandora too (since she took the same drug), she just has a better sense of self-preservation than the tiny volatile corpse magnet

anonymous asked:

i've heard some headcanons where at the end of the dc series ran finds out what happened to shinichi and instead of him turning back she takes the drug too and they live a happy child life together forever... haha what do you think about that?

I would love to read some fanfiction about that haha. Wait, I even want to read some manga chapter about that :O

You know, after the apparition of the sister from outside the domain (I don’t know if you know who I am talking about) I have thought a lot about the APTX 4869 and the way the inmune system from both Conan and Ai seems so weak, we don’t know yet if Vermouth has a weak inmune system too and that could be important.

I have the theory Vermouth needs to take frequently some medicine to keep looking young because her formula was created to stop aging, but Shinichi’s case is even more complicated, the APTX made him younger destroying a huge ammount of his cells. It’s not the same situation, but looking at this new character (the girl) now I think Conan and Ai’s bodies could be timebombs. Every time Shinichi gets his body back he’s so weak, but yet his body keeps fighting, Ai even said that if he takes more he could never get his body back. I think this new girl can’t get her body back because she took some kind of antidote and it failed (she looks ill)

If that theory is false, that would be so good because if Ai or Conan choose they could keep being kids, but if it’s right, they need to get their bodies back ASAP! If it’s part of our nature always adapt to any new situation and fight to keep our body in normal conditions, why is Shinichi’s body fighting against his real body and always keeps coming back to Conan’s body? (because it’s not a real real situation, tho lol)

Talking about Ran, if it happens the same situation from the OVA and Shinichi can’t get his body back and has to live as Conan, if he confess to her his situation, I think she would say something like nothing is impossible for him and she knows he would find the way to get his body back and she would wait for him even more and more years because that’s the way she acts, but it depends, what if the B.O attacks her and give her the APTX 4869? that could be an option. I believe more in those options, I don’t  know, I don’t really see her taking the APTX only to be with him, that could be like accept the idea that he lose the most important case in his life.

Overheard practically everywhere
  • Haibara: Kudo-kun! You should be careful, if somebody learn that you are high school detective, Kudo Shinichi, that was shrunken with APTX 4869, you will be in danger!!
  • Conan: Er.
  • Haibara: By the way, I made another test antidote for APTX 4869 that turned your body into child
  • Conan: Haibara.
  • Haibara: Yes, once-was-high school detective Kudo Shinichi that was shrunk down to a child body with APTX 4689?
  • Conan: I think we should talk about your ways of channeling information.
“Hugot” quotes: Anime version

Apparently, I have drafted some quotes regarding anime characters and well… love issues (?)… But I would like to call them “hugot” quotes, as we Filipinos would often say, whenever we feel dramatic about simple things. Really, I had not seen them until now.

Yeeep. So here are the quotes I came up with. Currently about Detective Conan and Danganronpa ‘cause why not?

But really I had not thought about other ships and characters though :/  Feel free to suggest additions.

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(( The only theory I have about Mary is that she suffers from dwarfism instead of being a victim of APTX 4869. Mary appears to be too young to be shrunk by the poison. When Shinichi Kudo took the poison, he shrunk about 11 years to the now six years old body.

If we add the years that Shinichi shrunk to Mary’s middle school age appearance (which would be about 12-14, since this is when kids attend middle school in Japan), it would equal around 23-25 years old. (11+12, 11+13, 11+14). Since this happened around ten years ago, we need to add 10. (23+10, 24+10, 25+10) equals 33 - 35 years of age.

People with dwarfism can live to and beyond this age and majority of women have at least one baby by Mary’s estimated age. Sera, Shuichi and Shukichi do not have the genes for dwarfism since that they are twice as tall as Mary. They’re either lucky that they’re don’t have the genes for it or there’s another variable dancing around. ))

Rereading Vol. 17 & 18, Chap. 161-180, A Taste of Sherry

Finally, we’re hitting volume 18, and the introduction of an important puzzle piece to the mystery behind Shinichi’s shrinking, Miyano Shiho.

She really looked young back then, didn’t she? Ai’s hair and face have been subjected to some changes over those 800 chapters. I kind of prefer the original version, because she looked more innocent, which was a nice contrast to her attitude On the other hand, the “new” her is more jaded, edgier, older, and I guess it reflects her inner state.

I love the scene when she confronts Conan with her knowledge about the poison in front of Agasa’s house. She’s a small devil, having so much fun at his expense! I guess it also shows her resolve: Through observing Conan, she determined that she had to be as frank as possible, otherwise there’d be too much mistrust. She’s throwing all the bad points about herself at him, in order to bare herself in front of him. This way, she deliberately protects herself against becoming a “case.” She must fear his deductions, his ability to see through people, because she doesn’t want him to dive into her conflicting emotions about the past (Akemi, her parents, etc.).

So, what do we know thanks to Ai?

  • The drug is called APTX 4869, although Ai explicitly claims that this is the name of her variation of the drug.
  • APTX 4869 is known to terminate cell life, probably by aging it up until the cell structure breaks down
  • In some cases, though, the cells are returned to an earlier stage, causing the shrinking effect. This reaction is not limited to humans.
  • Sherry marked Shinichi as deceased, and this is one of her final actions as a member of the BO. The organisation was rather preoccupied with the detective’s fate, because he was the only victim of APTX whose death remained unconfirmed. There were two investigations into his death, concluding in Sherry closing his file despite the lack of hard evidence of his demise. The BO’s conviction that Shinichi died is tied to their trust in Sherry’s previous loyalty to the organization. Since Shiho mentioned going to the Kudou mansion to her sister, her “betrayal” cannot be motivated by Akemi’s murder. Shiho already went behind the BO’s back before they killed her sister. As long as they believe that she only turned traitor in response to Akemi’s death, her decision to close Shinichi’s file will not raise suspicion.

To end this overview of the new information related to the plot, here’s my favourite quote of the two volumes. When Megure arrives on the crime scene and Mouri is moaning about being inconvenienced, the inspector rightfully exclaims:

Oh no, poor you! Have you ever considered that wherever you go somebody dies!?

Conan is a true shinigami, a Japanese death god. Ran really missed an opportunity when Halloween came around. If I were her, I’d instinctively know which costume to purchase.

Apotoxin 4869 (APTX 4869) là thứ độc dược khiến Shinichi (Shinichi Kudo) từ một soái ca lạnh lùng trở thành một cậu nhóc lớp 1B suốt hơn 20 năm qua được biết đến với cái tên Conan (Conan Edogawa).

Theo tìm hiểu của mình thì APTX 4869 là một loại thuốc độc được chế tạo ra dùng để giết người mà không để lại dấu vết gì trên thi thể nạn nhân.

Trường hợp của Shinichi là một tác dụng phụ (HIẾM GẶP) của chất độc này, tác dụng phụ đó đã làm trẻ hóa Shinichi xuống khoảng 10 tuổi, nghĩa là ban đầu Shinichi là một thanh niên 16 tuổi, sau khi bị ép uống APTX 4869 thì tác dụng phụ của thuốc làm trẻ hóa xuống còn 6 tuổi.