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Don’t look at Heiji, look back at me, and say “he doesn’t even act like a dog” with a straight face


been talking with @nebulousneko all evening about the theory of conan being pandora, based on the miyanos’ original work on the silver bullet drug and ‘rejuvenated youth’ being very similar to ‘eternal life’; aka APTX-4869 contains pandora’s essence and shinichi ate it 

he can’t follow through with his plan to destroy the stone any more, so thus begins kaito’s long-suffering babysitting career until haibara can develop an antidote to flush the APTX out of shinichi’s system. haibara is part of pandora too (since she took the same drug), she just has a better sense of self-preservation than the tiny volatile corpse magnet

Detective Conan File 1001 [Japanese to English Translation]
  • This is just like the blood ceiling…

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––––  written by aoyama gōshō  .

Kudō Shinichi ( va : Yamaguchi Kappei ) is a high school detective who occasionally consults the police to solve tough cases. One day, while on a date with his childhood friend and classmate, Mōri Ran, Kudō stumbles upon a suspicious transaction involving an unknown businessman and a man dressed in black. As he spies on the exchange, he fails to notice the latter’s accomplice who attacks him and force him to ingest an experimental poison known as ‘APTX 4869’. But instead of killing him, the poison has a rare side-effect that transforms him into the form of a child, his 16 year old mind still intact.

Adopting the pseudonym ‘Edogawa Conan( va : Takayama Minami ) and keeping his true identity a secret, Kudō lives with Mōri Ran and her father, Mōri Kogoro, who is a private eye. Throughout the series, he solves countless cases under Kogoro’s name, in hopes to track down the men in black and bring down the Black Organization which they belong to. ❜

anonymous asked:

i'd like to know your thoughts on the recent kyoto arc... and file 1004 that shinran bomb... what do you think is?

Oh dear Anon, @detectivegeekshin and I were literally just talking about this!!!! 

There is certainly a lot to handle in this new arc, so allow me a long explanation. First of all, what do I think of this new arc? 

Detectivegeekshin and I have unofficially labeled it The Development Arc™ because what I expect from this arc is, first and foremost, a shit ton of development. There are a hell of a lot of characters being introduced –and, subsequently, a hell of a lot of relationships to be explored– for there not to be development. This means, of course, shit needs to happen between Shinichi and Ran (here’s where file 1004 comes into play, but more on that later). I have to say, so far, I’m pleased with the protagonism ShinRan has been receiving in this arc. I expected Ran to fall behind in importance as soon as the case happened, but that hasn’t been the case. We’ve been blessed with ShinRan (NORMAL TEENAGERS) scenes even after the case, which is a very promising situation to be in if you’re a Conan and ShinRan fan (as you can tell from analyzing other chapters). But ShinRan isn’t the only thing that has to be developed. I’m talking all-time brotp HeiShin things happening. I want Heiji teasing Shinichi about London (we got that already, sort of), but I want Shinichi teasing Heiji about Ebisu Bridge MERCILESSLY. And of course I want endless deducing shenanigans happening with them (as always) but also with Sera. And speaking of Sera… Sera and Momiji? Anyone? Cause I’M GAME. 
The promised introduction of Kazuha later brings me to the much needed HeiKazu development with the help of ShinRan (this works viceversa as well, seeing as they all ship each other). Momiji will probably help push that forward somehow, as will Okita with ShinRan. And within all of this, allow me to beg for Kazuha x Ran x Sonoko brot3 exploration. Like on Movie 7. 

The case is interesting enough, and it has, so far, all the ingredients for a great Conan mystery: seemingly impossible crimes, a dash of Japanese Culture And Traditions™, Heiji and Shinichi full on investigating, and Ayanokouji with a squirrel, which we can always appreciate. Oh, and no Detective Boys around (yet) which is always a matter of celebration for me. We’ll see whether Haibara appears or not (I’m rooting for yes, oddly enough). 

NOW, the most promising thing about all of this is where this Arc can lead us. Can it delve into an Aptx. 4869 further investigation? Will Shinichi’s involvement in the case make it to the papers and alert the Black Organization? Will this end up converging with a HeiKazu chapter? Or –as many of us hope– will it tie nicely with a new Ran suspicion arc? 

Which brings me to the hoped for and hyped-up (always a dangerous thing, hype) CHAPTER 1004 and the promised “ShinRan bomb” Aoyama is ready to drop on us. Because of his Japanese Honest-But-Often-A-Troll nature, whenever Aoyama promises ShinRan development, he gives it to us one way or another (the London Arc began with him saying it was a “must-read for ShinRan and Conan fans in general, and we got a confession). So we can trust him on that. But one can never be sure what “big development” truly means for Aoyama. Things that have been said lately by him clue us towards Ran confessing to Shinichi (he mentioned we had to wait until file 1000 to see Ran’s answer), so we can definitely look forward to that. But we’re not sure if that’s all it’s going to be, or if it will prompt something else. HINT: I AM THIRSTING FOR A SHINRAN KISS LIKE I’VE NEVER THIRSTED FOR ANYTHING BEFORE IN MY LIFE. 

Whether this will be prompted by Okita and how jealous Shinichi is of him (my money is on this a little bit, and I do hope it is so, otherwise why introduce him into the story?) or not, we can be sure that’s happening. We can also be sure it will somehow dynamite ShinRan into some change (minimum as it can be on Conan). We can also be pretty sure that the development will be positive, since Aoyama ships ShinRan almost more than I do (and that’s difficult) and has often promised us a happy ending for them. Hopefully the development (confession, kiss, hopefully not hug but maybe) will also help push Heiji and Kazuha together. So, essentially, what we’re looking at is a mixture between the brilliant Desperate Revival Arc (still the best one he’s ever written, in my honest opinion) and the Shinigami Case (good, but could be better). 

Overall, this Arc seems to be a dream: all (or most) of our favorite characters together, with a mystery worth the read, and a promising development in many senses. Who thought this day would come before the Final Arc, right? Certainly not me. But then again, I never expected the confession to happen way before the end. And I never expected this to last for 1002 (and counting) chapters. So who knows. 

I still have questions, of course. What is the significance of Haibara’s stance when she gives Conan the pill (Aoyama mentioned it was important)? Why introduce Momiji if not for a HeiKazu development (likewise with Okita)? How will Kazuha come into play? Will Shinichi set the case a little bit aside (as he’s been doing as of lately whenever Ran is involved) in order to spend more time with her/be with her/anything of the likes? Will the antidote cause problems like in London? How will this tie in with a Ran suspicion arc, if it does? 

And what happens after, when all is said and done, when the ShinRan bomb hits us and leaves us trembling in fear or in happiness or both? 

What happens when Shinichi goes back to being Conan, and Kyoto still hangs over them, like London has been for the past few years? 

Overheard practically everywhere
  • Haibara: Kudo-kun! You should be careful, if somebody learn that you are high school detective, Kudo Shinichi, that was shrunken with APTX 4869, you will be in danger!!
  • Conan: Er.
  • Haibara: By the way, I made another test antidote for APTX 4869 that turned your body into child
  • Conan: Haibara.
  • Haibara: Yes, once-was-high school detective Kudo Shinichi that was shrunk down to a child body with APTX 4689?
  • Conan: I think we should talk about your ways of channeling information.

Theories, theories, theories!!! ^_^ I didn’t want to go too deep into those since I was afraid that I didn’t get the most important lines right and (guess what) I was right. About the fact that I was wrong, lol ^_^ Anyway, after three different people helped me to understand that I’ve read half of the characters wrong (that’s how “great” I am), I’ve made a proper translation of File 889’s page 14 (read it here). And now it looks like a right time for some brainstorming.

So, at the first look there’s nothing new in latest Manga File. We have Elena Miyano-san and young Amuro-kun. Not a big deal, since he said that he knew Miyano family  and he also said to Shiho-san that she looks like her mother, which means that he saw Elena-san. So, the fact that we see Amuro-kun in front of Elena-san now doesn’t look like a big deal. But let’s try to look closer.

The most interesting thing for me is that Aoyama Gōshō-sensei didn’t show Elena-san’s face properly. Here eyes is covered by shiny glasses like he don’t want us to see them yet. And her hair is white in the original manga (I’ve used fan-made colorized version of the frame with Elena-san because it looks cool, just take a note that colors isn’t official and colors in anime adaptation means nothing, since anime staff made a lot of mistakes before, like those with Gin’s and James Black’s hair). Same with Haibara-san’s and same with that mysterious girl in Sera Masumi-san’s hotel room. Doesn’t actually mean anything, since there’s only two colors in manga - black and white, but still, let’s keep it in mind. Another thing is - as far as I remember, in Sherry’s soliloquy (シェリーのひとりごと) Haibara-san said something like “That girl looks somehow like me” about mysterious girl from Masumi-san’s room. And since Sherry’s soliloquy is an absolutely official thing by Aoyama-sensei, it may be considered as a serious hint.

What can we get from it? We can assume that mysterious girl from Masumi-san’s room is actually Elena-san. Her words “I’ll be far away from here” sounds like she was ready to die, or knew that she’ll be killed, but it may also mean anything else. If she was about to die, it looks pretty much possible that she acted exactly like Shiho-san will act later in the same exact situation. Took her own medicine and escaped. Can’t say that I like this theory much, since it doesn’t explain where she was while her daughters were in danger and why she did nothing to help them. But it’s not that bad, because it looks like mysterious girl from Masumi-san’s room is sick and maybe there’s more in it. Like she was sick and unable to do a thing.

It’s also easy to explain how she ended up in Akai / Sera family. Actually, it fits surprisingly well. Remember that Akai-san joined Kuro no Soshiki (Black Organization) through Akemi-san? He started with older sister and contacted with both of them a lot. If Elena-san was able to escape, then it’s only natural for her to ask someone to help her daughters and provide some info in exchange. In this way, Akai-san’s actions may be seen in different light. Like he hid Elena-san in America, with his sister, while he himself tried to join Black Organization and get sisters back. Fits? Fits.

And I also can’t stop thinking about that “different territory” line. I’d like to see Japanese version of File 889 just to check the part about “far away”. I mean, “another territory”, “far away place”… It makes you think, right? Looks like even Conan can't make heads or tails from that “another territory” line, but it looks like mysterious girl put some meaning in it. And Conan asked Ai-san about it right away. Haibara-san said that she don’t know what that means, but she “didn’t know” about Ano Kata (That Person)’s e-mail adress too. So, there’s a chance that she actually know, but doesn’t tell. And there’s even a chance that the whole message was for her, since she still doesn’t trust Masumi-san. Even though it doesn’t look very promising, since there’s always a cell phone to interact both by voice and mail, no need for such a weird comunication.

But enough about that. Another interesting thing about latest Manga Files is “The Phone, The Sea and I” story. I think that everybody seen Ran-san’s flashback about Masumi-san and the sea now, since it was already turned into an anime, and it looks like Conan remember Masumi-san from the past (at least her tooth) and Masumi-san looks very concerned about her phone to be exactly like Conan’s. She wants to act like the character from that novel? Maybe. But I can’t stop thinking about the fact that she didn’t mail mysterious girl’s photo to Conan, but instead made him to find it on her own phone.

The most obvious explanation, though, is that she didn’t want Conan to have the photo. Because there’s a very important face on it and they didn’t want to go with the photo freely and ask around (minus one point to middle brother theory, according to which that mysterious girl is Masumi-san’s middle brother, who looks like a girl, the same way with Masumi-san looks like a boy). But still, I always thought that time traveling in Meitantei CONAN should be considered as something very possible. Remember Vermouth’s “We can be both of God and the Devil since we’re trying to raise the dead against the stream of time”? Remember Ai-san’s “The one who’s trying to go against the flow of time should suffer”? Can be time-related, right? And this way Itakura Suguru-san’s software makes sense. Because I can’t see how software may be important to make drugs up to the level when its creator begins considering it as a crime against humanity. A lot of people forgot about it, but I’m still trying to connect Suguru-san’s software with Silver Bullet project. Without any luck. Aside of the fact that it may be some sort of software to control people, who took some certain drugs.

Another thing is Amuro-san’s nickname.  / Rei / Zero. Gundam origins is obvious, but still, it’s hard to believe that Aoyama-sensei added it just for fun. And named the whole file after it. There should be a true meaning. Well, Amuro-san gave  some sort of explanation about it being his nickname, since everybody around him acted like he was transparent, but it sounds like a lie for me. I mean, in this way it’ll be a humiliation for him and Elena-san aren’t the one to call a boy by such a humiliating name. So, there should be something more. Something he didn’t want to tell Conan-tachi. And something with fear in it, since it looks like he has some sort of complex about it. In this case Black Organization’s experiments with drugs on their own people looks more and more posible. Especially since they wanted to test APTX 4869 on Numabuchi Kiichiro (and was unable to). And Numabuchi Kiichiro was the only one Kuro no Soshiki member, who didn’t give Haibara-san her usual “pressure”. So, my theory about “super soldiers” of sorts looks pretty much possible. And Zero may be somehow related to numbers and / or classification. There’s a lot of speculations started after previous Manga File about connections with Glass family, but it doesn’t sounds right for me. In other hand, Shinichi-kun’s “Love is a beginning” may be used by Ran-san later in conversation with Amuro-san. May be a very nice move, actually. Like “Don’t die, because zero is where everything starts!”. But that is just me and my imagination.

What else? Another popular theory now is about Vermouth being Haibara-san’s mother. Well, it’s an old theory, but it became popular again after the File 889. My opinion - dislike this one. Way too hard for Sharon and Chris Vineyard to be an actresses and work on Silver Bullet project a lot at the same time. Yet again - bloodlust for her own daughter (Vermouth tried to kill Haibara-san no matter what to keep her secrets) and like a million other stuff. Even if we’ll imagine that Shiho-san can’t recognize her own mother. the only thing I really like about this theory is that it explains the part about Sharon Vineyard’s husband at least a little. And yes, that part still gives me an insomnia. because there was no reason for Vermouth to make up her own husband and it’s hard to imagine Black Organization’s member with a regular husband. But still, totally dislike this theory.

So, in conclusion I can only tell this - latest Manga Files makes things even worse. Because there’s even more nice looking possibilities and still no solid proofs. The latest part of the main story looks like one of those huge jigsaw puzzles with many thousands pieces in them. And to make things worse - those pieces are white. The problem here isn’t that you can’t put them together. The problem is that you can combine them in oh so many ways.

P.S. Sorry for such a long text without “read more” thing, but there’s no more button for it on TUMBLR and HTML editor is buggy and don’t want to let me to put it manually. Not my fault.