We found a place!

I am so tired. I’ve been up since 5:30. This is a normal Saturday for me, but I’ve also spent some 12 hours in the car, so I’m tired.

Casye & I checked out three places today. The first one we didn’t like at all, the second one we liked a lot, the third place we liked okay. In the end, we ended up back-tracking to the second place and talked them into giving us a chance. They want to make sure we make enough so rent won’t be a problem, so we need to get our bosses to say we each make 1800/month. If we can swing that (I think we can), we’re golden.

  • 2 bedroom - 1 bed, 1 loft.
  • 1.5 bath
  • Laundry in-house!
  • fireplace!
  • balcony!
  • Pools!
  • Super pretty!

We originally hadn’t considered this specific unit because it was out of our price range, but they were running a special so it was only $25 above where I was looking, and we could totally do that. For what we were getting, it made sense to go a little higher.

I’ll put up pictures tomorrow probably. They’re on my camera upstairs and I think once SNL is over, I’ll go to bed.


I bought some dishes today! I’m such a grown-up.

The shelving unit is what I will very likely return to buy to use as my bedside table because 1) It is the baby version of my massive bookcase & therefore matches perfectly, 2) it is cheaper than all the real bedside tables, and 3) it also has way more storage than those other tables.

Apartment Hunt 2012 - Update
  • Going down this weekend to check out our Top 3 with my dad, Casye, & her mom.
  • I’ve just been given a free couch & swivel chairs (brand new!) from a realtor who staged a house where the client didn’t want to keep them! Exciting! (I can’t have them til Feb though, which is fine)
  • I’ve also been offered a free bedroom set, but will likely only take the full size mattress, because it means I can get that gorgeous bed frame I’ve been drooling over for the past two years.
  • I talked to one of the nice ladies in the office of the apartment I like best this morning and she gave me a plethora of information. There are two units available in our price range. And they include water, sewer, & gas!
  • Our third choice emailed me and gave me pretty much no info at all, but let me know it was cool to drop by this weekend.