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By @12thstpi “Our ancestors, considering our history and what they had to go through and the sacrifices that they had to make to get us to this point, our ancestors would be ashamed of how we’re conducting ourselves.”- Stephen A. Smith. And this is how they keep y'all MISEDUCATED !!! They give a black person that doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about a platform. During the American Revolution more Africans and African Americans fought with the British instead of the patriots. In the war of 1812, Africans and African Americans lead the way, torches blazing, when the British sacked and burned D.C. A book called Internal Enemy was published last year on the subject. Even Marxist, Herbert Aptheker wrote on the subject of black resistance to slavery in "American Negro Slave Revolts.” I guess he never heard of the Haitian Revolution, the Stono rebellion, Charles Delondes, Nat Turner, or Gabriel Prosser. We can also look at the United States Colored Troops who saved the Union and freed our African American ancestors. My people just because Stephen A. Smith says some stuff on the mic doesn’t mean that it’s right. Since we been here our people just wanted to be FREE. Non-violence was a TACTIC that Dr. King, loosely, convinced a demographic to us BUT not all black people !!! Don’t forget the Urban Uprisings of the 60s. Moreover, #StephenAsmith and many other black talking heads or public intellectuals do not understand our narrative in content and context. He should stick to sports because he doesn’t know African American history. Malcolm X and Dr. King is looking down smiling on the black youth of #Baltimore. #blackpower #BGF #Bloods #blackstones #blackamerica #BlackLivesMatter #BaltimoreUprising #BastardsoftheParty #CRIPS #Chicago #coonery #Cleveland #GDN #vicelords #MichaelBrown #FreedomMovement #Ferguson #stopcooning #StayWoke