“This is also advice to all of you. If you’re willing to do so much for someone who won’t return it, they aren’t worthy of you. You’re amazing, think of yourself. Never forget that and never forget you always come first <3″

moving day.


All right guys so I’m officially all moved into my first studio apartment for college! I am super excited to have everything finally put away and organized and looking cute. So I just wanted to do like a tiny little tour to show you guys what I’ve been doing for the past week when I haven’t had any Wi-Fi 😻😻😻
I’m still going to do a detailed desk tour because I ended up doing a whole lot to it so look forward to that but just for now here’s my super cute apartment and I’m pretty proud of it. All my furniture is from IKEA and yes is super super cheap so definitely if you need furniture go to IKEA.
I also didn’t include my bathroom my closets or my kitchen because they’re kind of you know standard


Running trough “Apt 3103″ screenshots, this come out, didn’t notice before this is what i make out of it:

“ Turn off the fucking heat (not 4 edit maintenance thanks to  tonyismycopilot )

Reminder 4 us”

Can’t make out that one word in the parenthesis, anyone else can make it out?

Also Slenderman screenshoot

Ok so……at first it looked like he had one leg….but i think it’s actually Slenderman….moving?????? Also kinda looks that there is two….but i’m gonna go with the  “moving/turning”

What do you guys think?