Matt Bomer will play a trans sex worker in a new movie, because of course he will
Another transgender awards-baity role goes to a cisgender actor.
By Mic

Oh, goodie. It’s happening again. Matt Bomer, a cisgender out gay male actor, has signed on to play a transgender woman who’s a sex worker in the upcoming movie Anything. Again, we’re doing this. From Mic: 

A lot of parallels exist between this casting decision in this role and Jared Leto’s casting as Rayon in the Dallas Buyers Club. Both roles are iterations of a very old stock character: the “hooker with the heart of gold.” However, as such stock characters, they only exist to serve the emotional arc of the protagonist, a cisgender male. Like Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club, the character is portrayed by a cisgender actor.

Characters like these are huge awards bait — for example, see Leto’s Oscar. But, once again, it’s cisgender men who are more apt to get praise for playing transgender women than transgender women themselves.

Sure, there are not enough stories about transgender people being told in the media, but trans characters should be played by trans actors. It’s that simple. 

It’s horrifically offensive that Hollywood would rather give the recognition and accolades to another attractive white cis guy rather than let a trans woman have the spotlight. Shame, shame, shame. 

tattooedstanzas  asked:

OMG I have a headcanon where Iris was in a sorority in college and her sisters visit her and they have a girls night at her apt and they're like girl what's the scoop on white shadow and make her blush lmao

YES. We need more of Iris hanging with women, and I’d love to see her hanging with more Black women. I find it VERY hard to believe that Barry and Eddie were her only friends before she joined the team. I want Wally hitting on all of her sorority sisters and embarrassing Iris. I want them teasing her about finally admitting that she’s dating Barry when she was low-key doing that the entire time they knew her). I want her having girls’ nights out, or in. I want it all!


Tagline: “They Look Like Rocks…Possess A High Intelligence…Have No Eyes…And Eat Ashes…They Travel In Your Car Exhaust…They Make Fire…They Kill.”

Despite the trailer, I recall this as quite an enjoyable movie, and unusually thoughtful in places. The original novel, The Hephaestus Plague, was quite good too. Of course, they called the movie Bug. When they’re cockroaches. And Firebug would have been much more apt anyway.

tobythenoob  asked:

My beardie doesn't hide very often. Very rarely I'll see him in his hide, he has a large one that he can get into but all he ever does is climb on top of it to bask in his light. Is he not healthy? Is there anything I can do to make him better?

Beardies aren’t as apt to hiding as snakes are. They are not nocturnal so them being out and about like that is completely normal, basking is what they do during the day as well :) No worries!