Iris Nebula - NGC 7023 by Star Watcher
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I had a clear night last night, quite cold and very damp. I was so taken aback at a clear sky I didn’t have any targets in mind! So a last minute decision. Here’s the end result. Iris nebula. NGC 7023 in Cephus. Skywatcher EQ6. Skywatcher Quattro CF 25cm. QHY8L OSC camera. 80mm shorty + QHY5-ll for guiding. Software - APT and PHD2. 6 x 12 minute exposures plus bias & flats. NO darks. Processing - DeepSkyStacker and Photoshop.


Yard Sales

In Radiation Springs Yard Sales are the backbone of the local economy.  Ya see, when you’ve got a bunch of people that spend most of their days scavenging for anything they can eat, they’re bound to come across stuff they won’t eat. That’s where the Yard Sale comes in. Anything to make some scratch.

Now this ain’t your Grandpappy’s Yard Sale neither.  You’ll find things for sale in Radiation Springs you’re probably not apt to find down at the local Flea Market or Thrift store.  I’m talkin’ weird things, like really weird things.  But who am I to judge. One Wastelander’s trash is a nuther’s next meal.  Just be sure keep your Geiger Counter and CDC Test Kits handy if you intend to do any binge shopping round here.

what to make of the idea that it might be a person’s obliviousness to their own value that is what most makes them valuable. what to make of it. what to make is recognition. recognize the mistake that is the fact of using the word oblivion when the apt, appropriate and, i might argue, intended word of choice would better be defined as unconcern. in which case, awareness or oblivion either or notwithstanding, what truly matters is the capacity to proceed and continue proceeding with no attachment to any outcome. curiosity might imply interest but still withhold specific investment in any particular outcome. curiosity sure seems to imply some form of freedom. 

pledged to unallegiance or some other equally dumb thing. <3 

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people are saying katakuri looks like law and now i'm just picturing law showing up at the wedding to follow luffy around and glare at this punk that thinks he can copy him

he’s got his stupid fucking dressrosa stache on again w/ the sunglasses in the nicest ‘wedding’ outfit he can muster (which is completely black w/ a long coat and looks like he’s going to a funeral - which is kind of apt)

just pacing around seeing luffy and co sneaking about getting ready to crash the wedding, hissing to himself what the fuck are they doing bc luffy is planning some sort of stupid fucking entrance quite clearly and he’d very much like to not let mugiwara-ya kill himself during this

and then he spots katakuri who eyes him up disdainfully w the exact same expression he’s wearing. 

and for a second he just thinks. ‘what the fuck have i walked into. this dude has tattoos. he’s got the same colour hair. who the fuck’

listen so yesterday I was in my apt for a few hours and feeling just alright but as soon as I went outside in the chilly mountainy smell with overcast skies my heart was at so much peace. don’t forget how powerful just appreciating the outdoors can be even for like a minute

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Camila reblogging "I don't belong to you and you do not belong to me " in November seems quite apt now doesn't it

I remember that and you’re right it does make sense. Especially since thagvwas the same time the laucy kiss happened and Lauren’s coming out and the steamy looks at the AMAs…idk y but knowing that this was more of a love triangle kind of makes it hotter (my perverted mind speaking)

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like I tried to be a health bitch because I don’t have anymore w**d and I am forced to be sober so I went outside and like looked at a tree and ate quinoa and then I went back inside my apt and thought what a load of shit this life is lol


@thelunarelixir​ some post-viktuuri wedding drunkenness, god bless

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shiro’s birthday card!!! LEAKED!!!