apt nyc

I am so stuck in between living a like a badass and having my nails done every week & going clubbing and owning yeezy’s in a NYC apt. & living on a beach somewhere in like Cali or maybe like Arizona studying Buddhism & drinking smoothies @ 6am pre-yoga with my pet Iguana with some cool beads and a dreadlock in my hair

apparently, and as it can be seen in Weller’s mail. 

The Wellers live in 1009 Pearl Street apt. 3G, Brooklyn, NYC 11201

now I don’t know why apt 3G if Weller’s apartment is 11…  the prop team should put closer attention to these details because I love these details lmao 


                      —who needs high sobriety?

                                                         here’s to us !

                       frank & sadie doyle
                       penthouse apt.
                       plaza hotel, nyc, ny.
                                                                 do not disturb.
                                                       (unless you’re the liquor boy)

Finding a new place to live—whether you’re going from dorm to first apartment or from place-with-Craigslist-randos to place-with-your-BFF—can be pretty overwhelming. Should you get movers? Why do you need to save pay stubs? What happens when?

Thankfully, our super-detailed timeline will help you get organized and curb that feeling of “OMG, what did I forget?” dread.

Now, take a deep breath—and read on >> 

My new room in Greenwich Village. It’s still in the works but it already feels like my little sanctuary in this crazy city.

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