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I am so stuck in between living a like a badass and having my nails done every week & going clubbing and owning yeezy’s in a NYC apt. & living on a beach somewhere in like Cali or maybe like Arizona studying Buddhism & drinking smoothies @ 6am pre-yoga with my pet Iguana with some cool beads and a dreadlock in my hair

apparently, and as it can be seen in Weller’s mail. 

The Wellers live in 1009 Pearl Street apt. 3G, Brooklyn, NYC 11201

now I don’t know why apt 3G if Weller’s apartment is 11…  the prop team should put closer attention to these details because I love these details lmao 


                      —who needs high sobriety?

                                                         here’s to us !

                       frank & sadie doyle
                       penthouse apt.
                       plaza hotel, nyc, ny.
                                                                 do not disturb.
                                                       (unless you’re the liquor boy)

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Some fans were actually speculating NR might sell his NYC place altogether since his kid is graduating I think and may not be living there anymore. What do u think? I'm curious everyone's opinions here. DK factor aside i've never shared the sentiment from some that "GA Norman is better" though I do think he loves it there. I just want him to be free to live wherever he's happiest and healthiest. Plus he'd still have the place upstate NY. Thoughts?

I mean that is all speculation as you say but I honestly think he might be happier outside the city. what’s her bitch aside, he seems to really love the wide open space and privacy in his life. Country living would suit him better imo, at least at this point in his life. Whether that be ga or ny or wherever I just think that he would be a lot happier in the wide open somewhere. 

So yeah, I don’t know if he would sell his nyc apt or what Mingus’ plans are after graduation. But I do think he is a lot happier out in the great wide open… (Tom Petty! That’s why that sounded familiar lol) 

I too hope he finds a place and a life that brings him more joy than misery or heartache. Where that is I guess he will hopefully find out! :)

I also just wish him happiness and hope he is surrounded by people who truly care about him, who have pure intentions, and who don’t use and manipulate him.

Wherever he chooses to be, he deserves to be happy and treated with dignity.

Thanks Anon! <3 <3 <3

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Wondering how you afford to live in NYC / afforded to live there before your modeling career blew up. Just curious! I just took a trip there & spent SO much $$ & only ate at one restaurant. You seem like you live the dream - big NYC apt & always new super cute fancy clothes! I feel like I'm always struggling to just get by & have a full time job! Do you have an "inspirational" story of for someone trying to make it in a big city?

My story is so long, but in short…When i moved here i was 18 working full-time in retail and living in a studio in Manhattan and BROKE! i was just barely making rent and living off a loaf of bread and packets of rice. At that time the club scene in the city was at its peak and i had met friends who were killing it. I lied my ass off on resumes to get a job. Quit retail and just hustled my ass off for years and saved. Started modeling and kept the bar on the side. Not much of an inspiration i think, but i had to do something, i didn’t go to college i moved here with nothing, I had to use my street smarts to get where i am. Im still grinding and its always a struggle in nyc, but i enjoy the challange and wouldn’t live anywhere else. I JUST SAVE :) … I appreciate you thinking so wonderful of me thank you xoxo 


nyc apt hunting has me feeling 😬🤔😩😤 so i’m gonna flip the script and like practice…..like cosmic affirmative expression

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Hey about that Facebook post of Karlie and Taylor and the cats arriving at Taylor's rental apt in NYC. Taylor had just returned to NYC from RI that day. Karlie was at work in NYC. So Karlie drove to meet Taylor as soon as she returned. That is why they were in separate cars. Taylor was in the car that drove into the garage. Bodyguards, cats & personal assistant were likely in the third car. The Facebook girl mentioned three cars drove up. Likely only one fits in garage.

i just love the fact that taylor sends a car for her??? like it is probably so normal for them but its so fucking cute to me. it makes taylor seem needy. like at the concert where karlie came from rome and she wanted to hug people and the person that was supposed to deliver her to taylor was like stoppp i need to get her to taylor asap shes gonna get mad like lmao taylor youre so demanding i love it