apt for rent

hardcore pretend marriage AU where dean and cas and sam are working a case where all the victims went to the same monthly PTA meetings, so in order to infiltrate them they must pose as the parents of an enrolled child, and sam volunteers dean and cas to pose as parents while he infiltrates the teacher’s side, and they reluctantly call claire to be their in-school spy, and the three of them move in a house together for a month until the next PTA meeting happens, and LET ME JUST TELL YOU the levels of sheer domesticity that go on in that house have claire running back to sam’s rented apt, BEGGING HIM to make a breakthrough because if she has to witness dean and cas making cow eyes at each other and then arguing about whether the bread needs to be kept INSIDE or OUTSIDE the fridge one more time (“LEAVE THAT LOAF OF BREAD ON THE COUNTER OR SO HELP ME GOD, CASTIEL” ”THIS IS NOT THE BUNKER DEAN YOU DON’T CALL THE SHOTS HERE”) she’s going to die of old age at 17.

Apt Searching

So I went to look at some places today and this one place was AMAZING.  I was totally in love.  And then I asked the rent and she was like, “$785! it comes in right under your budget.” And then her face slowly fell as she realized what she had forgotten.  “But our pet fees are $20/pet…so it’s actual $825 for you,” she added sadly.  I had told her my cap was $800.  I can’t be mad that she had forgotten this, but it was kinda sad.