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hardcore pretend marriage AU where dean and cas and sam are working a case where all the victims went to the same monthly PTA meetings, so in order to infiltrate them they must pose as the parents of an enrolled child, and sam volunteers dean and cas to pose as parents while he infiltrates the teacher’s side, and they reluctantly call claire to be their in-school spy, and the three of them move in a house together for a month until the next PTA meeting happens, and LET ME JUST TELL YOU the levels of sheer domesticity that go on in that house have claire running back to sam’s rented apt, BEGGING HIM to make a breakthrough because if she has to witness dean and cas making cow eyes at each other and then arguing about whether the bread needs to be kept INSIDE or OUTSIDE the fridge one more time (“LEAVE THAT LOAF OF BREAD ON THE COUNTER OR SO HELP ME GOD, CASTIEL” ”THIS IS NOT THE BUNKER DEAN YOU DON’T CALL THE SHOTS HERE”) she’s going to die of old age at 17.


Drug Prince and Narcotic Girl by Coly

Prologue summary
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To those who requested more info about this game, thank you for waiting for this summary. The game is still only in Jp at the moment, each character route summary will be upcoming.

The prologue opens with the heroine/you waking up to find yourself tied up to a chair in something resembling a black market auction in the rooftop of a building. You don’t know know how you ended up this way and you have flashbacks of the past six months of your life.

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Looking for roomates in Baltimore area

So, my gf and I need to move to a bigger appartment, but we need roomates because we’re both poor college students.
Moving time would be asap or whenever possible; we’re not looking for anything in particular in a roomate, though there are a few things you’d have to be okay with:

-My girlfriend and I will be living there, and we’re both girls so if you’re uncomfortable with living and sharing a space with female roomates, then this is not for you.
- Rent is going to be around $900/1k, and it will be split in 3 ways. My gf and I will be sharing a bedroom, leaving 2 more bedrooms open.
-Rent might turn out to be around $800, if we decide to get a 2 bedroom apt, and the rent would be split in 2, but chances are we’re going to get a 3 bedroom rather than a 2.

We haven’t yet decided on which apt to get, we’ve been looking at alot around the UMBC area.

So if you’re interested just email me at angrycraigosaurus@gmail.com and we can start figuring this out and I can share more info I don’t really feel comfortable giving out on Tumblr.

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Finding a new place to live—whether you’re going from dorm to first apartment or from place-with-Craigslist-randos to place-with-your-BFF—can be pretty overwhelming. Should you get movers? Why do you need to save pay stubs? What happens when?

Thankfully, our super-detailed timeline will help you get organized and curb that feeling of “OMG, what did I forget?” dread.

Now, take a deep breath—and read on >> 

apts/housing for rent on craigslist

800 ft². Hardwood floors we used to dance on. Do you remember that? Too many bottles of wine and and slow-dancing to Otis Redding at three in the morning. 1 tiny bedroom. 1 room filled with memories of your shoulder blades, your eyes opening in the morning. 1 bathroom with a slightly cracked mirror, a leaky shower head. White tiles. A large spidery crack in one of them from when we tried to have shower sex and I slipped and almost broke my ass. 1 wall we painted bright blue to remind us to keep dreaming, even when we gave up. Full kitchen. Dishwasher. A hole in the wall from before we got here. Water, trash, electric included. Smells like lost love, old love, dust on every windowsill. We used to love this place. You used to call me “baby” after you came. Coin-op laundry. A tree with pink flowers. A couch where we used to fall asleep sometimes. A light that never comes on. We used to love each other here.

We don’t live here anymore.