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Apt 8 News - Episode 2

A news show run from an apartment, about an apartment.

I was already impressed by Episode 1. But this just kills that. This is the funniest web video I’ve seen in weeks.


Apt 8 News: Locked in the Bathroom

A short special report from Apt 8 News, James Madejski & Kris Wellman’s web show, now on Slacktory!

Watch Alex struggle to report the news of her own slipping sanity!


Apt 8 News: New Roommate

Alex has trouble replacing her roommate and co-anchor Jackie in the fifth episode of Apt 8 News.


Apt 8 News: Episode 2: Fatasses (by Slacktory)

You don’t have to watch Episode 1 first, but if you like one, you’ll love both. Kris Wellman’s “Apt 8 News” shows how two crazed roommates hold a fake news show in, and about, their own apartment.

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