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I live in Japan and I asked my Japanese friend what he thought about people getting offended that people who weren't Japanese were wearing kimonos and at first he thought I was joking but when I told him that people were seriously finding it offensive he was so confused. He said "Why? It's just clothes." And in fact, the kanji for "kimono" is 着物 - 着 (ki) which means "wear", and 物 (mono) which means "thing", so it means "thing you wear"- this isn't even special kanji. 物 is the same you (1/6)

“use when talking about stuff like food, shopping, and drink (食べ物 (tabemono) = thing you eat = food, 買い物 (kaimono) = thing you buy = shopping, 飲み物 (nomimono) = thing you drink = drink). There isn’t even an お(o) in front of it which usually indicates something of higher/"spiritual” (due to old religious customs) value such as “お金”(money) or "お水”(water) or ”お茶”(Japanese tea). It’s just simply "thing you wear”. Yukatas are even more casual and it’s even more insane that people (2/6)

are making issues with people wearing them who aren’t Japanese. They’re casual summer wear. And when it’s not casual summer wear? It’s a fucking bathrobe. People literally wear yukatas after a bath. “Sorry, you can’t wear my bathrobe. It’s cultural appropriation.” 浴 = bathe 衣 = clothes. Bathe clothes. If you are in a half decent hotel in Japan, they will GIVE you a yukata to wear much like you get a bathrobe in the States. The ONLY thing one should be cautious about with a yukata is (3/6)

making sure you don’t accidentally put it on dead. Because that’s awkward. Which just means remember it’s left over right. Many Japanese people are happy to help AND will show you cool tricks for your obi if you don’t have one of the premade ones (WHICH ARE SUPER COMMON. A lot of Japanese folk I’ve seen at festivals don’t even bother with tying their own obi anymore). So if the word for the garment literally means “clothing” and you would use the same word to generally (4/6)

talk about clothes, don’t fucking act like it’s this super sacred thing. Sure. Some kimonos can be sacred- but the kimono in general? It’s just an outfit people wear every day (I see someone everyday in one). The reason it came into being was because, as strange as it may seem, fasteners for clothing hadn’t really been invented yet. So buttons, zippers, etc. didn’t exist. People were either sewn-in to their clothing or tied themselves in (kimono), or just draped fabric (toga, anyone?) (5/6)

Sorry for the rant. I just get really frustrated. Like, my Japanese friend here has literally never worn a kimono or a yukata. He just doesn’t care. The only reason he got interested in them is because I said “gaijin girls think yukatas on men are hot,” and he was like “Oh really? Maybe I should start wearing them….” Most people in Japan really don’t give two shits about it, at least the people I know don’t. Sorry, this got longer than I thought it’d be. My bad. (6/6)“

I actually had a discussion recently with a friend of mine who spent time in Japan. She’s half japanese but was adopted by a white family. And when she graduated college she decided to spend time over in Japan for a few years, just to learn more about her cultural roots. And one of the things she noticed was the difference in how people viewed culture. She told me that US’s cultural identity is basically a wild mess. Because we have so many cultures blending together without actually being homogenous, we don’t tend to be American first. We’re African American, or Japanese American or even Irish American…or what have you…..despite the fact that a lot of these people are several generations away from actually being from that country. And because our culture is less obvious than other peoples, and because we take so much from other cultures, it’s easier for people to take a part of their historical culture and cling to it. And while that can also be one of the best parts of this country it can also be the worst parts because we judge everything based on this idea of possessing our own culture and judging everything on the apst. We look at our own history and assume that things must be offensive because of historical inequalities in our country despite the fact that a native born citizen of that country most likely would not care. And the irony of it is that these people espouse equality and understanding while simultaneously arguing for cultural segregation. Due to a very long tradition of trading, enslavement and invasion/occupation, the Human Race has always shared cultural and technological advancements. Sometimes through force, sometimes just as an adaptation but it’s normal.

Just a bad dream-Closed


Annie’s eyes shot open, she was drenched in a cold sweat. She was breathing hard, only just holding in her scream of terror. Wide, fearful eyes searched around the dark room, finding big turquoise eyes staring back at her.

“Eren? What’s happening?” She asked him, her voice shaking. She was having trouble determining what was real and what was just a dream.

Eren was still up to late, both of them living in that large with several room from miss Ral. Dragging his feet through the corridor, he heard the voice of the girl from across his room. She was calling for someone, “ Her father?” -He wondered.

He walked towards her room, and slowly opened her door tryng to reach her, she seemed terrified, of coruse a bad dream. He kneeled by her bed and looked at Annie, the faint light from the moon sneaked apst the window, as he looked for his phone, not wanting to turn on the bright lights and make her eyes hurt.

Hey.. hey.. calm down.. just a bad dream Annie..” -Eren whispered, his eyes tryng to find her in the shade of the room- “it´s all good.. you are safe.. “