Way too adult. Notes

- Thomas has three brothers???

- Thomas doesn’t cook. Relatable.

- scary music for the word “adult”

- Thomas saying “your face is scary”

- Thomas’ voice breaking when he says “have the same face. Yeah, I messed up.”

- Lots of umm.

- “apsolutly, I cannot.”

- Patton calling Thomas out for not being able to dispose of spider/bugs but he literally got scared of spider curtains.

- “Adultery”

- Thomas’ face when Patton says Adultery.

- “my humps~”

- Thomas treating his stove like a friend he’s avoiding.

- “you wash your own laundry” all five of his shirts, yes.

- Thomas stop showing people your butt

- The end card is so cute.


I am apsolutly devastated by what has happened in Orlando. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone at this time. I’m just angry and upset at what has happened. Singling out a community is only going to make us stronger!

Stay safe and I love you all.