Vintage GIANT APSCO Hand Crank Wall Mount Pencil Sharpener Old School

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RARE Giant Hand Crank Pencil Sharpener Made by Automatic Pencil Sharpener Co.

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  • Sold as is, no exceptions - we provide zero guarantees.
  • Handle Turns, did not test to see if it sharpens a pencil.
  • Latest Copyright, marked: September 13, 1921 - Made in United States by Automatic Pencil Sharpener Company, Chicago, Illinois
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  • Giant Made by Automatic Pencil Sharpener Co.

  • Sharpener Canister can be positioned two directions

    Comes with 2 screws to attach the sharper to table/counter top.

    Has many Copyright Dates, latest marked is given above.

    Awesome, rare vintage piece!
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  • Condition to Note: Lots of wear from age and use. There are a few cracks in the plastic. The metal was painted white. See our detailed photos for an up-close and personal view. Otherwise, traditional wear and tear from storage, age and/or use.
  • Please see our detailed photos to get your own perspective on item condition.


  • What you see is what you get - sold as is, no exceptions.
  • Measurements available upon request, if not already provided.
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"Türkiye ve Çin, Ay’ı beraber keşfedecek"
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Haber - Türkiye, uzay keşfinde Çin ile ortaklığa sıcak bakıyor. TÜBİTAK, özellikle Ay görevlerinde Çin ile işbirliğini desteklerken, iki ülkenin 2022'de faaliyete geçecek Çin Uzay İstasyonu'nda beraber çalışması öngörülüyor.

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Professional Recruitment Wars - Coincidence or Plagiarism?

Professional Recruitment Wars – Coincidence or Plagiarism?


I am becoming rather frustrated and concerned over the on-going battle for presence within the Recruitment Industry by some Trade and Professional Bodies. This not the first blog I have created on this subject but I do feel that it is time that people had the correct information to empower them to make an informed decision, based on fact not hype.


Now I wouldn’t like anyone to misunderstand me or my intentions in writing this blog. I have no particular alliance towards any specific such organisation but I feel that one particular organisation is standing out from the rest. Many of the various Trade Body organisations in the UK openly accept that competition is healthy and adds value to their members.


Recently we have seen the Recruitment Employment Confederation (REC) announce a number of so called ‘initiatives’ and innovations for their members. Being fully aware of where this has originated from, I have found myself becoming ever increasingly frustrated by this. Please do not misunderstand me, this is not a personal vendetta against those within the REC, on the contrary I think that after 8-years of stagnation and only strategy is sales, I applaud them for starting to move the organisation forward, albeit thought he adoption of plagiarism of another organisation’s ideas. I refer to the true innovation and leadership of the Institute of Recruiters (IOR).


I therefore have decided to speak out for no other reason but to ensure that those working within the Recruitment Industry understand fully what is going on, so that they may then make an informed decision as to which organisation they should become a member of, should they decide to do so.


In the past, the Recruitment Industry in the UK had a number of organisations which secured a given space within the Recruitment Industry, for example there was the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) which provides membership for staffing & recruitment companies only, REC who provides membership for staffing & recruitment companies and membership for individuals of staffing & recruitment companies through their Institute of Recruiting Professionals (IRP). In 2010 the IOR was born with the sole purpose of providing membership for Individuals, companies, in-house teams, HR Teams and any individual or business working within the recruitment & staffing industry, no matter how broadly across the globe. The IOR launched their service in June 2011 and to date have a large presence in the UK and a presence in 8-Countries.


Initially the IOR made contact with both APSCo and the REC with a view of establishing an interest in working on occasions in a collaborative manner for the better good of the Recruitment Industry on matters such as lobbying Government etc. This was welcomed by APSCo and initially by the REC, however this was short lived as the REC felt that this gave them sanction over the IOR in terms of their marketing strategy and promotion of their business. The founder of the IOR Director General Azmat Mohammed did have a meeting with the REC’s CEO Kevin Green where it was discussed at length the ideas and plans of the IOR. In hindsight I am sure Azmat Mohammed has become acutely aware of the gravity of offering IOR insights to the REC.  In the meeting the REC said “they were jealous of what the IOR had created” and “we can’t go anywhere without the IOR being mentioned”.


Since this meeting and initial veiled threats of legal action by the REC, the REC and IOR are not communicating on any extensive level, however the IOR certainly would not rule out still working on a collaborative basis, if it was considered to be in the better interest of the Recruitment Industry.

The Issue

·         Since the launch of the IOR and the subsequent meeting between the two heads of the IOR and REC, the IOR have endured a torrent of plagiarism from the REC in the IOR’s innovation. Below I have compiled a short list of examples for your consideration:

·         Ask The Expert – This is an IOR innovation which was launched by the REC but which of course has a poorer level standards in comparison. The REC’s version is available where only pre-set questions can be asked and answered by a couple of people within the REC whose expertise is only qualified by themselves, whereas the IOR’s original version took longer to launch because this included a fully interactive experience where there is a panel of global experts (qualified by their success and expertise within the industry) who answer questions set by users of the service.

·         The Genius Team Recruitment Blog – This is an IOR innovation designed to house the biggest and most impressive listing of experts and individual successors within the Recruitment Industry who share their thoughts, ideas, tips and solutions through a blog site. The REC yesterday announced that they would soon be launching a blog site.

·         Training & Education – The IOR will soon be launching a new innovation, containing hundreds of CPD courses (a first for recruiters in the UK), qualifications and training all underpinned from the Institute of Training and Occupation Learning and the UK’s National Occupational Standards for Recruitment & HR. Will the REC also want to offer CPD now?  The question will also lie over the content and quality of REC copies and whether or not they are academically backed.

·         Career Map – The IOR will be unveiling a career map for recruiters after just 14 months in existence, the REC’s career map page says ‘coming soon’, not great since they have been around for 80 years and still don’t know the career route of a recruiter.

·         Memberships – The IOR from its conception have always had various membership schemes available to include all individuals and companies operating within the Recruitment & HR Industry Sector. The REC has recently announced that it too are now looking to widen its reach of membership.

·         International Reach – The IOR from conception have always operated on an international basis as it believed that given that there are no geographical boundaries within the Industry Sector, nor to should there be geographical boundaries where membership to a Professional Body is concerned.  The REC has now decided ‘we want to be international too’.

·         The IOR launched with an advisory panel of end users, the REC has now said, “we are launching an advisory panel of end users soon”.

·         The IOR website surpassed the outdated offering from the REC but the REC have now said “we are updating our website now”.

·         The IOR qualifications will be the most comprehensive the industry has seen and what will the REC do?  My guess is pop their own qualification in the bin and Xerox the IOR’s.  If the REC does that then they will effectively be admitting they have no idea what qualifications should look like and they are just following whatever the thought leaders at the IOR are doing.


In conclusion, I am rather frustrated by the continuous torrent of obvious plagiarism from the REC towards the IOR. Although the REC does portray itself as a Professional Body, it is in fact a Trade Body with a much smaller presence of Professional Body through its IRP. I did speak to Azmat Mohammed on this matter and ask whether he also found it terribly frustrating that the REC is so obviously copying everything that they do. Azmat Mohammed simply replied that

“Other organisations clearly believe the IOR is producing coveted products and services and have said so.  We were told by the REC that they are going to look very closely at everything we do.   But in reality I would rather be leading and cutting edge then doing the following. We may sometimes take long to launch a particular product or service to our members; this is simply because of two key facts. Firstly we only launch a product or service which meets our high expectations in regard to quality, standards and user experience. Secondly, we are putting a great deal of thought into our products as they are designed to benefit the British recruitment industry and help the UK lift recruitment revenues with new income streams.  By following our lead, other bodies are recognising us as thought leaders.”

I therefore have to admit that perhaps my frustrations are somewhat out of scope, perhaps I should welcome the REC to continue to follow the lead of the IOR; this is a great indication that at best the REC has no internal innovation and at worse have identified that the IOR is indeed the Recruitment Industry’s born leader which it has been missing for decades.


APSCo’s chief executive Ann Swain has followed in Kevin Green of the REC’s soggy footsteps and accepted his ice-bucket challenge.

In return, she has thrown down the Recruitment Ice-bucket Gauntlet to CBS Butler MD David Leyshon, cube19 founder Dan McGuire and former FiveTen Group CEO and all-round recruitment guru Graham Palfery-Smith. 

We await their acceptance dunkings with interest…

New APSCo Membership

August 2014 sees an excitement development for Permanent People as the company has been awarded full membership to APSCo, an organisation that regulates the quality across the recruitment industry.

APSCo have many areas to their organisation and operate globally, so for Permanent People to be working alongside side such a recognised partner, is testament to the growth of our company and a clear signal that our intent is to continue to keep up the excellent levels of service we have so far provided in our first year.

There are only six Rec2Rec’s nationally who have the APSCo membership and after getting successful references from clients and candidates who have used Permanent People, we are obviously very proud to be part of the work being undertaken to raise the levels of recruitment done within the Rec2Rec sector.

Director, Paul Reid commented:-

“It’s great for the the company to be part of APSCo and I’m delighted that being a member signifies that we are a Rec2Rec that adheres to  a high quality and can guarantee that if you are looking to fill a recruitment post or are looking for a new position, dealing with us means that we will do things properly”

We would like to wish everyone a massive well done and look forward to another great year.

New APSCo Membership was originally published on Rec-to-Rec | R2R | Rec2Rec | Recruitment Jobs


Recruitment trade association APSCo’s Flamenco Charity Ball last Friday (22 November) raised over £60k for ChildLine.

The 14th edition of the ball, sponsored by First Choice Software, was attended by 450 guests, including ChildLine founder and APSCo guest of honour Esther Rantzen CBE.

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APSCo to host charity football event

The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) has partnered with CC Festivals to host a charity football event, the Recruitment Challenge Cup Football Festival in support of ChildLine (the same charity that benefits from its annual charity ball) on Sunday, 19 May 2013.

The event is taking place at Hackney Marshes and, we are told, includes a 200ft bungee jump, as well as more sedate bouncy castles, face painting and fairground rides for the children.

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