And the potentially dark Snow Queen RP just became a potentially dark Swan Queen AU at the same time.  Why do I now think the evil ladies who are going to share Regina are going to rule the universe?

Hey guys!

First of all I want to thank everyone that has taken the time to reblog, follow and submit this blog. I recently made a promotional video for the project which can be found in the # APRP tag, posted from my personal blog.

What I want you guys to do is just keep going! Keep reblog-ing and sharing and keep telling people about the voice we want to give them, make a video or post of your own and tag it # APRP and let’s see how far we can get the word out. Thanks to everyone who’s been helping with this project, and every single story that has been submitted have been wonderful.

I also wanted to ask whether you guys think it would be useful to add some submission criteria to the blog? Some outlines and basic questions to help people say what they want to say. Some people have been a bit confused about what they were being asked to submit, so do you guys think this would be a good idea?

Let me know!