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 replied to your post“Can we talk about the fact that Lupin fell asleep in a random…”

there’s a theory floating around that that compartment was not random but was the place the Marauders would always use

Well fuck that makes it even more depressing. Like he goes to that compartment to feel closer to his friends

Cause they’re all gone

He’s the only one left

And then in schlomps Lily-eyed, Mini-James himself. Ugggggghhhhhhhhhhh why is a children’s book so depressing

squirrelbro  asked:

Dude, imagine giant, adorable Rubeus Hagrid crying and giving Harry a big, back-straining hug when he learns that Harry's son is going to be named after him. I'd pay to see that.

Hagrid is approximately 23542035976324 times more deserving of having a Potter named after him than Snape could ever dream to be