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i’ve heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason bringing something we must learn and we are led to those who help us most to grow if we let them and we help them in return well, i don’t know if i believe that’s true but i know i’m who i am today because i knew you… 

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I miss home.

I miss that hotel. I miss Tower 2. I miss that magical lobby where I spent an hour hanging out with Marina, Andy, Alex Carpenter, and Hayley G Hoover at 3 in the morning. That blessed moment when we went from fans to friends and learned secrets we’ll probably be taking to the grave. I miss Alex in his pajamas and piss drunk, but still nicer than ever. I miss stories about “Mark” that didn’t make sense at first. I miss that moment when Justin recognized and remembered me before I did with him. And those bear hugs he gives me. I miss everyone muttering about smelling syrup as I walked by. I miss sing-a-longs and butterbeer. I miss that delightful moment of having Marina near crying when we got on the Dueling Dragons, to have her talk about how much she loved it afterwards. I miss seeing John Green, and that moment of him telling me he liked my shirt, when we were wearing the same one. I miss talking to Hank Green about Ollivanders. I miss seeing Dustin get chosen by a wand. I miss Pygmy Puffs named Rory and Amy getting married. I miss hanging out with Scott and Lonni and Molly while making our way through Hogwarts for the Forbidden Journey. I miss hearing Evanna was in the park and taking off running with Marina without a word to anyone. I miss talking to Dervish and Bangs employees about Starkid and Deathly Hallows. I miss long walks to City Walk made shorter by bike rides. I miss pizza with the roommates. I miss laughing for hours for no reason at all. I miss crying with Lauren Fairweather because she loves us just as much as we love her.I miss doing the Drunken Giraffe at the Ball with Marina, Dustin, and Scott. I miss having Justin tell me I looked so beautiful. And Hayley G Hoover saying I looked great. And I miss hugging Joe Walker just to run as fast as I could in the opposite direction when he said he saw Nick. I miss Nick remembering me and Marina. I miss him calling the Starkids his “Work friends” And I miss the sweet moment when he knew I wanted to hang out with him, not his friends, and the hug he gave me for it. I miss not sleeping and feeling sick. I miss people hearing me talk about Tumblr and telling me they already follow me. I miss helping Marina actually make a Tumblr with Scott in the lobby. And Scott giving us muffins. I miss group hugs with strangers. I miss creeping. I miss when creeping somehow went from creeping to just hanging out. I miss people yelling “fezzes are cool” at Marina and me.I miss freaking out about what to say to Kayley Hyde when she walked past, just to have her stop and compliment Marinas fez! I miss jumping and dancing and singing my heart out to Don’t Stop Believing with some amazing friends. I miss Andrew Slack remembering us and being so amazingly nice. I miss being ¼ of a human play ground for a feisty adorable 3 year old girl on that couch. I miss sharing pizza and sitting on people. I miss awkward moments that were really very awkward but still awesome and worth it. I miss crying with Marina, feeling everything fall to shit, just to have Matt say all the right things. I miss being rained on and looking horrid, still in my ball dress, at 6 in the morning, to have Alex Carpenter tell me I’m beautiful. I miss not eating, and spending all my food money on Mike Lombardo music, just to have Mike nearly refuse to sell to us because he was more concerned about us eating. I miss going back to buy more of Mike’s music just to have him actually, seriously, offer to buy us food. I miss how nice he was to us, for having just met us that week.I miss waiting in line for Hank Green for two hours, just to get cut off, to find ourselves actually eating when we run into Andy. I miss him telling Mike, and Mike texting Hank on his own, because he felt bad. I miss the Nerdfighter gathering, and Maureen Johnson messing with him over Twitter. I miss being with Scott and Marina, Scott having asked an awesome question then, and Marina who gave Hank a duct tape wallet he’s actually decided to use. And I miss hugging Justin every time he walked in the room. I miss being known as the “Maple Syrup Committee” with Marina. I miss the Starkid photo, and hugging Nick. I miss ganging up on Marina over how she’s a terrible Canadian with Dustin, and being the “Cream Team” which would make no sense to no one. BAGGED MILK! I miss laughing over vomit and lemon meringue pie boggarts. I miss Paul DeGeorge throwing himself into the crowd and landing on me, and I miss crying during Save Ginny Weasley. I miss that thing Paul did to my arm that I still have no idea how to describe. I miss stealing Alex Carpenter and Kristina Horners water from the stage with Ashley after they finished playing because we were dying from thirst. I miss dancing my head off for JFF and Whompy. I miss Hank Green taking his shirt off. I miss pink and green balloons. I miss Evanna Lynch squeezing my hand. I miss Alex pretending not to know who I was, then giving me the most amazing hug. I miss lounging on the carpet with friends, and condomplating.I miss Crying before the movie started. I miss bawling throughout. I miss tissues everywhere. I miss hugging Marina when no one was left in the theater but the two of us. I miss The Remus Lupins, and how I cried, knowing it was their last show. I miss talking to Jeremy and Mark. I miss Luke not remembering me much but being sweet each time we talked, especially when he looked exhausted. I miss Kristina giving it her all when her voice couldn’t take it. I miss Hayley being embarrassed. I miss Hank Green and high-fives and phones in the wall.I miss hugging a wall and crying after meeting John Green. I miss that moment when I got my Leakycon Yearbook and sat with friends in a circle and just couldn’t take it all in. I miss Marina yelling at me for tying my shoes. I miss the thought exchanges with Marina about Hayley and Alex and floor 7 and other things. I miss Peppermint Toads. I miss granola bars we never really ate. I miss veggie wraps. And gummy bears. I miss waiting in that room for Evanna, laying on friends, and making new friends because of Doctor Who discussions. I miss giving ten dollars to someone who wasn’t who we thought it was. I miss Alex noticing something that seemed so unreal and made no sense. Something I barely even noticed. I miss singing “We’re Wizards. We’ll party forever! This Night will never end!” in the lobby after the ball, swaying back and forth with a friend. I miss dancing and spinning and falling. I miss freaking out and crying and shaking and screaming and laughing. I miss everything. I miss it all. I miss everyone. So damn much. I miss you. All of you. More than anything….I miss home. 
Because Leakycon was home.

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