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Fandom: Gotham
Pairing: Victor Zsasz x Reader
Request: Please please please can you write something about victor zsasz coming home from a brutal day of work, and he has a family whit you(his secret wife that is also a baker) and 3 children ♡♡♡♡♡ i love you, i am sorry if you dont understand what I write, English is no my first lenguage and i am just learning :’(
Warnings: Fluff, mentions of death.

The bakery resided on the first floor of a narrow building, decorated with cheap trinkets and embroidered pillows in the window display, along side freshly baked eccles cakes; sugared puff pastries with sweet currants packed inside. A small hand painted sign hung above the front door; gold lettering generously curls on a bubblegum pink background.

When he entered the building (ignoring the ‘closed’ sign on the door), Victor spotted a baby blue apron laying across the counter and smirked.

Taking a rest, He thought.

Victor could still recall the time when he gave it to you, an impulse buy while on a job, happening to pass the market on the way. You’d looked as if he’d just handed you a million bucks as you handed over the old horrid green apron you use to wear. That had been a long while ago now, and the colour had dulled. It’s original silver deign along the hem had faded to match the old jeans you always wore and the material now had a beaten look about it, as if they’d had too many spins in the washing machine. Soon it would have to be replaced.

Inhaling, Victor savoured the scents. In the bakery the air was more delicious than any flavour. Somehow the aroma captures everything good in here: the filtered coffee, the various cakes, the danish pastries and although it was familiar, it was a blend that he just couldn’t get enough of. It was you.


The two children’s screams brought a wide smile upon Victor’s face and immediately he bent down to catch the first of his sons that came thundering down the steep, wooden stairs that lead up to the apartment.

“Hey, tweedles!” Victor greeted, referring to his twin boys as the fictional character’s from Alice in Wonderland, throwing the first of them up into his arms as he straightened up, bringing the other against him in a one-armed hug. “Where’s your mother, huh? You’ve been looking after her while I’ve been away, right?”

The boys nodded, identical thick mops hair flopping over their brown eyes. Before they could answer, however, a pair of heavy footsteps could be heard coming down the stairs.

“You’re back early, husband.”

At the sound of your voice, Victor gently placed his son back onto his feet before rushing to your side, placing his hands on your waist to keep you steady. You laughed at his protectiveness and placed your own hands on you swollen stomach.

“Worry wart.” You teased him, capturing his lips in a warm kiss, ignoring the disgusted expressions on your children’s faces.

Breaking away, Victor gave you a loving look before turning back to the twins. “Go upstairs, boys. You’re mummy and I have some time to catch up on.”

“Don’t be gross!” They yelled, running back the way they had come.

Once out of sight, Victor turned his attention back to you, his expression faltering.

“Falcone came around yesterday,” You told him, your hands falling to his sleeves, pushing them upwards to reveal the fresh tally marks that he had scarred into his flesh. “He told me what happened.”

Victor’s own eyes wandered down to the scars. “It’s been a bad week.”

“I know.”

The two of you stood in silence for a moment, listening to the others steady breathing and the footsteps above before you let go of him, stuffing a hand into the pocket of your dress. “I have something that might make you feel better.”

Victor smiled softly. “Yeah?”

“Yeah.” You breathed, handing him a small envelope.

Opening it, Victor slid the black and white photo out from the paper folds and immediately his expression lit up once he realized what it was. An ultrasound. “You know?”

“Yes.” You chuckled, “We’re going to have a Zsaszette, Victor. A little girl.”

“A girl.” He repeated, falling to his knees and placing his hands on your heavily pregnant stomach. “We’re going to have a girl!”

BonRin Week Day 2: Secrets


It had been difficult to sneak out of the dorm. It had been nearly impossible to get past the teachers and leave the campus. Yet Bon had managed to find the bus stop and lean against a street lamp, waiting to be picked up. His heart was racing and his chest was tight with guilt as he watched the scene around him. He had never left campus without permission before.  It wasn’t as if he snuck out to do anything wrong, though; he just needed to buy some supplies. Then he would return immediately and no one would be the wiser.

Bon’s internal turmoil was interrupted by the bus pulling up, brakes squealing. The doors opened and he climbed aboard. Finding a comfortable seat near the back, Bon settled in for the ride. His thoughts began to gather once more.

This is stupid. I should have ordered it online. Leaving campus could get me a detention, Bon thought. What if someone saw me? They might tell Okumura-sensei. He would put me on probation. Or what if they told Rin? God, if Rin found out, he’d be pissed. Well, maybe not pissed, but definitely worried.

Bon shook his head. No one was going to find out. He’d make sure of that. No one would know he left and if they did, they wouldn’t know why. He was safe.

The bus came to a stop and Bon made his way to the front, walking down the steps. He began heading down the street, hands in his pockets and his head low. His destination was only a few minutes away. It was already in view, with its rich purple awnings and its racks of bright colors and patterns. His heart flutter with anticipation instead of nervousness and guilt.

Finally, Bon stood in front of the store, staring at all the new items in the window display. His lips curled up slightly as he walked in.

“Welcome to Fabric Palace! Can I - oh, Ryuuchan, it’s you. I haven’t seen you in here lately! You always order online.” A feminine voice said.

Bon scratched the back of his neck. “Yeah. Been busy with school. How you been, Katsuka?”

The woman, Katsuka, beamed. “I’ve been great! The shop is doing well. We even have a few classes now. Any chance you’ll come teach beginner’s sewing?”

“Nah. I got too much going on. I’m not even that good.”

“My daughter’s wedding gown begs to differ! You made it look so beautiful, Ryuuji. The beadwork was as stunning as the stitching, too!”

Bon looked to the ground, cheeks pink. “It wasn’t much. Just wanted to help. You made all those robes for the temple.”

“Enough about me, Ryuuchan! What are you doing lately? Do you like high school? Are you working on any new pieces?”

“School’s good. I’ve got straight A’s. I ain’t working on anything, but I want to make an apron.”

“You’re a good boy, Ryuuji. Let me show you some patterns. Who are you making it for?”

“Just some idiot. He likes to cook and he drops stuff in my dorm. Figured I should at least repay him.”

Katsuka smirked. She knew this ‘idiot’ was probably more than that, but she would keep it to herself. Bon would admit it when he was ready. She pulled a few patterns out of a filing cabinet and spread them on the counter for Bon to see. He cringed slightly.

“Katsuka, you got anything a little less…girly?” Bon asked.

Katsuka gave him a look. “What do you mean?”

“I like the patterns, but they’re kinda all ruffles and ribbon. I just want something a little more masculine. Rin’s kind of weird about that stuff sometimes. Plus the moron is prone to catching things on fire. I’m not putting that much effort into something that’ll end up destroyed.”

“Ah, so his name is Rin. I guess I could give you the pattern for a plain one. It won’t be as fun, though.”

Bon looked over the patterns once more. Maybe something a bit feminine wouldn’t be so awful. After all, Rin would probably look good in something frilly, maybe a baby blue apron with some pretty ribbon piping. Bon picked up a pattern for a simple apron with a ruffled edge. It would look nice.

“Good choice. I’m sure Rin will like it.” Katsuka said.

“Maybe. He gets defensive about people thinking he’s feminine.” Bon said.

“Sounds like a boy I know. About sixteen, looks like a delinquent, hates people knowing that he can sew because he thinks people will make fun of him for being girly. Let me tell you something: boy and girl activities don’t exist. Sure, you’ve got masculine and feminine, but that’s preferences. Anyone can do anything.”

Bon frowned and chose to ignore her. “Okay. I need baby blue fabric for this piece and maybe a white patterned piece for the pockets. Have anything that looks like toile? And lace piping.”

“And the genius is back. Follow me.”

Bon followed Katsuka through the aisles, picking out his materials. He couldn’t wait to see Rin’s face when he saw it.


“Nii-san, I will be back late tonight. Please stay in the dorm.” Yukio said.

Rin nodded as he watched Yukio shut his briefcase. His brother had nothing to worry about; Rin planned on staying in all night. He had his own plans, plans so shameful that he couldn’t even tell Yukio. Rin felt hot just thinking about them.

“No problem, Four-Eyes! I’ll make bentos for tomorrow!” Rin babbled happily.

Yukio offered a soft smile. “That sounds nice. Have fun.”

“Be careful, okay, Yukio?”

“Of course, Rin. I promise.”

With that, Yukio left for his mission, closing the door behind him. Rin rushed to the window. He watched, waiting for Yukio to leave the dorm entirely. Yukio turned back to wave at him and went on his way.

With his twin gone, Rin could finally do it.

Reaching under the bed, Rin pulled out a plain cardboard box and lifted the top. He began pulling out its contents, spreading them across the bed. Careful fingers ran over each item, enjoying the feel of soft fabric on his skin.

“Blue or yellow?” Rin asked himself, looking between his choices.

Before him were two simple dresses, one in blue and one in yellow. The blue one was Rin’s favorite; it had capped sleeves and the skirt fell to his knees, the mesh-like fabric swishing freely. The yellow one had its merits, too, though. It was sleeveless and the skirt was bowed out slightly, giving it a more formal look. It had a bit of glitter, which always made Rin feel pretty.

Rin’s hand hovered over both for a few moments before picking up the blue one. It would be the best one to cook in; Shiro had always called it his housewife dress.

The memory made Rin smile. The old man had found out about his hobby only a year after he had started it. He never teased Rin for liking feminine clothes. In fact, he had bought Rin a few dresses and skirts when he had the money to.

Pushing away the sadness swelling within his heart, Rin began to undress. He pulled on a pair of appropriate underwear - a pair Shiro had gotten him after he had caught Rin wearing boxers with a skirt - settling them on his hips before pulling the dress over his head. He smoothed out the skirt, twirling a bit.

Not bad. Wonder if I could find some cheap heels to go with it. It would probably make my ass look great, Rin thought, laughing to himself. He reached into the box and pulled out a pair of white flats, slipping them onto his feet. They would do for now.

Before he left for the kitchen, Rin stood in front of the mirror and grabbed the clip Bon had given him. He pinned his bangs back, wondering what Bon would think of his outfit. He’d probably get upset and say ‘what the hell are you wearing? Don’t you have any decency,’ Rin thought.

Rin headed to the kitchen, set on making rice balls for tomorrow’s bentos. He began taking out ingredients and placing them on the counter, ignoring Ukobach’s questioning eyes. Kuro hopped onto the counter and nuzzled Rin’s arm.

“You look pretty, Rin!” Kuro exclaimed.

Rin blushed. “Aw, thanks, Kuro.”

“Are you gonna make chicken rice balls? Can I have some?”

“You little jerk! You called me pretty for food!”

“Nuh-uh! I called you pretty because I meant it. Food was an afterthought.”

“Fine. I’ll save you some, okay?”

“Yay! Thanks, Rin!”

Rin smiled, stroking the demon’s fur before shooing him out of the kitchen. He began his work, humming happily and swaying his hips to make his dress swish around his legs.


It had taken some time to find a place to work on the apron in peace. The dorm had been out of the question; Konekomaru and Shima could barge in at any moment and catch Bon in the act. The library didn’t make the cut, either. Bon’s machine would be too loud and it also had the added risk of being full of people that could see him sewing. So, he searched high and low and finally found a fairly rundown classroom that he could use and have total privacy. He set up shop in the back corner and started his project.

“Tch, how tall is Okumura? He’s one of the shortest guys in the class. Screw it, I’ll just make it a large. If he doesn’t like it, he can kiss my ass.” Bon muttered to himself, cutting out the pattern carefully.

He began pinning the thin paper to the fabric, a frown of concentration on his face. Maybe he could make the bottom half of the apron flare out a little. It would only require adding onto the pattern slightly, so Bon pulled out a measuring tape and began drawing. He put a large curve on the bottom of the apron, giving it a dress-like appearance. Bon smirked. Wouldn’t Rin look cute, making his cookies and octopus hotdogs in his pretty apron?

When the hell did I start thinking Okumura would be cute ever? He looks like a monkey, Bon thought.

A small voice in the back of Bon’s mind seemed to laugh at him. Bon ignored it in favor of cutting the fabric. Once he had it cut and displayed, he fired up the machine and began the task of sewing it together.


“You made three bentos. Are going to eat extra tomorrow?” Kuro asked, nibbling at a rice ball.

“Huh? Nah. I made one for Bon.” Rin said absently, sprinkling some salt in the pot in front of him.

“For Bon? Why?”

Rin shrugged. “I wanted to. As a thank you for the hair clip.”

“But you made him cookies already. And sushi. And omelettes that time he came to see Yukio and he wasn’t here.”

“Look, Kuro, are you complaining about leftovers?”

Kuro shook his head. “No! But Shiro told me people cook for people they like. So do you like Bon?”

“That stupid rooster head? Hell no.”

“But you cook for him a lot. Are you sure?”

“I’m positive. Besides, Yukio would kill Bon if he ever thought I liked him.”

“Yukio wouldn’t be mad, I think, if you liked him.”

Rim smiled softly. “Probably not. But I don’t have to worry about it anyway. Since I don’t like anyone. Besides, I’m not into guys.”

“Liar! You have all those mangas with the boys kissing and holding hands!”

“Shut up and don’t go through my things, you rotten little cat!”

Kuro laughed as Rin pouted. Rin was so silly; why couldn’t he just admit that he had a crush? If he did, Bon would be able to see him in all of his dresses and skirts and then Bon could tell Rin how pretty he was. Actually, now that Kuro thought about it, he had never seen Rin wear these clothes near other people, not even Yukio. It was unfortunate. Rin always looked happy in his dresses.


Two days later, Bon’s masterpiece was complete. It had taken six hours, using a chair as a mannequin, and pricking his fingers so much that he bled, but it looked beautiful. He took a picture and sent it to Katsuka. She had sent back a winky face and the words ‘I bet Rin will love it. Might even get you a kiss.’ Bon grit his teeth and shoved his phone in his pocket. Sometimes Katsuka could be annoying as hell.

He put the apron in a plain cardboard box despite wanting to wrap it nicely. He didn’t want Rin thinking he actually put effort into it. That could give him away, and then the little hellspawn might think Bon actually liked him. That would be mortifying.

Alright, time to drop it off. That bastard better like it. I should make him wear it everywhere with how much time it took, Bon thought as he headed towards the Okumura dorm. The box tucked beneath his arm felt heavier than it should have been. Maybe it was due to the anxiousness Bon was feeling over someone finding out he had sewn the garment. Or, perhaps more likely, it was Katsuka’s words that had him worried. Did he like Rin? Is that why he had put so much effort into the apron?


Music blared from Rin’s phone, filling the kitchen with obnoxious bubble gum pop and techno beats. His black skirt swayed as he danced through the room, mixing ingredients and chopping vegetables. Ukobach was manning the oven, stirring simmering pots of sauce and porridge. Kuro was sitting on the counter watching them work, enjoying his job as taste tester.

“Yo, Ukobach, can you add some cinnamon to that pudding? Yukio likes it to be really strong.” Rin said.

Ukoback nodded and grabbed the spice, dumping in a healthy amount before mixing it in. Rin smiled in thanks and returned to chopping celery. Yasai no nikumaki was on the menu for tomorrow’s bentos and they were as time consuming as they were delicious. He was glad he had Ukobach’s help; he’d never get done otherwise.

“You’re making three again?” Kuro asked.

“Yeah, why?” Rin asked.

“Because you’ve been making three all week. Who’s this one for?”

Rin looked away from the cat, hiding his face. “Just someone.”

“Oh! For Bon!”

Rin groaned. “Yes, okay? It’s not because I like him or anything, though! He just helped me with some homework!”

“Whatever you say.”

Rin sighed, frustrated. Kuro was so fixated on him liking Bon. So what if he made the guy food? Rin liked cooking. Sometimes he had extra. It wasn’t some conspiracy. Rin pulled at his skirt a bit before bending down to grab another chopping board. The last thing he wanted was anyone seeing his panties, even if the only people around him were people that knew that he wore them.

Pulling out a package of beef from the refrigerator, Rin began slicing it into thin sheets to make the rolls. He threw a slice to Kuro, laughing as the cat scarfed it down.

“Yum! Your food is so good, Rin. I bet everyone loves it!” Kuro praised.

“I hope so. I used to make this for Dad all the time. He’d laugh because I made the carrots look like hearts. He said it was literally putting love into the food. I think he was crazy. Like I’d do that for him.” Rin said.

“You miss him a lot. I do, too.”

Rin smiled softly. “I guess we need to eat these in his honor, then, huh?”


Silence fell over the kitchen for a moment before Rin decided it was too much.

“Hey, being sad in the kitchen is not allowed! I’m going to crank up the Girl’s Generation!” He exclaimed.


Bon knocked on the door to the dorm no less than twenty times before giving up. He looked up to Rin’s window, hoping to see the other boy. Normally, Rin would be at his desk, twirling a pencil, chin resting in his hand. Whenever Bon saw him, he would flip him off, and Rin would respond with a stupid face. However, the curtains were closed. Bon huffed. He knew Rin was there, so what the hell was he doing that was so important that he couldn’t answer the door?

“Okumura! Come open the door, you moron!” Bon yelled, banging on the door.

No response came. He grabbed the doorknob and twisted, finding it open. Bon sighed, shaking his head. Rin really was an idiot, keeping his door unlocked when he was home alone. Bon stepped inside and toed off his shoes before making his way up the stairs.

He find Rin and Yukio’s room and knocked on the door. Again, there was no answer. Bon tried once more, receiving the same response.

“Damn it, Okumura! I’m not gonna wait around for you all night!” Bon snapped.

Bon stomped back down the stairs to continue his search. If Rin wasn’t in his room, the next possible place he could be was the kitchen. Bon walked down the hall, smirking when he heard music. He had found Rin. He quickened his pace, stepping into the kitchen only a minute later.

When he caught sight of Rin, he froze.

The black haired boy was dancing at the counter, his back to Bon. A knee-length black skirt was settled on his hips, swaying as Rin shook and shimmied. Black patent leather flats covered his feet, giving them an almost dainty look. A baseball shirt covered his top half, but it was about two sizes too big, causing it to fall off his shoulder. Bon gulped. What the hell had he walked into?

“Kuro, what’s wrong? I can’t understand you when you talk like that, it sounds like hissing.” Rin said.

Bon’s eyes flitted to the cat on the counter. He seemed to glare at Bon, as if he was personally offended by his presence. The cat let out a loud meow, finally causing Rin to turn around.

“Oh my God, Kuro, you can have some when -” Rin began.

His words trailed off as his blue eyes met Bon’s brown. Rin felt his cheeks heat up and he tried to pull down his skirt more, but the damage was done. Bon was staring at him, eyes fixated on his skirt, face unreadable.

“What the hell, Okumura?” Bon asked after a few minutes.

“Look, it’s not what you think - you know what? I don’t have to explain anything to you. Get out.” Rin said.

“Wait, I-”

“I said get out!”

“Shut up for a second! I don’t give a shit what you wear! Why didn’t you answer the goddamn door when I knocked?”

Rin’s eyes widened. “You - you aren’t mad? Not even a tiny bit?”

“I’m mad that you didn’t open the door.”

“But you aren’t mad about the skirt. You aren’t going to make fun of me.”

Bon snorted. “Like this is the weirdest thing you’ve done.”

Rin let out a sigh of relief. “Please don’t tell anyone. Not even Yukio knows, okay? You can’t tell.”

“Whatever. Here. This is for you. Thanks for the food.”

Bon tossed the box in his hands to Rin and shoved his hands in his pockets. Blue eyes looked at him curiously before opening the gift. Rin grinned as he pulled out the apron.

“Wow! This is so cool! Thanks, Bon!” Rin exclaimed.

Bon grimaced. “Don’t call me that. We aren’t friends.”

“Did you make it? I’ve never seen an apron like this.”

“What? Do I look like I know how to sew, Okumura? God, you’re a damn moron.”

Rin watched Bon’s eyes dart around, avoiding his eyes, and his smile widened. So Bon had made it. Rin didn’t see what he was embarrassed about; the apron looked awesome. Rin put the garment on, tying it around his waist.

“You’re pretty good. Who knew your big mitts could handle a needle?” Rin asked.

“I already told you I didn’t make it! And who knew your hairy damn monkey legs could look good in a skirt?” Bon shot back.

“You think I look good?”

Bon spluttered for a moment before crossing his arms. “No way in hell. Shut up.”

The two were silent for a moment, not looking at each other.

“Hey, uh, thanks. For the apron. And for promising not to tell.” Rin said quietly.

“Thanks for the food. You better keep your mouth shut about me being able to sew.” Bon said gruffly.

Rin simply nodded, taking what he could get. He smoothed out his apron and got back to work. Bon stood awkwardly in the doorway, contemplating what to do.

“Grab a knife, stupid. The cucumbers won’t cut themselves.” Rin said.

Bon grumbled as he followed Rin’s orders. He supposed he could do what the guy wanted just this once. It would be their secret.

Breakfast in bed

Genre: Angst (is it tho? idk it’s more sad at first but idk how to describe it) / Fluff!

Request: can i have a scenario where you’re stressed out/sad and mark tries to cheer you up (as your boyfriend)? hehe take your time to do this and have a nice day/night ahead!!

A/N: This is my first request aaaah thank you so so much I really hope you like it!! I was so happy to see your ask lmao I got so excited I started writing straight away 😅 

Word count: 1,591

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ok so like im seeing this nicky/ovi mob au and loving it so consider this concept: nicky's j chillin in ovi's office waiting for him to come home and some rival mob boss approaches trying to threaten the russians and nicky bluffs his way through the meeting as definitely """alexander ovechkin""" and ends up doing so well that he's the one doing the threatening by the end

omfg Ovi comes in the door with like three bundles of roses, still in his florist apron, like, “Baby, I’m home–what the fu–”

Scenes I'm Excited To Write

Mama Blue AU
-Blue and Green pranking Allura or Shiro
-Blue/Black singing a lullaby to her Paladin
-Yellow’s cinnamon roll moments
-Pidge and Green being the Bill Nye fanclub
-Blue and Yellow friendship
-Blue complaining about being the youngest. “I’m only younger than Yellow by three doboshes!” “Whatever you say Baby Sis.” “Red I swear to Altea I am going to fill your metal with ice cubes if you keep referring to me as a baby!” “I think it’s a cute nickname.” “BLACK PLEASE.”
-Red and Blue arguing
-Blue questioning Shiro’s intentions with Lance
-Meme Squad™ Lance, Pidge, Blue and Green
-Cuddle piles
-Cat like behavior with the Lions. “Blue, can I please see Lance?” “*LOUD ANGRY HISSING*” “Did- Did you just hiss at me?!?” “Sorry Princess, old habits die hard…. but no. Go away. Lance is unavailable at the moment.” “Blue-” “NO. *growling*” “Woah.”
-Matchmaker Black. “They’d be cute together and you know it.” “Black, no. My cub is not ready for courting.” “Oh come on, Blue! Don’t you think they’d be adorably lovey dovey as mates?” “………okay, maybe a little bit cute.” “Told you so.” “I hate when you’re right.” “I always am, dear sister.”

HOTD Voltron AU (still dunno what to call it….)
-Outbreak scene
-The part in ep.2 where Saya has to kill a zombie which, in my fic, will be Pidge.
-Pining Keith
-Shiro in an apron (episode 6)
-Baby Matt!!!! (Episode 7)
-In the anime, Saya self appoints herself to keeping Alice as pure and protected as possible. This is definitely gonna be fun to write with Pidge and Matt.
-Hunk being a gun nerd (episode 5 and 6)
-the shrine scene, Shieth style ;3 (especially that One Scene™ everybody knows of)
-pining everybody
-maybe Hidge? If you guys want Hidge?
-Gun descriptions (the CIA is gonna question my google searches….)
-The dialogue…… though I’m gonna have to rewatch a certain episode pertaining to its matching chapter over and over and pausing to get the dialogue even remotely close enough to the original so it makes sense….. fun times :’)
-ALLURA. She’ll be different from the anime and the cartoon, a bit more ditzy and clumsy but still pretty smart. So, a mix between the nurse and the princess, personality wise. It’s gonna be hell to figure out, but worth it in the end :3
-Matt being a cutie pie during the apocalypse :3
-fluff scenes
-oh god the ANGST!!!!!
-the ecchi scenes. I’m going to tone them down though, since most of the characters are male now to replace the female cast. But I’ll try my hand at it. Never know until you try! :3

BTS’s reaction to finding out you speak Spanish:

A/N: Enjoy <3

(I (sadly) do not speak Spanish, so if there’s a mistake in the dialogue, I’m sorry)

Jin: “I’m getting bored of cooking Korean dishes all the time…”

You look up to from your laptop to see Jin leaning in the doorway, a baby pink apron spooning his body. It matches well with the gentle blush on his face. Cute. “Could you maybe teach me how to cook some foods from your culture?” Of course, that would be the first thing he asks after finding out you’re Hispanic.

“But I like your mixed seafood stew,” you pout.

“So do I, but not every day.”

You make a show of sighing, and closing your laptop, but as you enter the kitchen with Jin, you make sure to plant a kiss on his cheek, just to make sure he gets the right idea. Rustling through the cupboards, you find most of the ingredients you need, and the things that are missing? Well… you’ll just improvise…

“Alright,” you go over to the hob, flicking up the dial.

“Darling?” Jin comes up behind you, latching onto you and resting his chin on your head.


“I asked you to teach me, not to do it all yourself.”

“Oh. Right.” Perhaps you got a bit carried away. You slide over to make room for him, and he picks up a spoon while you dish out directions.

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Yoongi: Your eyes widen painfully when you hear the name of your group being announced. Is this really happening? Is this real life? Your group members turn to each other, eyes gleaming, smiles spreading. You’re jostled up, and quickly try to fix your hair. As you make your way up, you search the crowd for one face – there! Yoongi is grinning up at you, a shining beacon of pride, cheeks warm and flushing. You almost stumble on the stairs leading up to the stage, slightly preoccupied with your boyfriend’s reaction. You manage to steady yourself on an offered arm, and your members give you knowing looks, giggling behind their hands. “Oh, shut up,” you mumble, face awash with red. So what if you stumble because of Yoongi? He’s cute! Especially in that suit.

Your leader takes the award, and goes on with the customary stream of thanks and best wishes, before passing the microphone to you. It had been decided beforehand that you should be in charge of thanking the international fans. Being Hispanic, not to mention fluent in English, Mandarin, and Japanese, friends and fans alike fawn over your talents.

You step forward, launching into thanks. After almost tripping on national television because of him, you are trying very hard not to look at Yoongi. But it’s difficult, oh so difficult, and when your eyes lock on his again, you can’t look away. He’s always told you how much he loves hearing you speak other languages, especially your native tongue, and as you speak now, tongue hugging the familiar words, foreign to others, he bites down on his bottom lip, grinning all the while. You know what he’ll say when this is over: “My baby’s so smart, knowing so many languages. Can’t you teach me something?”

“Okay, how about I teach you this: te amo.”

“I already know that one. And I love you too.”

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Hoseok: Hoseok gazes absently out of the train window, watching the rain-soaked landscape swirl past, until he’s dragged away from his thoughts by - “¿Perdóname?” He starts, chocolate eyes glancing up to the couple in front of him, who look a little confused, the man clutching at a folded train-timetable, the women clutching at her handbag. Seeing that he’s caught Hoseok’s attention, the man launches into rapid fire Spanish.

Hoseok’s throat constricts slightly. He hates moments like this, moments where his greatest gift – the gift of connecting with other people – is ripped away with the small problem of no Korean subtitle. He holds up his hands apologetically, slipping to the one other language he has a tentative grip on, “Eh… sorry, sorry.”

Before the situation can get more awkward, a slim hand taps on the foreign man’s shoulder, and he diverts his glance away from Hoseok. There you are. You, who had been sitting opposite Hoseok the entire ride. You, who Hoseok noticed when you first got on, and had been noticing ever since, although every time you looked his way, his eyes would dance back to the rain outside.

With a smile, you begin speaking Spanish with the couple, explaining away whatever problems they may have had. They repay you with the required ‘gracias’ before they leave, and you take your seat again.

Hoseok steals a glance your way to find you looking back, curiosity brightening your face.

“You’re Spanish?” he tries English.

You smile, and nod. “Korean’s fine, you know.”

Hoseok’s shoulders droop in relief. Everything’s so much easier in Korean. “Thank you for helping me there. I would have been no use to them.”

“Don’t mention it,” you wave your hands, warding off the gratitude.

Hoseok’s eyes scrunch up in a smile, and silence settles over the train carriage again, until he works up the courage to ask: “Won’t you at least let me get you a coffee to say thank you?”

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Namjoon: When Namjoon finds out you speak Spanish, what’s the first thing he does? Ask for lessons, of course:

“I need to know more languages, so I can speak with the international fans!”

“Aren’t you busy already, without giving yourself extra work?”

“It’s fine. I’ll make time.”

And so he does.

But you’re pretty sure he isn’t doing it for the increased knowledge, or the Spanish-speaking fans (although, of course, they’re important!) No. He’s doing it so he can sit up with you late into the night, watching your lips as you pronounce the newest vocab. He’s doing it, so you can lean over him, judging his spelling as he writes. He’s doing it so he can one day…

reach across, and pull you an inch closer – and kiss your cheek. You sit in shock, your hand snapping up to touch your face, still warm from his lips. What? What were you supposed to be doing again? You fumble with the Spanish books, and pages, and pens end up sliding onto the floor. That’s okay. You won’t be needing them anyway, since Namjoon’s giving you those eyes, and you’re sliding over, and repaying him with a hand twined through his, and a kiss. On the lips this time.

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Jimin: “How can you not know Latin dances?” Jimin asks, incredulous.

“I don’t know about every single part of my culture,” you respond irritably, “If I asked, would you be able to recite the complete history of South Korea?”

Jimin shuffles on his toes, “Maybe not. But, Latin dances are so amazing, so passionate, it’s a shame you don’t know any of them.”

“Maybe you could teach me.” You raise a suggestive eyebrow.

This piques Jimin’s interest. His eyelashes brush closer together, as his eyes narrow, a smirk inching across his face. “I could…”

Without any other warning, he picks you up and spins you around, before dipping you down so that your torso is parallel to the floor. “Jimin, so help me, if you drop me,” you giggle, but you know you can trust his strong arms to keep you up.

He chuckles, and when your defences are down, a smile on your lips, he leans in and kisses you.

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Taehyung: Taehyung’s smile can’t possibly get any broader. “You’re Hispanic? That’s so cool!”

“Taehyung…” You’re not sure what to make of his reaction. He seems excited, but you’re afraid that you’re pretty boring. He’s probably going to be disappointed when he discovers that about you.

“What?” His hands flit into yours, giving your fingers a squeeze before letting go again. “Something wrong?”

“Well, it’s just - you seem very… enthusiastic, and I’m afraid I’m not really as interesting as you think.” It sounds stupid when you say it out loud.

“But of course you’re interesting. I can’t keep my mind or my eyes off you. So there must be something…”

A blush springs to your cheeks, and when Taehyung notices, his impossibly wide grin gets wider still. The things he does to you are just too cruel. You find his hands again. “I only ever need your eyes on me.”

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Jungkook: Hola linda.”

You turn, surprised at hearing your native tongue in the heart of Seoul. Jungkook’s standing behind you, a strange expression on his face.

“Jungkook, you okay?”

He blushes, then swallows. You see his Adam’s apple bob. “Eres muy bonita.” He stumbles a little on the pronunciation, and you have to cover your lips with your fingers to stop yourself from giggling.

“What’s gotten into you…”

Me gustas mucho.


He hides his face in his hands. “Am I doing it wrong?”

“Doing what wrong?”

“I thought it would be best if I confessed in your own language…”


“Don’t tell me I said something stupid. Agh! I knew I shouldn’t have trusted Google translate.” He turns away, shoulders hunched in embarrassment.

“Wait. You meant to confess?” You place a hand on his shoulder, and he shivers under your touch.

“Yeah, I was trying to say that I think you’re beautiful, and amazing,” - it all comes out in one magnificent Niagara Falls rush now, no stopping it - “And lovely, and wonderful, and caring, and sweet and it’d be great if we were dating, but I probably messed that up.”

“Well, if that’s how you feel then… te amo,” you respond, and he looks confused. Clearly that one hadn’t come up during his adventures with Google Translate. “I love you,” you say, in Korean this time, and once the realization washes over him he picks you up in a tight breath-compressing hug.

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in the end, it’s you and me

Jihope Bingo 2017 Part 1 2 34 ♢ 5

Hoseok Bingo Part 12 ♢ 3 ♢ 4 ♢ 5 ♢ 6

☇ pairing: jihope (jimin | hoseok)

genre: angst, fluff

☇ rating: teen+

prompt: bingo square - first fight ; bingo square - baking ; this drabble is part of this universe

☇ word count: 2,700


Hoseok wants more and Jimin isn’t ready to give him that yet.

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Ok, so for this story the main character female will have a name. However, I’m doing it a little different. She will only have a Korean name. Yes, the main character female in this story is half Korean. She will be described fully, and have attributes that make her identify with this blog. She will also identify herself as a black woman. Yes, she is half Korean, and she embraces both heritages, but we know the life that some mixed kids lead…you look black, they call you black. 

“So, basically he’s like get your ass home now, you’ve played around enough in the US.” Yeon, sat back rubbing her eyes, wondering why she just didn’t tell her dad no.

He paid for her college that’s why. 

“Basically. I have to go home, and finish there and who knows.” She sighed, looking out the window to the city of Atlanta. 

“But, do you want to go, that’s the thing.” Her friend, reached across the table taking her hand. 

“No, but my dad is Korean.” She laughed softly. “So, I kinda have no choice, and my mom agrees with him.” She finished her coffee, and rolled her eyes, wishing her mother would have pushed for her to stay in the states. 

She loved Korea, she loved the States; but she always felt a bit more free here. Standing up, her 5′5″ frame was lithe, but she had hips and an ass. That she got from her mother, she tossed her mid-back length 3B curls behind her, and donned a pair of Gucci shades.

“I leave in three days, he didn’t give me time to do shit. Movers will be here tomorrow, I get on the plane, and go. So, there goes all my summer plans. Good thing is though, he’s letting you come with me. Two weeks in Seoul, what do you think?”

Her friend, jumped up from her spot, clapping her hands excitedly. “YES! Oh my god what do I pack? What should I wear?”

Yeon smiled. “We’ll figure that out later.” 

Yeon washed her hands in the bathroom aboard the airplane. She made the water as hot as she could stand it, needing something to take her mind off the fact that they had been flying for 8 hours already. She wanted to run and jump, she needed to stretch her legs. Her hair in a messy bun on her head, she looked at herself in the half steamed mirror and sighed. How was she going to fit back in Korea? She had sometimes unruly curly hair that wasn’t a very common sight on a Korean woman, her copper skin, held two very Asian eyes Most people told her, her eyes looked like Kimora Lee Simmons. Plump lips, brown eyes, her figure was slightly curvy, she pushed together her 34B breasts and wondered if her breasts were also too large? Probably not. She was going to be…different. That much was certain.

“Are you ok?” A soft voice at the door asked her in Korean.

“Yes, thank you.”She answered, almost bowing before she remembered she couldn’t be seen. 

Speaking in strictly Korean, unless she was around her parents, something else, she was going to have to get used to again. She hated being different, she hated people looking at her, like she had a third eyeball. Grunting, she opened the bathroom door, walking back to her seat. 

“You ok, Yeon?” Her friend asked her, barely waking up from her nap. 

“I’m ready to get off this damn plane. My legs are killing me.” She signaled for the waitress. 

“Girl, your short ass is fine, I’m 5′8″ I’m the one suffering.” Her buddy, turned in her seat, snuggling in the cushions of first class, sleeping again. 

Would she be fine? She wasn’t so sure. 

As soon as the plane landed, both girls stretched and yawned. It was afternoon in Seoul, South Korea, and all Yeon thought about now was sleep. A sign was posted for her, Ms. Hyo Park Yeon as they came down the elevator, and she rolled her eyes, thinking to herself. ‘Wow, thanks parents, don’t even come to the airport.’

“You have an escort? What a driver too?” Her friend, chuckled and Yeon bit her lip, and tried to figure out, what she hadn’t told her friend already. 

“Ms. Hyo.” He already knew her face, and she gave a slight bow saying hello, giving him their bags. 

“This is it, the rest, was delivered here already.” With a nod of his head, the man lead the way outside, and out into the bright sunshine. The girls donned their shades, and Marcella looked around, looking quite the tourist, while Yeon ignored the urge.

He lead them both to a car, a sleek black Audi A8 L. Opening the door for them, the girls slid into the cool, cream colored interior, chilled water bottles waiting for them.

“This car is nice, man did your dad spare any expenses?” Marcella, rubbed a hand along the seats, watching as the driver got in the front seat. 

“This isn’t a Bentley, so I’m going to say, yes.” Yeon laid her head back against the seat, getting ready mentally for her best friend to choke her. “I have to tell you something, Marcella.” 

The car pulled away, and Marcella was looking out the window. “Mhm.” 

“So, my dad is a CEO…you know that.” 


“My mother is an interpreter for his company now. His interpreter. My grandfather, my mother’s father was a doctor.” 

Marcella’s eyes turned to slits as she looked at Yeon. “You parents are loaded aren’t they?” 

“I don’t really know about all that. I’ve had to work for anything, I’ve ever received, and maintain a strict GPA, you know I don’t flaunt a bunch of shit.” 

“Just say it! Why didn’t you tell me!” Marcella punched her arm lightly. “I’m actually kind of hurt. I’m your best friend.” 

Yeon let her head fall. “I learned the hard way, about friends who are friends because of money. Not that youre one of them! I just prefer not to be like that. I’m not stuck up and snobby, and Paris Hilton like.” 

“Don’t you think I know that dummy? I know who you are. TBH, I kind always knew I think. Tell me more about your parents though.” 

Yeon smiled, thanking god that was easier than she thought it would be. She explained that her father always had money, he inherited the company from his father. Her mother, had to scrape and earn every penny, her grandfather believed in a hard days work. He came from nothing, her parents were polar opposites. Her mother was gifted when it came to languages, she spoke 6 fluently, but Korean was not one of them. Her mother was working as an interpreter for another company when, she met her father. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. 

“Still makes me gag a little when he says, my mom had the brownest skin he ever saw, and all he thought about doing was rubbing his face against her legs.” She said playfully, she knew her father worshiped her mother. 

Her mother didn’t speak Korean, and her father didn’t speak English, however they both spoke Chinese. They went out on a few dates, and he made a decision to marry her, boom there she was. 

“They should write a book about that.” Marcella answered, taking a sip of her water. 

“Probably.” Yeon looked out the window. “This is my house.”

Marcella gasped as the gate opened to a large black and cream colored home, The gate opened to a yard, the glass front of the home, showed into the living room, around the side, there was a cement driveway, and a garage for the cars. The door was opened for them, and Marcella and Yeon walked up the pathway leading from the driveway to the front of the house. It was arched, with large dark wooden doors, and Yeon rung the bell, waiting. 

“Of course, you remember how to say hello in Korean. My father’s English is still a bit rough.” 

“Who do you think you’re talking to?” Marcella asked, rolling her eyes.

Yeon smiled, and the door opened up, her mother standing there in her apron smiling wide. “My baby is home!” She threw her arms around Yeon, hugging her tight before grabbing Marcella hugging her as well. 

“Marcella, I’m happy to have you in our home.” 

“Thank you, Mrs. Hyo.” She bowed at her. 

“Oh please, call me Jasmine.” She ushered the girls into the house. “I know, y'all are probably tired, but I have been cooking for y'all. A mix of southern food and Korean.” 

Her mother yelled in Korean, for her father, smiling back at the girls. “He’s going to play all tough baby, but you know he missed you. That’s why he wasted no time.” Her mother hugged her again, and this time Yeon held on tight. 

She forgot how her mother smelled like cloves and her favorite Prada perfume. Her mother’s tight 4a coils tickled her nose. “I missed you, Ma.” 

“I have too, we haven’t seen you in a year.” Letting her, go her mother turned towards the stairs, as her father came down them. The foyer of the home, had dark hardwood floors, contrasting against the light gray of the walls, and the cream of the carpet that lined the stairs. 

“Park Yeon.” He said her name, standing at the bottom of the stairs. 

Yeon walked over, bowing deeply, saying hello to her father in Korean. “Abeoji, I missed you.” 

Her father’s wrinkled forehead, smoothed over and he broke into a smile, hugging his little girl tightly. “My family is whole again.” He kissed her face several times, before letting go, and he also grabbed Marcella into a hug. 

“Marcella, I’m glad you could join us for awhile.” Marcella smiled, looking shy. 

“Thank you for the vacation, Mr. Hyo.” He waved a hand dismissively at her. 

“You are like a sister to my baby, call me abeoji.” Marcella tested the word on her tongue, grinning like a Cheshire cat. 

Her father, shooed both girls upstairs, informing Yeon that her things would be there, in 3-4 days. Yeon showed Marcella the guest room, and how to use the shower. “Just come in my room when youre done.” 

Yeon walked into her room, it was almost the same way she left it. Old EXO posters on the wall, on a cork board. A few American bands on the other side, she had a new computer, new bed, new bedding. Her vanity in front of her bay window. She could decorate like she wanted later, she supposed, but she didn’t even want to live in her parents house. For goodness sake she was 20 years old, but her father probably didn’t want her living on her own either. This was going to be hard. She showered, conditioning her hair, and finger de-tangling as she let the water run down her back. She washed her face free of the makeup she wore. She had forgot to put on a primer, and setting powder so she knew she skin probably looked oily. After she was finished, she wrapped her head in a towel, sitting down at her vanity. She didn’t feel like dealing with her hair, so she set to start doing large twists. 

Marcella knocked once, letting herself inside. “I’m glad I got my hair done, before coming because I would not be in the doing it now.” 

She looked up at Marcella in the mirror, her friends shoulder length box braids now held secure in a wrap on her head. “Help me then, I ain’t trying to be here all day.” 

Marcella set to rubbing olive oil into the strands, before twisting them with twist cream on her fingers. Both girls finished, Yeon stood u, grabbing a scarf from the hook near her door, and wrapped her hair into a pineapple, before she set out to get dressed. 

“Another struggle, is finding good hair care products.” Yeon pulled on a purple V-neck shirt that said ‘J’adore’ on the front over her head. 

“Your mama is natural, what do you mean?” Marcella, looked at her posters. “Chanyeol, was still fine as hell in these pics.” 

“That’s like right after their debut. She is but she goes into Seoul, to get her hair done. You know I’m picky.” Marcella nodded, still looking over the pictures. 

The girls made their way downstairs, where Mrs. Hyo was setting the table. The girls settled themselves on cushions on the floor, as her father made his way in, sitting down at the head of the table. 

“How was the flight?” He asked in Korean.

Her mother came in with a gallon of juice, and cups. “English please, we have a guest.” Just as her father was about to protest, she held up a hand sitting down. “Your English is fine, you just never really try. I refuse to translate.” 

“Yes, yes, umma.” He replied taking some rice from a large bowl. 

“It was long. Fine though.” Yeon answered, Marcella agreeing with her. 

They ate and talked, laughing about what had happened lately in Atlanta or Korea. Inside, Yeon smiled this was good, she had forgotten how much she missed home. How much she missed really good kimchi and her mothers fried chicken. Her mother, rolled her eyes at her fathers bad jokes. 

“You can have the summer to do as you will, school starts back in September, everything is taken care of Yeon.” Her father spoke, looking at her stuff more kimchi into her mouth. 

Thanks dad, I’m just wondering how I will fit in.” He shrugged at her, chewing his rice. 

“You will be fine, you are my daughter. Besides, concentrate on school, not a social life.” Yeon took a sip of her juice, sighing. 

“I’m young dad, I have to have a social life.” She put another piece of chicken on Marcella’s plate as she spoke. 

Her father put his chopsticks down on his plate. “I have a remedy for that soon enough. For now, don’t worry, so much, you’ll get wrinkles.” 

Her mother shook her head at the two. After lunch, Yeon and Marcella went to their rooms to nap, while her mother cleared dishes with her father. 

He stood in the kitchen watching his wife. “Friday then?”

“I actually don’t think this is a good idea at all right now.” She washed the last of the plates, putting them in them in the dish drainer. 

“Why not?” He came to stand behind his wife, her short frame nestling against his. 

“It’s sneaky. You bring her here, to finish school, but you have an ulterior motive.” Her mother turned in her father’s arms to look at him. 

“I’m making sure, our daughter is secure in life.” Sighing, Mrs. Hyo, moved from her husband’s grasp. 

“I know. I just…let her see if she likes him or not. I wasn’t forced with you.” Mr. Hyo crossed to where his wife now stood, and took her chin in his hand. 

“She will like him, trust me. Choi Jun-Seo is a good man, he is already making me very proud in the company.” 

“If you say so.” Her mother leaned her head up, to give her father a gentle kiss.

He grinned, kissing her once more. “I’m always right, trust me.” 

The next few days were spent shopping, and sight-seeing. Marcella and Yeon, kicked back and relaxed most days. “We should go clubbing.” Marcella said, as Yeon sat at her computer looking at places to live near the college.

“Clubs? Yea, we can go. When?” Yeon brought up another tab, to look for good clubs when her mother walked in after knocking once. 

“Can’t go tonight, I’m sorry girls. Yeon.” Her mother laid a traditional Korean dress, on her bed. “Your father has a dinner guest, and you have to wear this. I have one for you as well Marcella.” 

Yeon rolled her eyes, earning a scowl on her mother’s face. “Stop. You look beautiful in them.” 

The golden color of the dress, was offset by the red of the tank top, and red flowers, twined with their vibrant green leaves. The black, sheer covering had a white collar. The fabric was thick, and heavy. She picked up the dress, holding it close to her body. 

“It is pretty, dad is going all out, who is the guest?” Her mother grinned slightly, turning to Marcella. 

“Yours, will be delivered before tonight. You can take it home if you like, it’s pink and black. I thought the colors would compliment you.” 

“Ma.” Yeon put the dress down, looking back at her mother. “Why are you ignoring me?” 

“I’m not. He’s a work partner of your fathers. He’s someone your father thinks highly of. So he wants you to look your best.” Her mother turned from the room. “You guys can club tomorrow.” 

As the door closed behind her, Marcella chuckled softly but steadily it became louder. “If you don’t have this figured out by now, I’m gonna be pissed.” 

Yeon balled her hands into fists. “Stay here.” She grumbled. Her father’s office was downstairs, near the parlor. She quickly jumped down the stairs, running down the hall, her bare feet pattering gently on the hardwood. The large oak doors in front of her, she was never to enter as a child, unless invited. She knew her father would be in there, while her mother gave her the dress. 

She knocked once hard, then twice more. “Yes?” 

“Dad, you know its me.” She wanted to yell, but yelling would get her nowhere with him. 

He cleared his throat. “Come in.” 

Yeon opened the door, closing it behind her, keenly aware of how close it seemed in there. He had many small statues and vases lining the walls. The dark walls and light carpet on the floor, everything was exactly as it had been. Traditional, clean cut. She walked towards her fathers desk where he sat looking over some papers, his glasses low on his nose. 

“Who is this guy.” She pulled a chair from the desk sitting down, she was letting him know she wasn’t going anywhere. 

“His name is Choi Jun Seo. He runs the international side of the company, fluent in 3 languages, learning a fourth. He graduated top if his class-”

Yeon cut her father off, tapping on his desk. “I didn’t ask for his resume abeoji.” 

Her father slowly lifted his head, pushing his glasses on his nose. The wrinkles around his eyes, deepening as he sighed. “I think, he would be a good match for you.” 

“I knew something was up!” Yeon stood up in her chair, pointing at her father. “Is this why I came back? Don’t lie to me.” 

Her father removed his glasses, rubbing the area between his eye. “Yeon, do not raise your voice at me.” 

She ignored him. “Is it! Tell me! I don’t want to be set up, with some guy who you think is ok for me. That’s not fair!” She pushed away from his desk, throwing her hands into the air. “You can’t do this!”

“I can do as I please, I am your father!” Mr. Hyo stood up, his balled fist slamming down on his desk. 

The air was hot between them. Yeon heard her breathing, she was frustrated and angry. She closed her eyes, willing back the tears that threatened. “Did you even miss me? Or did you just want me back as some shiny little pawn to entice your co-workers with?”

Her fathers face softened. “Why would you say that? Of course, I missed you. Your mother missed you. You belong here at home. It is not safe in Atlanta, we cannot protect you.”

Yeon sniffled. “You don’t have to protect me, I’m a grown woman.” She wiped her eyes, turning her back on her father like a child. 

“You are my child. My only child. He will be here tonight to introduce himself to you in a formal setting, that is all. I am pushing however, that you two will date.” Mr. Hyo came from around his desk, at 5′9″ he towered over his daughter, lifting her chin to look at him. “Give him a chance.” 

She tugged her chin from her fathers grasp. “If he’s ugly, I’m not doing anything.” 

“Park Yeon..” He said quietly. 

“I don’t like this, and I don’t agree to it. I will be cordial though.” Her father chuckled, hugging his daughter tight. 

“You’re like your mother, I suppose that is all I can ask for now.” 

Chapter Two

anonymous asked:

Omg I would love to read a Drabble of yours about someone like Haymitch walking in on Peeta and Katniss doing the nasty xD

Sorry if this is so sloppy, but I wrote it in under an hour.


Rating: M, for a little casual smut and (maybe?) two F-bombs.


I wake up to a cold bed, which isn’t entirely unusual, but never any less disappointing. Because Peeta’s been managing the bakery for almost fifteen years now, I’ve grown accustomed to his routine of getting up at obscene hours in the morning, the house empty by the time I wake.

But as I’ve got older, and the depression from the war has withered, my own internal alarm has begun to shift.

Especially since the baby was born.

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when everything’s made to be broken; i just want you to know who i am// a mileven fic

for the lovely @princess-kurama who has been so supportive of my fics  and of my st blog that she deserved only the best, so girl I am so eternally sorry this took so long! I wanted it to be good for you :)

before we get started on this emotional journey, just some of my head canons to explain that play a huge part in the story.

-Mike Wheeler is an empath. Empaths are basically- without all the mumbo jumbo- people who feel the emotions of other’s as if they are own. We’re super sensitive; people used to call me sensitive when I was a little girl and I hated it but now I’ve accepted it because it always me to connect with people in such a unique way. I also think this explains why he took Eleven out of the rain and knew almost right at the start she’s was in trouble.

-Kinda of going along with my speech therapy head canon that snuck into the last story, El and Mike can sign. I think El would learn as way to help convey what she feels when words escape her, and Mike learns because he’s a total sap for her.

That being said, let’s begin (it’s kind of long so you might want to get comfortable) once again, @princess-kurama​ you are the loveliest and your support means the world.

Prompt 9) things you said while i was crying.

Even at the vulnerable age of six and then seven and then eight, Mike hated crying. Relented it. Despised it. He’d rather jump off another quarry than cry.

No, scratch that- he didn’t hate crying, well not as much as he hated crying in front of people.

There was nothing more humiliating, or straight up frustrating, than standing there as Troy and James (and back in the third grade, there were more boys, older, tougher- angry scowls of boys whose names at the age of sixteen Mike can’t remember- and he counts his lucky stars) called him frog face and dip shit and queer, his fingernails ripping and tearing into the skin of his palms as he balled his fist- a last ditch effort to be threatening, to be tough, to get those wastoids to leave him alone, as the hot tears rolled down his “girly freckles” and he choked, hiccuping on his own snot. Back then, it was only him and Lucas and Will, and the bullies picked them off one by one, circling like the hungry dumb vultures Nancy once showed him on a family road trip.

Lucas never cried. He was tough as James spat on his face, telling him that if they shoved him in a closet no one would ever find him because he was so dark. And Will? Mike watched as with every word, with every slur and threat, he sunk into himself, smaller and smaller and smaller, but never shedding a tear. Where Mike and Lucas fought back - or gave it their best vain shot- Will begged for them to leave, to go anywhere, that they could have what they wanted…

“Just don’t hurt my friends.” Will whispered. His voice never broke.

But Mike? Sometimes it felt like Mike felt everything too deeply, that there were emotions behind emotions- the emotions of those around him, the fear of Will’s and Lucas’ only heightening his own- slamming both fists on closed doors because they wanted to be felt, too. He was a heath kit to all their emotions, and he amplified every single one, even his own.. Anger twisting his tongue and sadness dancing in his chest, at eight years old Mike was never like the super spies on the Saturday morning cartoons he and Lucas always watched together, or the superheros in the comic book’s Will lent him. Their voices didn’t shake when they did the right thing or protected their friends or saved the girl (Mike relented this last thought; at the age of eight girls were mean and more importantly, gross) and they didn’t cry.

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Petals and Ink          Part One

Flower shop Tattoo artist AU. Michael works at a flower shop called Pastel Petals he’s a nerd for plants and loves job and coworkers. His life was calm and steady before one day he goes to Needlepoint Tattoos and meets Jeremy a cute and dorky tattoo artist.

word count - 2360

Genre - FLUFF

warnings- mild swearing.

 Michael was finishing closing up Pastel Petals for the day. He hung up his baby blue apron and went to the sink to wash the potting soil off his hands. “ Hey Michael, me and Christen are  heading out to the mall wanna come with us?” asked Brooke his coworker as she hung up her yellow apron.
“ No thanks I’ve already got plans.” he replied.
“ Ooo you finally got yourself a date?” she teased.
“ No. I’m gonna go get my tattoo.” he dismissed.
“ You’re getting a tattoo?” asked Christen as she walked in from the back still wearing her pink apron. Dirt was smudged on her face .
“ You got a little something,” Michael said gesturing to his face. Christen wiped her face with the corner of her apron before taking it off. “, and yes I am getting a tattoo so will sadly have to decline on your invite to the mall.” Michael said as he grabbed his backpack from behind the counter. “ Awwwww but you never come with us.” Brooke pouted.
“ Oh well more Cinnabon for us.” Christen teased.
“ Wait you never talked about Cinnabon.” Michael said interested.
“ I’m so sorry, but Cinnabon is only for those who go to the mall with their friends.” Christen said with a smirk.
“ Look, how about I just meet up with you guys after I’m done it won’t take that long and you two can be the first to see me with a tat.” Michael suggested.
“ That’s cool with me if it’s cool with you Brooke.” Christen said.
“ That’s cool.”agreed Brooke.
“ Cool. I’ll see you guys in a bit.” Michael smiled.
“ See ya.” Christen said as she waved and walked out of the store with Brooke. Michael was left alone in the store. He took a spray bottle off the shelf and gave the small bonsai tree on the front desk a little mist. He set the bottle down and put his backpack on and grabbed the keys. He turned off the lights and locked the door. He turned the small sign on the door handle to stay closed. He took a second to admire the drawings of tiny roses curving around the letters before walking off.

 Needlepoint Tattoos, that’s what the flickering neon sign outside the building said. The tattoo parlor wasn’t even that far from Pastel Petals just a few blocks away. Michael walked into the dim room. On the walls where pictures of different designs. A sign above the front desk read,
“We will refuse to give tattoos to anyone who is drunk, or high. We also do not do tattoos of the names of your spouse, or of any hate speech or offensive signs. Thank you for your corporation.” “Well,” thought Michael “ I’m not drunk, and I’m not high. I’m single as fuck and I just want a video game tattoo. So I should be fine.” The boy working the counter had a face full of freckles and a red streak in his blond hair. He was staring down at his phone unphased by Michael walking in wearing a pink sweater and white jeans. Michael walked up to the counter.
“ Hi so umm I wanted to get a tattoo.” Michael said with a smile.
“ Yeah no thhit you want a tattoo you’re in a tattoo parlor dude. Nameth Rich, and your name ith?” he spoke with a lisp
“ Michael Mell.” he said nervously.
“ Didn’t need your full name.” Rich said blankly.
“ Oh sorry I don’t know how these things work. I’m not really a tattoo person.” Michael stammered. Rich looked at clothes Michael was wearing.
“ Yeah, I can tell. Now what kinda tattoo did you thay you wanted?” asked Rich.
“ I was thinking something videogame related, nothing big just something small and-”
“ Videogameth you thaid?” ,Rich interrupted, “ I know the guy for you, HEY TALL ATH GET IN HERE YOU GOTTA CLIENT! He’ll be here in a thecond.” said Rich. A tall lanky boy walked out of the back. He had light brown curly hair that fell in his face. His skin was pale which made his blue eyes stand out.  His face was thin and looked tired. He wore a gray shirt and black ripped jeans. He had on a black letterman’s  jacket that was covered in pins. “ I told you not to call me that.” he mumbled.
“ Yeah yeah yeah. Thith ith Michael and you’re gonna help him ok. I’m going on break, thee ya tall ath.” Rich said as he got up and walked out.
“ Ok then hello I’m Jeremy and I’m gonna give you your tattoo I guess.” he said with an awkward smile. “ So umm follow me back here.” Jeremy gestured for Michael to follow as he walked back behind a curtain. Michael quickly got up and walked behind him. The room they entered was smaller and had posters on the wall of more designs but also posters of different video games  and characters and a few bands. There was also a small bisexual flag pined up next to a Fall Out Boy poster. In the center of the room was a black chair and pushed up against the wall was a table with different kinds of ink and needles. The lights had a purple tint to them giving the room a magical vibe. “ Welcome to my office ha ha, it’s nerdy I know.” Jeremy said with an awkward smile.
“ Apocalypse of The Damned, I love that game.” said Michael as he stared at the poster on the wall.
“ Really?”, Jeremy smirked, “ You don’t strike me as the gaming type.”
“Is this flirting?” Michael wondered. “It can’t be there’s no way Jeremy was very attractive. Too attractive to find any intrest in me” Michael thought.
“ Yeah, that’s actually the kind of tattoo I was planing on getting, ya know a gaming tattoo. So Yeah.” Michael said bashfully.
“ Ok any game in mind?” asked Jeremy.  
“ Pac Man, I know it sounds really nerdy and it’s an old game but I’ve got this thing for classics and it was the first game I ever played and ,and ,and I’m rambling sorry.” Michael stammered. Jeremy giggled. “Wow,” ,Michael thought. “ He has a really cute laugh.” Jeremy got out his sketchbook and a pencil.
“ So any ideas on what you want for a design?” Jeremy asked.
“ Oh no not really ,should I have come in with something, sorry?” Michael looked down at the floor.
“ No no no no! It’s fine really. I mean we can work t-together now ha ha.” Jeremy blurted out. Michael looked up and smiled at him. Jeremy opened his sketchbook and flipped to a blank page. The two boys shot ideas back and forth about the design. After a while Jeremy and Michael agreed on an idea and Jeremy got to work drawing. Jeremy’s feet where up on the chair and his sketchbook was resting on his knees as he drew. Michael stared at him in wonder as he was drawing. He watched the way his hair fell in his eyes and they way he blew it away. The way his little tongue stuck out of his mouth when he was focusing. The way he cocked his head to the side as worked on the smaller details.  His long eyelashes and the faint freckles he had on his nose. His lopsided smile and his pink lips. Michael felt as if he could stare at him for hours. “ Ok how dose that look?” Jeremy suddenly speaking and breaking the silence made Michael jump a little. Jeremy showed Michael his sketchbook to reveal a drawing of a tiny Pac Man eating a row of power pellets. “ Wow, it looks amazing.” Michael said his jaw dropping at the sight of the drawing.
“ Please ,it’s not like it’s Picasso.” shrugged Jeremy.
“ No it’s really good. This is exactly what I was looking for.” Michael praised.
“ Well you did help design it.” Jeremy reminded Michael. “ So are you ready to start.” he asked.
“ Ready as I’ll ever be, I guess.” Michael said with a nervous smile.
“ Great. Now I’m not gonna lie, this is gonna hurt. Like a lot. Wrist tattoos hurt because the skin is thinner and you’re closer to nerves and-” Jeremy saw the scared look on Michaels face. “ I’m not helping am I?” Michael shook his head. “ Ok lets just get started, can you roll up your sleeve.” Michael pushed up the pale pink sleeve on his right arm. “ Ok, so let’s get your mind off your nerves before I start, umm where do you work?” Jeremy asked sweetly.
“ I work over at Pastel Petals. You know the flower shop on Willow Street.” Michael answered.
“ Cool, gotta favorite plant?” Jeremy asked with a smile. Little did Jeremy know with the question he would unlock a whole lot of nerdy passion.
“ Oh that’s a hard question. I love succulents but roses or lilies, but bamboo amazing to and just cactus in general. Oh but cherry blossoms are so pretty but it’s so hard to raise them here…” as Michael continued to rant and was distracted Jeremy started. “ …and then there’s snapdragons and OW!” Michael shouted in pain.
“ Sorry sorry sorry I’m so sorry!” Jeremy apologized as he continued to draw
“ Take a break please please take a break!” Michael cried out. Jeremy turned off the needle and set it down.
“ Are you ok? I’m so sorry. Tell me when you ready to start again and this time when it hurts just umm, squeeze my hand ok.”  Jeremy said turning a little pink after suggesting that Michael hold his hand. Michael reached out a took Jeremy’s hand. “ His hands are so soft.” thought Michael.
“ O-ok, you can start again. I’m ok.” Michael said shakily. Jeremy began to start again and Michael immediately squeezed on to his hand tight. His face was twisted up and he was trying to hold back tears. As he continued to work Jeremy wondered ,“What on earth is someone like Michael was doing here? Places like this aren’t where you normally find cute boys dressed in pastels who talk about flowers.” Jeremy thought to himself. As Jeremy finished up he looked at Michael, his face was more relaxed but his eyes were still shut tight. “ There’s something different about this one, I just can’t place it.” Jeremy thought. “ Ok all done.” Jeremy said with a smile. Michael opened his eyes and slowly looked down at his wrist. There was a perfect copy of the drawing Jeremy had shown him earlier. “ So what do you think?” Jeremy asked.
“ Whoa. Dude it looks so cool! Thank you so much.” Michael beamed.
“ It’s nothing, just my job haha.” Jeremy chucked. Michael looked down to find he was still holding Jeremy’s hand. Michael awkwardly let go.
“ S-sorry I forgot I was… sorry.” he stammered.
“ It’s ok I-I didn’t even notice.” Jeremy said turning red. There was a silence.
“ So… you said you played Apocalypse of The Damned?” Jeremy asked awkwardly breaking the silence.
“Yeah it’s one of my favorite games, but I can’t get past level eight.” Michael said.
“ You probably just have a bad player two.” Jeremy suggested.
“What?” Michael asked confused.
“ Wait don’t tell me your playing that game by yourself.” Jeremy looked at Michael ,he shrugged.
“ No way ,you are! You know that game needs two players, you’re not gonna ever beat the game without another person. It’s a two player game.” Jeremy said.
“ Oh well, that explains a lot.” said Michael. Jeremy giggled again. Michael turned red. The two of them sat together and talked about game strategies and different games they enjoyed for hours on end. Suddenly a tall girl with brunette hair wearing a tight black dress and fishnet tights walked into Jeremy’s office. “ Jeremy are you ever gonna leave here. The store closed like fifteen minutes ago. I’ve gotta go home so can you close up ok.” she yawned. The boys looked at the clock on the wall. It was 11:55 pm. “ Oh shit sorry Chloe, I lost track of time. See you tomorrow.” Jeremy apologized. Chloe walked out leaving Jeremy and Michael alone in the store. “Sorry for keeping you here all night, you’ve probably gotta get home.” Jeremy said.
“ Yeah I’m supposed to go and meet my… SHIT!” Michael said as he reached into his bag and pulled out his phone. Nineteen new messages. He unlocked his phone and read them.
New message from Christine “ Hey we’re at the mall text us when your on your way.” New Message from Christine “ Are you all most here?”  New message from Christine “ Michael it’s been 30 min you all most here?” New message from Christine “ Dude what is taking you so long?” New message from Christine “ Michael ”  New message from Christine “ Michael ”
New message from Christine “ Michael ”  New message from Christine “ Michael ”  New message from Christine “ Michael ”  New message from Christine “ MICHAEL MELL!!!!!!” New message from Christine “ Pick up your freakn phone dude.” New message from Christine “ Cinnabon is closing in ten minutes were going without you.”  New photo message from Christine. There were seven photos attached of Christen and Brooke eating Cinnabon in an empty mall food court with the caption. “ It was delicious you should have came.”
“ Aw man Christine is gonna kill me. I was supposed to meet her at the mall.” Said Michael hanging his head in shame.
“ Christine? Is she your girlfriend or…?” asked Jeremy.
“ No, no she’s just my friend.” Michael assured as he paid Jeremy. “ Thank you again, It was really nice meeting you. Bye.”
“ Y-you to, bye.” Jeremy said with a wave. Michael left Needlepoint Tattoos as Jeremy was locking up. It was midnight now as he drove home on the quiet roads. He turned on the radio, a Fall Out Boy song played. It reminded him of the poster in Jeremy’s office. It reminded him of Jeremy. It reminded him of how soft his hand felt and how kind he was, and his cute little giggle and awkward smile. Why couldn’t he get this boy out of his head Michael wondered. And then he thought, does he think of me the same way to. “No,” Thought Michael, “He can’t, can he?”

End of part one.

Happiness in the Shadows

Happy late Feast of Fortuna @victorieschild! I was your gifter for @feastoffortuna2017 and this series yes its now a series because I had to many ideas is not over, but for now enjoy some Charlena being dorks and staying out past curfew!


Beckendorf looked up from his forge, wiping his hands on the camp issued aprons. “Hey Baby.” Silena smiled at little nervously and tilted her head

Beckendorf checked his watch and swore. It was so far past curfew it wasn’t even funny. Hurriedly tidying up his tools and hanging up his apron Beckendorf jogged over to where Silena was.

“Sorry”&#157; he murmured kissing her sweetly “Got caught up.” Selina smiled into the kiss ”I figured.”&#157; she breathed, her nose just brushing his.

A loud squawk ruined the moment

“Harpy” they jumped apart, pressing against opposite walls of the forge, the adrenaline rush blowing their eyes wide.  

The harpy passed and they both fell towards each other, breathless laughs filling the space between them.

“Come on.”Beckendorf grinned “Time to go” 

Silena giggled and nodded the pair of them sticking to the shadows, eyes peeled for the patrol Harpies, laughing as quiet as they could whenever they didn’t get caught.

Neither had a real destination in mind, both just happy to dance from shadow to shadow, drunk on adrenaline, laughter, and love.

Maybe that was what made Silena do it. Maybe it was sense of safety that her Charlie created as effortlessly as any shield. Maybe she was finally ready.

”Charlie.”&#157; It came of breathless and a little scared. Charles looked around the corner, a grin splitting his face, “Yeah?”&#157;

That wasn’t good enough. “Charlie.”&#157; she tried again, tugging on his shirt.

Feeling the shift in his girlfriend’s mood Charles faced her, tucking them away so they could talk without getting caught.

“What wrong?”&#157; He asked, running his hands up and down her arms, searching for any injury.

Silena batted his hands away “Charlie…”she paused worrying her lip. “Can I-”&#157; Beckendorf cut her off with a kiss “You can tell me anything, baby.” Silena leaned into the kiss, acting as if it was her last.

”Silena please. You’re worrying me, what’s wrong?”&#157; They both heard his unspoken how do I fix it?

Silena bit down on her lip again I don’t want you to fix it she thought.

“I’m pan”&#157; she whispered, it was more a fast exhale than a sentence.

Beckendorf, with hearing already damaged from the forges, didn’t catch it.

“What was that?”&#157; he asked gently.

Silena took in a big breath, “I’m pan. And I understand if you don’t want to be with me because of this but I couldn’t keep dating you without you knowing and-”

“Silena!”&#157; Beckendorf peeked around the corner of their little nook, worried his shout had drawn the harpies to them.

“Silena”&#157; he tried again, softer this time. “Baby I don’t understand.”

Silena felt the tears well up but she swallowed them down. He just wants to understand, he doesn’t hate you. He just wants to understand. He just wants to understand. For those few moments it became her mantra. “I’m pan Charlie. I like everyone on the spectrum.”

Beckendorf frowned, it wasn’t an upset frown though. More like…When one of his projects at the forge wasn’t working quite right and you could tell he didn’t understand why

”So like the gods? They like everybody.”

Silena thought on that for a moment. Thought back to all those lessons on the gods and their lovers. Gender was never a real issue with the gods but, Silena ,in all her years at camp couldn’t think of a single legend where a god liked anyone between male and female.

So Silena shook her head no and explained “Bisexual is more fitting for the gods.”&#157;

Beckendorf perked up “I know that one.”

Silena smiled through the tears on her lashes “Pansexual is when someone likes guys and girls and everyone in between. You don’t have to have a gender for me to love you.”

Beckendorf smiled and pulled Silena close, “I’m not sure I understand completely but I do know I want to know more and I love you.” 

Silena sniffled, smiled against Beckendorf’s collar and felt happier than she had in years. 

31 Flavors

Summary: I just wanted my damn paycheck. But in waltzes this Princely life ruiner with his penchant for ordering 31 flavors and guess who wants to guess them all?


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redninjakitty14rp  asked:

Hey I'm really fcking pissed off right now (dumbass motherfcking boy...) can I have a super fluffy headcanon where the princes get in a fight with the girls (like the muses I showed you) and then he tries to make it up to her

Heya~ Damn girl, so sorry to hear that :( If you ever wanna talk, my ask box is always open ^ ^ (of course, such issues would be kept private) but sure! I hope this is fluffy enough for you, sorry if it’s not too great, just got back from my first day back at school and my brain is like, dead XD Oh yeah, quick heads up, I left Joshua’s blank because he wasn’t included in the file you shared with me (^ ^”)



Wilfred: “Why do you always do this?” you shouted, “It’s like you don’t even care anymore! Whenever I try to spend time with you, all you do is say ‘mhmm’ and ignore me! I’m not asking for much, Wilfred, just a simple ‘hello’ would be fine!” “…” he was speechless, bewildered at your sudden outburst. It had already been over a month since the two of you had had a decent lengthed conversation. You weren’t asking for much, just that he could put in a bit of effort as well. All of a sudden you felt like you were the only one trying. You had endured it at first but after you saw how friendly he was with a princess who was visiting you snapped. “I-I always try my best t-to visit and s-spend time with you but do you even care anymore?!?!” His deep blue orbs widened at your sudden suggestion as he stared helplessly at you, tears streaming down your now flushed cheeks. “Faun, I-” “No,” you whispered, cutting him off, “that’s enough.” and with that you flew from the room, racing down the corridors to find comfort in your own room as you buried your face in the pillows, sobbing so badly you couldn’t hear anything but your cries. You spent the rest of the day there and didn’t even notice that the sky had darkened. Feeling hunger pierce your stomach, you started to regret declining the several meals that Claude and other maids had attempted to offer you. Slowly, you lifted yourself from the bed and padded your way towards the kitchen. Seeing the clock close to midnight, you sighed, feeling somewhat empty. I suppose Wilfred’s asleep by now…or maybe he’s still working…was I maybe too hard on hi- No, you shook those thoughts out of your head as you remembered how much you had suffered in the past month and marched determinedly towards the kitchen.

When you arrived however, you were more than surprised to see that the light was on and you tiptoed cautiously to the open door. As you neared the entrance, an enticing smell tickled your nose and you breathed in appreciatively, mmm…it smells delicious…I suppose even Chef likes to get up to do some midnight cooking… Assuming as such you entered the room “Wow Chef! Something smells delicio-” but you stopped short, feeling your mouth hang open as you laid your hazel eyes on none other than your blonde haired boyfriend. “W-Wilfred?!” you cried, shocked at the sight of him, clothed in a baby blue apron, focusing very hard on the pot of food he had been cooking. “Faun!” he exclaimed as he immediately stepped in front of his dish, trying to block your view. “W-What are you doing he-” he began to ask, stopping himself. “No, I mean, I’m so sorry.” He stared sincerely at you as you felt yourself melting in his cool gaze, speechless. “I-I didn’t realise that I was making you feel like that” he continued, beginning to edge towards you carefully, “You must’ve been lonely right? I can’t believe I had the nerve to make you feel like that…but you have to know, the reason I never spoke when you were around wasn’t because I didn’t want to talk…I would’ve given anything to drop everything and take you out for a crepe or something but…these darned princely duties…and Claude..Faun, y-you have to know,” he spoke gently as he finally came to stand in front of you. You trembled, fighting back tears that threatened to return as you remembered the pain. Seeing the tears in your eyes, he pulled you close, resting his chin on your shoulder. “you- you have to know…the only reason that I never spoke when you entered was…it was because I knew that if I started, I’d never want to stop. Seeing you each time was the highlight of my day because, as long as you were there, in that office with me, everything got better: the skies seemed bluer, the birds sang happier songs…and the tedious work that I had to complete seemed like nothing. I’m sorry, all this time I was too busy enjoying your  company to realise how you were feeling….will you, will you forgive me?” You were silent, unable to catch your breath, so in a simple answer, you returned his hug, feeling a small smile find its way to your lips as you felt his body fully relax in relief.

As you opened your mouth to speak, a strange…slightly burning smell attacked your nose. “Is..something burning?” you asked and felt his whole form tense up. “My curry!” He exclaimed as he ran over to the big pot on the stove and hurriedly moved it away. “Phew,” he sighed, “I think I made it in time…” he looked up when he heard you giggling quietly and immediately felt the blood rush to his cheeks. “Wilfred…you cooked?” “U-um yeah…” he stuttered, refusing to meet your amused smile. “D-do you want some?” he asked, “huh?” “W-well you see, I-I originally made it as an apology dinner but…things didn’t seem to work out the first few times…” as he said this, you finally noticed the different pots surrounding you, scattering the floor and tabletops, filled with different curry failures - there must’ve been at least 10 altogether and it warmed your heart to see how hard he had worked to make this one special pot of curry. Savouring this sweet feeling you walked up to him and threw your arms around his neck. “Thank you Wilfred, I’m sure it tastes amazing”.

Joshua: “Aww look Joshua! It’s so cute!” He jumped back, almost falling over as you raised the milky white kitten to his face. “G-Get that thing away from me!” he shouted, the colour slowly draining from his face. “What are you saying? It’s so adorable! Can we keep him Joshua? Pleeeaaassee?” You pleaded, looking up at him with big eyes. “What?!” He yelled, regaining his posture, “don’t be ridiculous! There is no way I’m letting that- that monster into our home! Now stop being such a stupid woman and put it down!” He screamed, voice rising higher and higher as he shouted at you. His words pierced your heart as your expression changed from one of humour to one of shock and hurt. Gently, you placed the kitten back on the ground and started to walk away slowly. Joshua heaved a great sigh as he started after you. “____….wait…” “No,” you spoke quietly and turned around, glaring at him, “after all, I’m just a stupid woman” you seethed, anger dripping from you quiet words. His gaze hardened at your words. “Fine. Be like that then!” and he stormed off as you felt slow droplets fall from your eyes, filled with hurt and pain.

You didn’t see each other again for the rest of the day. Joshua had promptly continued his princely duties after your outing and you sat in your room, switching from crying to sewing and back again. It was quite late already and you were lying under your covers, tears quietly streaming down your face when you heard a soft knock. “____?” It was Joshua. Still not ready to control yourself, you ignored him until the knocks became more insistent. “_-_____ please, o-open the door ack!” Hearing his desperation and sudden yell, you rushed to the door, expecting the worst and right before you was your purple haired prince, trembling in fear as he held the snowy white kitten from before up to you. “H-here,” he stuttered. “I-I’m sorry for calling you stupid…we can keep the kitten if you like it so much…” His words touched your heart as you smiled up at him. “Joshua…” “Now please!” he pleaded, desperate now, “t-take the wretched thing away from me!” you giggled as you took the animal away from him and snuggled against its soft fur. “Thank you Joshua,” you smiled as you plopped the kitten onto your bedroom floor and leant into his chest. Though you couldn’t see him, you knew that he was redder than a tomato as his strong arms wrapped around you. “…____?” “yes?” “Don’t you dare let that terrifying creature out of your room.” he spoke in fear as you giggled and nodded. “Ok.”

Roberto: ”I’ve had enough of this!” you screamed, throwing your hands in the air in fustration. “Oh come on Haya! It was just a little joke!” He chuckled, clearly laughing at you. However, this only infuriated you further. “A joke? A JOKE?! You humiliated me in front of everyone!” tears were beginning to form in your eyes now as you glared at him with your crystal blue eyes. “Oh come on dear! No one minded!” despite your obvious stress, he continued to laugh, finding the whole situation funnier and funnier by the second. “No one cared? Icared! And I’m pretty sure all the people laughing at me cared too!” “Now now, don’t be so paranoid! Now you’re just taking the fun out of it! Jeez, why do you always have to be such a killjoy?” His expression grew annoyed as he crossed his arms in a huff, only infuriating you further. “?! You know what? You’re right. I’m just a killjoy! But you don’t know how it feels! Ever since we’ve been made public all other people do is look down on me! ‘Why is he with her?’ ‘She doesn’t deserve him!’ ‘He could do so much better!’ but I just ignored them because I was certain, I was positive that you loved me!” Tears were streaming down your face now as you spoke. “But now. Now, I’m not so sure!” Your words made him inhale sharply as he stepped towards you cautiously. “What do you mean? ‘You’re not so sure?!’” Your lips began to tremble as you continued, “Y-You heard me Roberto! What do I even mean to you anymore? Am I just some toy for you to mess around with? A joke for you to make fun of? …Or just someone who’s conveniently so in love with you that you can ridicule me as much as you want without me leaving you?!?” He was dumbstruck. He knew you weren’t happy but…he never expected this. “Haya, I-” “No.” You whispered, holding your hand up to silence him “I’ve had enough.” And with that, you strode out of the room, slamming the door behind you as you ferociously wiped the tears from your cheeks. Watching you, speechless, the capacity of your words finally hit him. “What…”

You were running down the hall, straight to your room and immediately started packing your bags, tears still dripping from your deep blue orbs. As you exited your room and began walking away you felt a strong hand grip your wrist and turned to see a very flustered, very red-in-the-face prince, sweat wetting his brown hair and desperation shining in his puppy dog eyes. “Oh thank goodness,” he huffed in relief, “Y-You’re still here…” as he stood there, crouching and gasping for air, you finally regained your thoughts and tried to break free. “L-Let me go, Roberto!” Tears were threatening to leave your eyes again as you desperately tried to escape. Finally, you broke free again and tried to walk away. “N-NO W-WAIT! HAYA PLEASE!!!” he tried to run after you but doubled over coughing and crumpled to the ground. Seeing this, you cursed yourself for having such a soft heart and approached him carefully. “R-Roberto?! Are you okay?” As you bent down to check on him, he pulled you into a tight embrace, still gasping for air. “P-Please! Please don’t leave me! I-I love you so much…p-please! I-I don’t know what I would do without you!” You stayed there, speechless, feeling his arms grip you tighter and tighter, like he thought that if he dared let go, you would be gone from him forever. “Never. I-I never thought of you as a joke. I-I’m so sorry, I-I never noticed…I’m so stupid…how could I not see that you were suffering??” He pulled away to look at you now, his pleading eyes staring straight into yours. “You have to know. T-The only reason I never noticed what other people were saying…w-was because…I don’t notice anyone else when I’m with you…” He pulled you close again and whispered, “I love you Haya.” You sighed, acknowledging the fact that, no matter what, there was nothing you could do to ignore your burning love for him and wrapped your arms around him, returning his hug. Instantly, he relaxed, and fell to your lap, resting his head there. “R-Roberto?!” “Oh come on Haya! I’m exhausted from looking for you! J-Just let me sleep for a while ok?” He looked up and smiled at you mischievously as you sighed, relieved he was back to his normal self. “B-but! We’re in the middle of the hallway!” “…So?” And with that, he nestled into your lap and you let out a breath, giving into him and relaxing as you started to hear his deep breathing and stroked his hair, smiling down at your prince.

Keith: “Keith? Are you ok?” You approached him gently and quietly, not wanting to break his deep focus. “Hmm? Oh, yeah…just a little stressed…” He didn’t look up, keeping his head over the mountain of paperwork he was working on. “Oh? What’s wrong?” you questioned further, thinking nothing of it. “It’s nothing…” “But Keith…if something’s bothering you..I-I want to help…” “I SAID! IT’S NOTHING!!!” All of a sudden, he banged his fist on the table, standing up in rage as you cowered away in shock and fear. “ DAMN IT ESME! CAN’T YOU SEE I’M BUSY?!?!” Fustration filled his eyes, but you continued to talk. “B-But that’s just it! I want to help Keith! Jeez!” He sighed,  hand clutching his forehead. “What ON EARTH could YOU possibly help with?! You’re just a stupid commoner!” You gasped, the fierceness of his words piercing your heart. He sighed, realising what he had said. “Look, Esme…I-” “No, it’s ok.” You backed away, reaching out for the door handle behind you. “It’s ok…I get it…you’re stressed…I just…I didn’t realise that in the end…I was still just a stupid commoner to you…” You gave him a brave smile and retreated, pulling the door open and exiting just in time to save him from seeing the tears that started to stream down your face almost immediately after closing the door. After you left, he stood there, staring blankly at the door, remembering the shocked look on your face, how you seemed like a deer caught in headlights. He remembered the undoubtable fear and hurt in your eyes and slammed his fist against the table once again and swiped his arm on the desk, scattering his papers everywhere. “DAMN IT!”

You ran down the hall, not quite sure where to go. You couldn’t go to your bedroom…what would you do if he found you there? So you decided to visit a very special friend. However, as you made your way through the garden to find her, you were suddenly pulled back violently and wrapped into a warm embrace from behind. Speechless, you stood there, trembling in his arms. “K-Keith…?” Silence. All you could hear, all there was, was silence. Neither of you said a thing as the wind whistled in your ears, the plants around you swaying to match its pace. Not a word was spoken, but, his grip around your waist showed no sign of loosening as the two of you stood there, almost frozen in place, the only thing showing signs of life were the countless tears that were still strolling down your face. “I’m sorry.” he whispered at last. His words were soft and gentle, very much unlike the harshness and intense way he had spoken to you before. “I didn’t mean what I said. I-I didn’t mean any of it…it’s just…I’ve been so stressed lately and…I took it out on you. I shouldn’t have done that. I-I’m so sorry…” You pulled away from him and turned around to see his bright red face, worry and caution in his eyes. “But that’s just it! You never rely on me Keith!” You grabbed his right hand in both of yours and looked up at him earnestly. “I WANT to support you! I WANT to hear your problems and help you through these things…I want to help you Keith…because…because I love you….” No sooner had you finished your sentence were you smashed against his chest as he pulled you into yet another tight embrace. “Thank you….Thank you Esme…” He sighed as he rested his chin on the top of your head. “I just keep on falling deeper and deeper in love with you don’t I….” he muttered. “Hmm? What was that?” You tried to look up but he held his chin there, refusing to let you see crimson face. “N-Nothing!” You giggled at the sight of your flustered boyfriend and hugged him back, relieved that all had been resolved quickly.

Glenn:  “Come on Glenn! It was just a bit of fun…” you laughed, seeing him blush brightly. “Fun?! How could you think such a thing is fun?! Dang it Mayumi! Why do you have to be so immature all the time?!” he yelled, crimson with fustration. At this you stopped laughing and looked at him seriously. “Immature?! Immature?!?! What are you talking about Glenn?! I have a bit of fun and suddenly I’m immature?! What happened to the good old days huh?! We used to have so much fun together! What’s your rush to grow up huh?!” He glared at you, disapproval in his eyes. “Don’t you dare pin this on me! Just because you refuse to grow up doesn’t mean I have to too! When will you realise that YOU. ARE. A. PRINCESS?!?! More importantly, you are MY princess and I don’t expect you to behave in such an inappropriate manner!” At this, you raised your eyebrows in shock and stared at him, fustration and disappointment filling your golden orbs. “What….” you spoke in a menacingly quiet voice, “so now I’m not good enough for you? Is that how it is Glenn?” he sighed, looking away in annoyance, “Come on, Mayumi, you know that’s not true…” “No, it’s ok, I understand now, I will never be good enough for the great Prince Glenn Casiraghi, after all, I’m just an immature commoner!” he turned back to look at you, fury shining in his stare, “Fine! Be that way! That’s right! That’s exactly how I feel! I am a PRINCE and I deserve a proper, mature PRINCESS! Not some stupid, immature GIRL like YOU!” His words were simply to spite you…but the moment he saw tears well up and start to roll down your pale cheeks, he realised the weight of the words that had left his mouth, and the depth that they carried. He felt regret fill his body from head to toe as reached out towards you. “Mayumi…” But you recoiled. You looked up bravely at him, hurt and pain shining through the tears that continued to fall and backed away slowly, trembling as you reached for the door handle. “That’s right.” You smiled bitterly, “you deserve a princess so…I guess I’ll be leaving then.” And with that you flew from the room, racing towards your bed for consolation where you continued to cry, feeling a spear stab your heart as his words echoed through your head.

*knock knock knock* “…” *knock knock knock* “…Mayumi…” Suddenly, you were woken to a timid knock at your door and as you opened your swollen orbs, you noticed that the sun had already gone down, leaving your bedroom in pitch black darkness. You stumbled towards the door, still not quite grasping the situation and were greeted by a strong embrace, almost suffocating you. “Thank goodness.” whispered a small voice. “Thank goodness you’re still here….if you had left…” “hmm?” you asked, having not heard his words. “W-what was that?” you tried to look up from where your head had been pressed against his chest. “O-oh nothing!” Glenn felt the blood rush to his cheeks as he desperately tried to cover up his words. “Oh.” you whispered, slightly disappointed. Abruptly, he pulled away and peered at your face, frowning at the red circles around your eyes and nose. “I’m such an asshole. How could I make you cry like this?” he muttered, “Even though I know how lucky I am to have you…” Having not heard any of this, you spoke out again. “…Glenn?” He stared into your eyes as he was pulled from his train of thought and pulled you close once again. “I’m sorry Mayumi.” you said nothing as you listened to his soft, gentle words. “I didn’t mean to be so insensitive…I just…I get so fustrated when I’m around you…” “What?!” you tried to pull away, positive that he was just messing with you…but his grip was strong and firm around your body. “I get fustrated because….whenever I’m around you…it’s like I’m a little kid again…like all the troubles that come with growing up just dissolve away and…every time I’m with you…I’m in danger of losing myself again…and becoming the immature kid that I’m not allowed to be…but it was wrong of me to take it out on you…I just…I never know how to act around you anymore…I want you to see me and think of a strong, manly boyfriend that can protect you…I want you to see me as a man…not some naive, immature little boy who can’t even protect a fly…I guess what I’m trying to say is that…I’m sorry and…I love you.” Silence. A deafening silence. He held his breath as he waited for your answer and tensed up as you pulled away. Looking into your eyes with a sincere gaze, he could feel his heart beating faster and faster, terrified of what you might say. “Thank you.” you whispered as you wrapped your arms around his neck. “I love you too….which is why you should know…that no matter how you act…I’ll always love you.” You felt tears begin to prick your eyes once again…though these were not tears of pain, they were tears of joy.

Edward: “My flower, what is wrong?” You didn’t quite understand yourself as you marched around the room in anger. Never before had you felt such overwhelming anger…but why? “Why do you always treat me the same as other girls?” Your sudden outburst surprised even yourself. You didn’t even realise that you felt this way until it was put into words. He said nothing. Silenced by his surprise and confusion…so you continued. “You say you love me, and you call me your flower, your ‘dear’ but…don’t you just do the same to other girls??? There has never been a girl I’ve seen you meet where you do not call her a ‘beautiful, budding flower’ or talk to her whilst ending the sentence with ‘my dear’” you were shouting now, still unsure of how all this was happening and at some point, tears had started streaming down your face. The look on his face was unbearable so you bolted from the room, blushing from embarrassment as tears left trails on your cheeks….

You lay on your bed, rewinding the conversation through your head and silently hating yourself for taking your fustration out on the one you loved. You were so deep in thought that you hadn’t noticed the quiet knocking that had begun to resound through the room. By the time you realised, the knocking had grown quite loud and frantic and so you opened the door to reveal…Edward. Your silver-haired prince was down on one knee, presenting a beautiful bouquet: there was a ring of delicate orange blossoms, giving off a refreshing and fruity fragrance and in the centre, was a single hydrangea. You stood there, speechless at the beautiful arrangement as he got up from his kneeling position. “Eternal love” he said in a gentle, soothing voice, “The orange blossoms symbolise eternal love - they show how my love for  you will never burn out…” he gazed down at the flowers in his hand. “And the hydrangea?” Looking up, he smiled sweetly at you, “Serenity,” you gasped at the meaningful way he spoke and found a smile creep to your lips. “These flowers show my everlasting love, and how it will only be for my Serenity.” He held the bouquet out to you and as you accepted, he pulled you close, careful not to crush the flowers. “You must remember Serenity, that even though all those other girls are blooming flowers, in the field, only YOU can catch my eye.


Ugh, FINALLY! I’m sooo sorry it took so long! It’s coz I had loads of homework, because last week was the first week back and I was just getting back into it. I originally wanted to get it up at the weekend but I had that stupid Duke of Edinburgh expidition -.- I suck ass.

Anyway, now I guess it could be considered like a prezzie! Congrats on your blog’s birthday!!! ^ ^ anyway, hope you enjoyed it! Stay beautiful~


pink-harajuku-deactivated201604  asked:

Ask box open? if not, disregard. May I request, Murasakibara, Hanamiya, and Akashi introducing their 3 year old daughter (who has mainly afro-african features cuz of their mother but looks like their fathers nonetheless) to their family?

This was fun to write! Loved this idea :) Enjoy~

Akashi was so excited to finally show his father the new addition to the family. His beautiful daughter was 3 now and he was able to get his father to attend a family dinner. Although he thought there could be possible surprise towards the new face of the Akashi family for she was not traditional, he knew that everyone soon come to love and accept the mingling of cultures after this pivotal moment.

“Father,” Akashi calmly greeted, holding his wife’s strong hand and his daughters soft one in the other.

“Meet our daughter, _____.” He finished with a genuine smile and a look of love as he stared down at her. His daughter smiled wide and showed her white teeth that were still coming in and aligning. She had light brown skin with bronze hair that was curly and thick, pulled into a big poofy pony tail that her father did himself.

“Hi, my name i—“

“I knew this would happen.” Akashi’s father began. You sighed, knowing where this was going since you received the same treatment when you began dating and got married. Akashi’s shoulders slumped and his eyes turned into angry slits as he also knew where his father was going.

“I knew your child would turn out as such. I should have never let this happen.” He said shaking his head.

“Get over yourself.” Akashi said looking him straight in his eyes. Akashi’s father raised his eyebrow in surprise from his response but waited to see what his excuse would be for speaking out. None came.

“This is not about me, my wife, or even the company. This is about our daughter being a blessing to us and this family,” Akashi began as he moved in on his father, dropping the tow hands he was holding.

“And if you so much as disrespect my daughter I will fu—“

“Daddy, why is grandpa not hug me yet?” A small voice quipped as she looked between the three adults, not understanding what was going on. Akashi stopped and turned around to pick her up and hug her but before he could do so, he noticed his father face. His face was shocked—mouth open and eyes wide. He had never knew how much he longed and loved to be called Grandpa. Swallowing his nerves and ignorance, he took a step forward, bent down on one knee, and drew the small girl into his arms. Gasping, the little girl threw her armsa round him and giggled.

“Do you like hug too?” She asked in her small voice.

“Yes,” He began with a content sigh.

“Grandpa… likes hugs too.”

Hanamiya didn’t think of himself as a family man. Hell, he never thought he would be in a relationship, married, or with a kid but you got him to do all of those things, and fairly easily too. He loved you and this wonderful bundle of joy you two created, and he was finally able to show his side of the family his new treasure. Yeah, it was a lot of work and he was still nervous about getting their approval, but nothing could be worse than the problems he had when he first introduced you when you two started dating. Walking up to the familiar door with you next to him, and a shy brown girl trailing behind him holding onto his pants, he rung the gold door bell.

“Mako-chan! My baby!” His mother sighed out, pulling him in the house with a tight hug and a kiss. He was already over the visit.

“Hey ma.” He greeted nonchalantly, separating from her while he still could.

“Look who I brought with me.” He said proudly, wrapping his arm around your shoulder and stepping to the side. The small boy moved behind him again and you giggled, wondering which one of you blessed him with such a shy attitude.

“Get up there, buddy. Say Hi to grandma.” Makoto nodded calmly over to the woman in the door. The little boy looked up at his father with wide grey eyes. He was dark skinned with black hair that hung in his face like his father, but had a lush, thick texture from this mother. Shaking his head ‘no’, he pushed his face into back into his father pants.

“Sheesh. Why are you so shy today?” He stretched back to look down and shrugged when the boy just shuffled his feet in nervousness.

“Well, let’s go inside then. Maybe he will feel better in there?” You suggested, wrapping your arm around Hanamiya’s waist and kissing his cheek.

“Did you bring more than just a child here to my house?” His mother asked, hand on hip and mouth pursed in annoyance.

“Yes, we brought some food to share.” You replied, already knowing she would complain.

“Hm. Fine, come in.” She said moving aside.

“He better be potty trained by now. Don’t want him shittin’ on my floor!” She muttered as the family walked in.

“Really, ma?!” Makoto yelled back, queueing the new argument between them.

Well, Makoto surely didn’t get his attitude from his father.

Murasakibara do not feed that child anymore candy!” You scolded your tall husband as he bent down to give his baby girl another cookie.

“Ehh, sorry ____-chin.” He mumbled, crumbs flying out of his mouth.

“She’s just so cute. Like ____-chin. Can’t help it.” He said in between swallows.

“She’s right son, this bundle of joy might have a cavity by the time she’s four if this keeps up!” Murasakibara’s father boomed as he laughed. His mother was cooking along with you, helping to prepare a big family dinner in honor of the new addition to the two families. Your daughter was beautiful—chocolate wavy hair from her mother, dark blue eyes that were borderline a deep purple from her father, and a tummy that was never full from the both of you. Okay no, just from her father.

“Watch over that little girl,” Atsushi’s mother said as she kneaded some dough.

“Because if Atsushi is anything like his father, he will never stop eating! They are both bottomless pits!” He laughed and you did along with her.

“Honey!” His father called out in exasperation.

“So mean~” He pouted as he plopped down in a chair to watch and sneak a few pieced of cooked foods.

“Mummy, I am steel hungry?” Your daughter meant to state but accidentally ended up asking while she tugged on your apron.

“Okay baby, one more and that’s it until dinner, okay?” You said as you picked her up with wet hands.

“Yes.” She replied as she pouted and played with a lock of your hair.

“Both of you.” You quipped as you looked over to your husband.

“Yeeeesss.” Father and daughter droned out, moving to grab another cookie.  

Family Dinner

Dean x Reader One-shot

Rated M: Explicit sexual content, fingering, sex, unprotected sex.

Word Count: 2561 

When you first met the Winchesters, you figured they’d help you and move on to another case. What you didn’t expect was finding yourself learning how to hunt from two of the best. After finding out your apartment had a poltergeist, the boys helped you get rid of it. A simple hunt for them turned into a Hell of a journey for you. You found yourself keeping in contact with the two of them, giving them headlines on possible cases, and digging some information up for them while you attended classes at your local college.

Soon after that Dean and Sam decided to give you some lessons. They taught you all sorts of things ranging from killing a ghost, to setting a devils trap. One thing led to another, and you soon found yourself tagging along on different, not to dangerous hunts. Your dull, boring, mundane life turned into a life full of adventure.

“Hey Y/N, wake up.” sitting up in the back of the Impala you looked around stretching.

“I’m up, I’m up!” groaning you looked out the window only to see something you have been dreading for the last month.

Your parents house.

“We’re here.” Dean smirked, looking at you with green eyes licking his lips before getting out. Oh damn it, he was actually looking forward to this!?

“It’s going to be ok Y/N.” Sam gave you a reassuring smile getting out of the car himself. With a long sigh you looked back at the two story house, debating on whether to just take off. You knew who was all in there, your parents, kid sister, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Having missed Christmas with your family due to a vampire nest, your mother insisted you and your friends come for Memorial Day.

“Sweetheart~” Dean opened the door, a smug smile on his face, “we don’t want to keep your family waiting now, do we?”

Letting out a long sigh you got out, only the receive a slap on the ass from Dean. You gasped cupping you butt glaring at the older Winchester.

“Dean!” He just winked at you following close behind as you walked up the steps of the porch, “I can’t believe you two convinced me to do this!” you whispered ringing the doorbell.

“How bad could it be?”

“You have no idea..” With that said the front door flew open, and you were grabbed by several hands, that dragged you into the house.

“Y/N!” Several people screamed pulling you into several hugs, kissing your cheeks, in other words suffocating you.

“You got so tall!”

“Look at you, you’re beautiful!”

“Looks just like her mother!”

“Uh,” The sound of Dean clearing his throat brought silence throughout the room. Your family turned looking at your friends…and went into family mode! Dragging the two inside the house they looked at you in shock as the questions started flooding.

“Oh my God aren’t you two handsome!”

“Which one of you is dating Y/N!?”

“How tall are you?”

“Is that a 67’ Chevy Impala!? Grandpa has a 66!”

“Dinner time!” And just like that everyone ran to the dining room leaving you, Dean and Sam in the living room.

“Holy mother of God.”

“I warned you.” You rubbed your neck leading the brothers into the dining room.

“How do you survive?” Dean whispered in your ear overlooking the vast amount of family members.

“Whiskey, wine, and beer.” You whispered back a your mother rushed to your side still wearing an apron.

“Y/N baby!” She pulled you into a hug before wiping her hands on the apron looking at Sam and Dean, “Sam and Dean I assume.” the boys nodded looking at her.

“I’m Sam Winchester.”

“I’m Dean.” They shook your mother’s hand, she glanced at Dean before turning to look you dead in the eyes.

“He’s the guy you slept with right?”

“Mom!” your face turned red, Dean licked his lips rubbing his neck.

Yeah you two slept together, you sort of wished you two waited. You both got a little tipsy, and you started kissing, and that lead to Dean fucking you in the backseat of the impala. And you bragged to your mom that Dean Winchester was a sex God. That had to big the biggest mistake you’ve made in a long time. All the time anymore she was asking how the two of you were doing, if you were being safe, and every other question in the book that would make anyone cringe.

What your mother couldn’t and refused to accept is that what happened between you and Dean was nothing but a one night stand. Ever since that drunken night nothing has happened sexually between the two of you. It was nothing more than two consenting adults having sex.

“Do you need any condoms we can take you to Costco and get them in bulk.”

“Is that wine!?” you shouted rushing away from your mother towards the dining room where everyone was sitting talking to one another. The brother’s followed close behind you, doing their best not to get stopped by any other family member., “I love wine,” you looked back at Sam shoving him two glasses for him and Dean, “don’t you Sam?”

“Y/N your family is uh…” Sam swallowed hard looking around nervously, “they really are different from other families wouldn’t you say?”

You snorted pouring the wine in the glasses, “Trust me you two have barely seen the tip of the iceberg, just wait a little longer, once the alcohol hit their systems that’s when it gets to be a lot of fun.”

Sam nodded quickly taking a seat staring down at his plate. You sat in the middle of the Winchester brothers, looking at anything but Dean. You knew you wouldn’t know what to do if you met his intense stare and dazzling green eyes. Your family was stressful enough but knowing that your mom spilled the beans about you talking about your one night stand with Dean…well that was to much to handle at the moment.

One glass, two glasses, and another for good luck. You thought pouring yourself a fourth glass of wine. As you were in mid pour a hand gripped your left thigh squeezing it roughly. You yelped nearly spilling the wine all over the white table cloth. This won some glances from your cousins as you managed to catch the glass preventing the disaster.

“You okay there sweetheart~?” Dean whispered in your ear as you placed the bottle down staring at the table. “You seem a little jumpy right now.” Dean blew on you earlobe pulling his head away from your neck.  

You couldn’t find any words to say as Dean’s rough calloused fingers massaged the top of your thigh roughly. It was sending tingles all over your body, and now was not the time for him to be making a move. You took a deep breath looking at the designs outlining the plate in front of you. Though distracting yourself was not helping you at all.

Dean’s fingers, his touch it was something indescribable. He glanced at you as he moved his finger up and down massaging you thigh tenderly. You gripped the edge of your seat with your right hand while you covered your mouth with the left. Damn Dean for remembering what got you flustered and in the mood.

“Alright everyone, dinner is served.” Your mother announced sitting at the head of the table smiling at everyone. While everyone dug into the piles of potato salad, ribs, and green beans you sat there covering your mouth as Dean’s fingers trailed closer to your groin massaging the whole way.

He was making it really hard to keep yourself composed, while he had no issues at all. While he was cupping your thigh he was having a conversation with your eighty year old grandmother. How the hell was he able to remain calm while he was feeling up up under the table?!

“So Dean, Sam what do you two do for a living.” Your father asked taking a bite of potato salad examining the two brothers before smiling at you, “Y/N really doesn’t talk much about you two.”

“Well maybe not to you dear, I’m the one who gets all the dirt.” Your mother grinned winking at you and Dean.


“Well Mr Y/L/N we do anything and everything.” Dean said sipping on a beer, “You see my brother and I are very hands on individuals.” Just as he said that his hand slipped under the waistband of your jeans causing you to choke on your wine as his fingers began massaging your clit through the thin fabric of your panties.

“You okay there Y/N?” one of your family members asked as you leaned forward coughing between moans.

“Oh she’s fine,” Dean pushed down on your clit causing you to launch forward till your head was almost touching the surface of the table, “she gets car sick pretty easily in the Impala. Besides she hasn’t eaten anything today, the wine must not be sitting well right Y/N”

You tighten your grip, “Yeah, I should go get my aspirin out of my purse.” You said huskily as you gripped Dean’s hand pulling it away from your center, trying not to draw as much attention as you could. “Thank for reminding me Winchester.” you smacked his cheek gently, “you’re the best.” You stood up excusing yourself from the table heading towards the parlor where your purse was sitting.

You walked right passed the pile of purses, up the stairs into the bathroom on the top floor. You shut the door behind you as you slowly slide to the floor staring at the shower in front of you. You panted running your hands through your hair.

“What the hell was that?” You whispered squirming at the wet sensation forming inside your panties, “Why would he do that in front of my parents, hell my whole family?”As the possible thoughts ran through your mind you managed to drag yourself off the tiled floor leaning over the sink. “Is he trying to get back at me for what my mom said earlier?!” Yeah it was embarrassing but it was no reason to trying and finger you at the dining room table.

You turned the water on splashing cold water on your face, trying to calm yourself. Just before you could dry your face off the door flung open then shut instantly. You opened one eye in shock as Dean slammed you against the wall, his lips slamming on yours. You moaned finding yourself kissing back as he cupped your face in his hands. Dean pulled away panting as he unbuttoned your jeans shoving his hands inside your panties looking down at you lustfully.

“A-ah~” you whimpered as his fingers slide inside of you pumping them quickly, “D-dean what are you d-doing?”

“Shh,” he whispered in your ear as his fingers continued to work you, “you’re going to disturb the family dinner with those sweet sounds.”

“D-Dean, I’m being serious.” You gasped throwing your head back as his fingers curled doing the ‘come hither’ movement right against your g-spot.

“Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for you to talk about that one night?” You growled roughly pressing his leg between your legs, “Waiting to see if you wanted to see what else could happen between the two of us.” His finger pumped deeper causing you to buck your hips, “But instead you keep me in the dark and act like it never happened. At first I thought hey maybe she just isn’t the type for relationships, maybe it isn’t her thing… “ he chuckled coldly as his thumb began twirling circles around your clit as his finger continued to pump, “but I come to find out you’ve been telling your mom about us,” he bit down on your earlobe, “you liked it didn’t you, you’ve been dying for me to be inside of you again?

You gasped as his fingers began pumping faster finding a rhythm with his thumb, “Y-yes, oh God Dean I’ve wanted to do it again, I’ve wanted you for so long Dean.” You whimpered as he pulled your jeans and panties down picking you up by the thighs.

“You should have told me sooner baby, you wouldn’t have had to wait so long.” He pushed against you holding you against the wall, as he unbuckled and pulled his cock out.

“You could have said something to Dean,” you smirked, but him thrusting inside of you shut up up instantly. Hi hand flew up covering your mouth as he began thrusting deep inside of you. “Mhmm,” you moaned into his hand as he slammed into you. His head resting against your breasts as he growled thrusting faster.

“Shh, sweetheart we don’t want anyone coming up here to investigate your moans.” you nodded, satisfied with your response he removed his hand from you mouth, replacing it with his mouth. You shoved your tongue in his mouth swirling it around moaning softly as his tongue massaged yours eagerly.

Dean’s hands rested against your hips, his fingers digging into them as he thrusts faster inside you, his mouth still on yours. You found moans trailing out of your mouth and into his. You gripped his short dirt blonde hair tugging on it as his right hand began massaging the top of your right thigh. He knew just how to touch you, bringing you closer and closer to the edge. God Dean was perfection, he was more than a good lay, he was the best fuck you’ve ever had. Both times you two had sex was mind blowing.

You gasped into his mouth as he dug his finger in your thigh rubbing them fast against the muscles. His cock was twitching inside you as you clamped down on him. Your toes curled as you threw your head back. Just before you could let the whole neighborhood you were cumming Dean slammed his hand over you mouth thrusting faster and deeper bringing you to your sweet long awaited orgasam.

As you clamped down he growled in your ear cumming inside of you. You whimpered into his hand as he continued to thrust riding out his pleasure. His movements began to slow as he panted against your neck. You continued to grip his hair as he pulled his hand away from your mouth allowing you to gasp for air. He chuckled kissing up you neck the two of you coming down from your high.

“Dammit Dean, you’re seriously killing me.” You whispered as he finally managed to put you down in the ground, “You really are a sex God.” He nipped at your ear once more cleaning himself on while you splashed cool water on your face panting.

“Please, you’re the sex goddess here, seducing me when  should be on my best behavior in front of your family.”

“Yeah how are we going to pull this off?’ You asked as he grinned flushing the toilet.

“We’ll find a way,” he intertwined your fingers together, “we always find a way.”  You smiled up at him as the two of you made your way back to the chaotic dinner table, where no one but Sam really noticed the two of you were missing.