Ti usano, ti mentono, ti feriscono, ti offendono, ti deridono ma poi tornano e tu, povera illusa, ricominci a credere ancora alle loro belle parole, ai loro sorrisi larghi, ai loro sguardi amichevoli. Tu, povera illusa, pensi davvero che le persone possano cambiare e non capisci mai che l'unica cosa che forse cambia è il loro modo di prenderti in giro.
—  frammenti–di–cuore

Hungarian Jewish men and boys from Carpathian Ruthenia (now, largely in Ukraine) arrive by cattle car to Auschwitz II-Birkenau concentration camp and await selection. Those deemed unable to work due to age, infirmity, or due to labor quotas already filled were sent directly to the gas chamber to be killed. Those selected by SS doctors as fit for labor were sent into the camp, where they were registered, deloused and distributed to the barracks. Auschwitz concentration camp, Auschwitz (Polish: Oświęcim), Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Poland. 27 April 1944. Image taken by either SS photographers E. Hoffmann or B. Walter.

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Tags that you can use for your verses, sorted out into different sections. Lyrics from my “Musical Yeater” playlist on Spotify, “Coloring Book” by Chance the Rapper, and a little bit of my “aprol showurs” playlist on Spotify. I’ll probably do more when I feel like it because I only got like 4 songs into aprol showurs.

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