Frances_Hoban on Flickr.

Frances the badger was my favorite picture book character as a child. I still love her, especially because my middle name in Frances. Russell Hoban did a great job of writing Frances. Garth Williams illustrated the first book, but the subsequent books were illustrated by Hoban’s then wife Lillian. Lillian’s version is what I based this embroidery on.

Work on the #12thDoctor has started. #embroideredportrait #embroidery #Dwsal #DoctorWho on Flickr.

Since no one knew who the 12th Doctor would be during the summer, there was none to embroider. Now that the Christmas episode has aired, I was able to embroider my version of the 12th Doctor based on a drawing by onegemini posted on deviant art. For my own use in finishing this project. I will not sell this pattern.