Lots of people want a snow day!
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Jack let out a soft breath, staff stretched behind his head. He didn’t think anyone would be able to see him as he floated down from the powerlines to touch the ground, or he just didn’t notice anyone watching him, 

“Another day, another snowfall,” he smiled to himself. 

Lots of people visited Burgess
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Leaning his crook over both of his shoulders as he wandered, Jackson hummed a light tune to himself, a small smile on his face. It had been a busy day, and though there wasn’t a lot of sunlight left, he was determined to make the most of what light still shone. Pausing in his walking however, he noticed a few face at the edge of town, and they seemed to be.. a little lost. Curious, he made his way over, and smiled. 

“Hello there! Welcome to Burgess."