Hands to Feet Pose. Deep Forward Fold. Padahastasana. 

This is one of my favorite postures (though I have so many “favorites”). I have quite a bit of work to do to touch the top of my head to my toes, but I am just so grateful to be able to do this much. 

Five months ago, after I injured my hip I could barely grab my heels with my knees completely bent. I had lost my length and extension in an instant. I’ve worked hard to get back to where I was before I was hurt and little by little this pose has gone from complete agony, to a delicious stretch. 

I want to be able to lock my knees again in class. I want to have a straighter and longer spine. I want my elbows to touch behind my calves. But, that is on the horizon. Inch by inch and breath by breath I’ll slowly ease my way there. 

For day 4 of April Intentions my intention was to be easy on myself. I am my harshest critic and will always find faults, but for today I’ll try to silence that little judgmental voice and just be. 

It is what it is and it’s not so bad.

April Intentions Day 1: Plank

This is my first time participating in a yoga challenge and I’m quite nervous about it. My yoga practice has always been so personal and although I’ve practiced in studios, this feels much more exposing. I’m working through this vulnerability and hope to build self confidence and inner strength throughout this challenge.

This leads me to my intention for today: self-acceptance. It’s okay to stumble, to lose my balance, to fall. I’m accepting my limitations, listening to my body and doing what feels right. I am enough just as I am and I am exactly where I need to be in this moment.

I’m looking forward to experiencing this challenge with all of you beautiful yogis!

Namaste ❤️

Day 17 - Wild thing

I know my arm isn’t supposed to go to the side and I have pictures in which I’m doing it correctly, but I actually found it more beautiful like this - I’ll just call it my variation. Today’s intention is calmness.


April Intentions Challenge:

April 5th: Tree Pose (Vrksasana)

I love playing with tree pose you can do so much with it as its such a grounding pose.

Today’s Intention is to take a steady approach to life especially because there’s literally 2 days left to the semester and it’s crunch time.

(I was just about to go out when I remembered I promised myself I’d do this. I’m aware that a skirt and a hard floor are not the best ideas for yoga. Hoping to buy a proper mat today!)

Didn’t have time to check the correct form or anything, just did it the way I remembered from my childhood yoga lessons, I hope it’s all right.

Today’s intention is to be more like the little girl who would push herself to do everything in the adult yoga class :)